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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Total Disaster...

Tessie's day of beauty went downhill fast.  Almost as soon as it started...

By a couple of hours in, I realized that she was just going around in circles.

New bones? Check.  New muscles? Check. 

Then she peeled off her old hair, all by herself... I knew that couldn't be good...

She then announced, "The bun has to go! I want something short and modern...
I tried to tell her that she wasn't going to like it when she got on her broom.

To that she announced, "Let me be the judge of that!"

So... I put on a new crop of hair and gave her a haircut.  It looked pretty cute, but I made the mistake of telling her to go try it on the broom.

She promptly pulled a pair of pantaloons over her arms and a skirt from an old dress on her lower half...
That didn't take long.  Five minutes later she was complaining to Zar what a mess I had made of her hair... As if the cut was my idea... Nope.  I don't take responsibility for her demanding a "bob".

By that time she had exchanged the bloomers for an old petticoat with her head stuck out the top and her arms at the bottom...

I called Zar out of the room and had a conference with him... He is pretty smart sometimes...

He suggested that he handle the situation.
He went back in and told Tessie that the flying just proved that witches should never wear their hair in a bob.  It gets in their eyes when they are flying. 

Then he told her to come in and apologize to me and humbly ask me to put her hair back in a bun, so that she could see when she was flying...

Darned if it didn't work.  She came back in, teary eyed and actually did what he suggested...

The only problem is... I will have to start all over tomorrow morning and do it all again. I didn't really want a do over...

I do believe that Zar is hoping that I get it done in a hurry.  He announced after she finished... "Oh.  By the way, I need a new pair of pants, a shirt, a new vest and a hair cut! And maybe you could get rid of the gray patches in my hair whilst you are at it.

I can't win.  See you tomorrow for another bout with fabric and hair.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Making Up Isn't Hard To Do

Actually, it was quite easy.  All I had to do was bring Tessie a new necklace and earrings...

I had to go to Wednesday Witches today.  That meant I had to hold off on Tessie's makeover.

When I got back, I presented her with the jewelry and everything was fine... She put the necklace around her neck.  Strung one of the earrings through her hair... No pierced ears for her.

She started to put the other one on, but she dropped that one in the carpet... Needle in a haystack much?

She looked for a while. Then she hired Zar to help by bribery... Cookies are always good for that when she wants help from Zar...

I was her next target. A big "Please Help Us!"  

Then a "Come on Casey.  We need help."                                             

The only problem is... None of us could find it... Yup. I even got down on hands and knees and helped for a while.  No luck. And I didn't even get a cookie.  I guess that tomorrow, everybody in the place will be looking for her earring or I am going to have to make another one...

That would probably take less time than searching the rug. I am going to suggest that after I finish here.

Wish me luck. If we don't find it, the bribe is off and I am going to be Casey, the hair stylist, the dress maker and the jewelry maker tomorrow... Oh well... It was a good try.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tessie's in Hiding Again!

I told Tessie that if she didn't let me have the day off, before her makeover, I was going to turn her into a decrepit old lady with gray hair... She is somewhere in the house... I am not going to go look for her.  She doesn't want gray hair.  "No how.  No way." Those were her exact words.

So.  That gave me some time to mess around without interference. A whole day to myself!

See the pretty book with the black and white cover?  That is now Tessie's appointment book.
She can only have things done on the days that I put her in the book for. At least that is what I told her.

Actually it's a book full of quarter inch graph paper... Just don't tell her that.

I just wanted to see what a new freebee would do.

See the gray beige liner in the book?  I found it at the big Walmart here in town.  It is actually an eight and one half by eleven paint sample with a sticky back.  They are free to take home and try on your wall.  They are "repositionable".  It seems to stick pretty good for something that is supposed to be removable... I see possibilities for mini walls...

When I opened the old book, I remembered how irritating the gift wrap that I used for the inside of that one was.  Not a lot of fun to work with. 

Now all I have to see is how this one holds up.

I found this pattern for a quarter scale chair and couch in the other book. 

I might just have to run that through the blog with directions later.  I don't know how many are interested in 1/4" scale furniture. 

These are very easy and if you want to learn, just give a comment.  I don't think that the directions are any place else on the blog...

Back to ignoring Tessie.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Everybody Wants Something New!

