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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

For those of you that are celebrating Thanksgiving today...
 Have a safe and happy one.
From all of us, to all of you... Celebrating or not...
Have a Great Day!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

From Top to Bottom...

OK.  I decided to start with Tessie's Townhouse.  That was for purposes of self defense.  I figured that, if I did that first, maybe Tessie would move back in... It kind of worked.

The only thing that I really had to do on the roof was clean and straighten.  Nobody has been up there for quite a while...
The bathroom was in a bit of a mess.  I knocked the shower curtain out of the corner when we moved the house.  Everything else was floating around on the floor.

Tessie seems to think it is a good idea to dry one's hair whilst in a bubble bath...So the sixties hair dryer in a hat box was to be sitting on the stool next to the tub... I don't think it is really a good idea, but that's how she wants it... I am not going to argue.  It's easier to lose the cord or rollers before she gets a chance to use it...

Notice!  I did get the third floor lights going.  I still have to wire the other two floors. 

I am not to worried about that.  Tessie mostly stays upstairs.

That's where all of the important stuff is.  Bathtub... And potion room... The still is actually bubbling away as we speak...

Please note... Oscar has a place of honor on the shelf over the work table... No... She hasn't stopped carrying him with her to and fro...

The second floor is still unlit, with the exception of the light in the closet.

I made Tessie hang up all of her clothes.  It looked like a rat's nest in there.

That's the cleanest I have seen it since I stopped working on the house last.
The bedroom is now in sleeping order... Bed for Tessie.  Box bed for Spike and for some reason, there is a sock monkey in the gator bed... Midnight snack, maybe...
The living room was not too bad.  Tessie and Zar settled in there for the duration of the cleaning... Now that I am almost finished.

Where were they when I needed help?

Anyway.  One down.  49,321 to go...  Yes, I am going to go work somewhere else now. 

I have to make a couple of things for tomorrow's dinner at April and Seth's house.

Then back to fixing and cleaning.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Bad Case of Unfinished-itis....

I have to find a cure!...

I went through the house this morning, looking at all of the things that I have done...And haven't done...

I found that I have a bad case of unfinished-itis. Any of you that follow me regularly, know this. 

Usually, I don't worry about it.  When December hits, I start.

We are in charge of having the family, Christmas day.  And I start wanting everything to look nice.  Especially the things that sit at eye level.

The craft cottage is the easiest of the bunch.  It just needs a bit of straightening and the finishing of the rug... No problem-o.

Then there is Tessie's Townhouse.  It looks like a tornado hit it a while back... That was when I moved it from one side of the room to the other.  I had it facing the wall for a while... Now it is facing out and will be seen by one and all...

Tessie is not happy.  No wonder she is trying to take over Daisy's cottage...

This will take a bit more time.  I have never finished the lighting in this one... Oops!
Problem number three, for those that are keeping track... The half inch Fairfield sits on top of a bookcase, in the workroom.  Not so much of a problem... But... I started it in the 80s and the wallpaper inside is horrible now.

It can slide down the list a ways, because I can always blanket it. 

I had a friend that used to say... People are coming.  Get out the blankets!  Then she would simply cover the unfinished items...
Then there is the Clockwork Cottage.  Also on a top shelf... To blanket or not to blanket... That is the question... It is probably the most unfinished of all of them.

The $9.00 Mystery House is probably in the best shape, but I keep borrowing things from there to put in other rooms...

No wonder the owner never comes home... She has been over at Eskiaga's Southwestern Room for a number of years now...

I think that I am going to have to go around and collect the things that other people borrowed from her house.  Then it will be in pretty good shape.
These two are not last or least, but they do need to be finished.  The one on the left is April's Russian Cottage. 

I am not to worried about that one because April doesn't have any room for it at her house yet...  One of these days...

Again, these two cottages sit on top of bookshelves.  Not at eye level.  The weaver's cottage doesn't need a lot of work.  Inside framing and a few pieces of furniture.  This will probably be the first one of the high houses that gets finished. 

Anyway, I am going to stop working on other things for a while... I will keep working on Daisy's Cottage.  That one is down low. 

I need to get the rest of these to look good for the holidays.  Somebody stand beside me and poke me with a pointy stick when I stop working.  I have a lot to finish this month... Wish me luck!  I'm going to need it.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Freak Out and Throw Things!

This weekend, I did some wandering... On the computer.  I wanted things to hang on the wall and books and magazines.

I put Steampunk in the MSN search box and then hit images.  That always brings up all kinds of things to play with.

I found a Sherlock Holmes poster from an early movie.  Now Daisy can either take it off of the wall or take a bath with Mr. Holmes watching over her.  Tessie doesn't seem to mind. 

I found this poster for the "Great Western Air Ship".  Since the walls upstairs are all slanted, I am not going to get fancy framing things.  At least not until everything is in place.

I grabbed several other ones that would work either in Steampunk or in Daisy's place.