Tessie is here with a me first attitude... So what else is new? First she found the pieces that I make the purses from... Old cardboard tubes from Tampons... Nope, they don't make that kind anymore, so save them if you have any!

She also found more unfinished baskets and books... 
Then she went to the bookcase that I just finished and found the book "Rags" and kept telling me that was what her clothes look like... To quote her, "I need NEW clothes and a new Hair-do!!!
Tomorrow at the latest."  She knows that we are going over to April's later today... That will hold her off for 24 hours. At least I hope it will anyway.
You might know it.  If one of the Terrible Two wants something new, the other one and a half will want something too...

Zar and Spike found THREE boxes labeled "Steampunkery".  They want in on the deal If one of the Terrible Two and a half gets something the rest wants something too!

The three of them got their heads together and whispered for a while then Tessie came to me with the list... Hers first.  New clothes and hairdo... That should be do-able tomorrow. 

I am not so sure about the other two.  They want me to start doing stuff for the Bizarre Bazaar.  Zar wants the Bazaar and Spike wants a doghouse with (are you ready for this?) with a time machine included... Hold your breath boys!  This may take a while...

I am off to get ready to go to April's house. 

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Strange Labels on Everything!

I keep finding more signs to add to the door of the workroom... You may have to poke the photo to see what they all say. 

On second thought, maybe it would be better if you didn't...
How many people do you know that have a drawer full of Chrysnbon furniture in various states of unfinished and a few finished. 

Another bunch of stuff to finish... Tessie is right behind me with a whip and a chair.
I'll bet that you don't know a lot of people with a drawer that is labeled "feathers and mahjong tiles"...

At least these don't have to be finished. 

I confess.  I didn't even open the door until I took the photos for the blog today... I am hiding out in the bedroom, doing beadwork and watching Korean Dramas.  Don't tell Tessie!

I am just not in the mood to tackle any more of those drawers. Every one I open is scarier than the last... I think that I need a few days off...

Well, maybe one more drawer before I quit for the day...

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

What Started as a Cleanup.....

It all started with cleaning out a drawer, because I found Tessie rummaging around in it....

Yup.  The wicker drawer.  I heard noises coming from there this morning...
Tessie was banging and clanging for all she was worth.  It was one of those times that she got in there and when she went to zap herself out, she couldn't remember how... Therefore NOISE!!!

When I got her out of there, she managed to zap a chair and table out too...  Mind you, she couldn't remember how to get herself out, but a table and chair? No problem.

This is what they looked like when she zapped them...
This is what they look like now.  I finished the table and did quite a bit of work on the chair... I still need to put a clear coat on both layers of the table.

I didn't ask where they are going.  I assume that they are Tessie's. 

I am afraid that if I ask why I am finishing them, she will have a L-O -N-G explanation, that will involve a new building and more furniture... It is smarter to just keep my mouth shut!

I am going to finish the chair anyway.  I may have some use for it in the future.  Then I will be ahead of the game.  One table and one chair ahead!

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Never Open UFO Drawers!

I usually try to stay away from the UFO drawer. 

Today Walter went to watch the Tucson Open golf tournament... I decided it would be a good time to tackle that drawer.... Bad Idea...

See all of this stuff? Everything but Kota and the blanket was in the drawer...
I found 11 bracelets that were in various stages of done and undone... Mostly undone...

We won't talk about how long it is going to take me to finish them...

And there were various pieces that I tried doing a stitch and probably didn't like it because I found a lot of short bits of unidentifiable work... No rhyme or reason.
I did find a few finished pieces that might even work in mini... The two little circular pieces.

Tessie keeps saying that the big one would make a good rug for her bedroom... I don't even want to talk about that. The first time she walks across it, she is going to start yelling about how lumpy it is. Those are size 11 beads.  She is not going to like the feel of that!
I found some undone bead embroidery and a watch chain that I started a LONG time ago.  All I need to do is put a watch on it.

After I get off of here, I might just go searching for a watch... Might...
Tessie wandered in about half way through and started grabbing things. 

The worst idea was the hat.  It is gold metal mesh and VERY heavy. 

I finally talked her out of keeping the outrageous jewels that hang down in the back... She did manage to find two purses, a cactus... Unpainted.

A small beaded bowl and a beaded mat. Knowing her, she will probably figure out a way to wear both.

Anyway, it was a productive morning.  Another drawer clean!

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.