I saved them all in a file and then on one piece of card stock, I printed a bunch of stuff. 

I first put them in my Printshop 15 program and re sized them to fit on the page.  You can do this with any greeting card program or whatever program you have that will do the job.

This bunch of Magazines came from one of my favorite sites.  Jennifer's Printables. She has all kinds of magazines, posters, food packages and miniature wallpaper for the taking.  Great stuff.

The clock face, I got somewhere else.

I found the paper Tardis to put together just by doing a search for "Tardis images". It was supposed to be one that fit on an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet.  I simply reduced it in all directions. 

Everything that you see here was printed on one piece of cardstock.

My favorite thing is the poster that I hung in the kitchen.  It won't be seen unless you put your head far to the right and peak in at the left wall.

There are so many versions of the WWII poster... "Keep Calm and Carry On"...  I was looking for different versions, again on images.  I liked the one with the reference to "Big Bang Theory".  "Keep calm and Sing Soft Kitty".  But then I saw this one and thought that it made more sense than any of the others.

Hey!  The sign fits.  It looks like someone freaked out and threw things in the kitchen right now.  I have to stop typing and get to work on that kitchen...

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Lost and Found... And Found Again...

Oops! I did it again! 

Walter lost his turquoise bracelet the other day.  We were at Walmart and he missed it when we got half way home...

We both figure that the person that finds it in all probability, won't turn it in. I imagine that the clasp broke and he didn't even feel it.
 Anyway, I decided to replace it this morning...That was over an hour ago.  I have again spent an hour looking for beading needles.  This time, I was looking for the needle case that I started and didn't finish... See!  It pays to finish what you start.

Anyway, to make the long story shorter, I found the other pendant that I was considering for a case and passed it by twice.  I went on looking for the one that I started...  After a long search, in which I found some thread that I didn't know I had and a couple more unused beading mats and LOTS of unused beads... I went back and looked at the rose colored glass case... YUP!  Every needle I have moved into that case.  Evidently that is where they want to live...  I am going to tie a string around it's little neck and hang it on the doorknob of my workroom.  Maybe then I will be able to find a needle when I need it.

Widget was absolutely no help.  He hates beaded collars.  Cowls are his thing.  Hates beadwork of all kinds. Loves soft, fuzzy crochet thread.

He laid next to the bead case all of the time I was tearing my hair out trying to find the needles....

He was snickering all the while.  My theory is, he knew where they were all along, but he didn't want me to do beadwork... crochet is more fun...

I am going to work now and make another one of these bracelets.  At least I find them fun to do.  Even if cats would rather crochet!

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, November 22, 2014


I put the half timbers on the front of  1/2" Tessie's house this morning.

I started with the longest strips first It was the four horizontal ones across the front.  I used the 1/4" by 3/32" strips for the main beams.

Then I went back in and put 3/16" by 3/32" beams between those. 
It's a bit difficult to see the difference, but I know they are there.

I am sitting here looking at the house and thinking that anybody in the top floor is going to have to have a flashlight.  No windows? 

I am not even close to finishing the front.  It needs more texture and depth to the finish.  Maybe some brick work somewhere?
I have pretty much decided not to fuss over the sides.  If I sit this on the shelf between the big books, the sides will never be seen... If I decide to move it later, I can think about changing them then.

I want to get the outside done and go to the inside, where the interesting stuff will happen. 

I am going to go see what kind of stone or brick I can work into the front now. I think it needs a lot of aging. It's blah right now.

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, November 21, 2014

While the Stain Dries...

This is one boring entry... This morning, I went to stain the wood for the half timbers and for some silly reason, decided that the 1/2" house needed a place to be, when I wasn't working on it.

It can't stay on the table in the middle of the room all of the time... Sometimes I need that table for other things. Like a place to pile things that need to be put away...
I realized that the center shelf of one of the bookcases would be ideal... But it was too short... Duh!  The shelves are after all, adjustable...

Half an hour and a load of books on the floor, I was ready to move it... Other than losing one of the pegs that hold the shelves up, it went pretty smoothly... I never did find the peg, but cutting off the handle of a paintbrush in just the right place did the job...

The way it sits now, I can slide it forward just a bit and the door comes right out.  I happened to have three books that are exactly the same size as the house.  I am not going to bother with a base for the time being.

I now have it sitting on the shelf and somehow got the books to fit around it.  I still need to straighten the shelf next to it... And the rest of the room. 

I do believe that Tessie and Zar have been in here again! Poor skeleton George is barely hanging on to his place and I am sure that I didn't do that to him.  I always treat him kindly.  He is just a little scary...

Anyway, I am very pleased with having a home for Tessie's 1/2" cottage... Yes.  I gave in.  She can have it if it will keep her out of my hair for a while. 

I know that the  day that I finish it, she will be wanting something new.  That's just how she operates.

Anyway, I am going to go watch the stain dry and do some more cleaning now.

See you tomorrow.