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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Something I Always Wanted...

I stopped at Goodwill this morning... I found something that I have wanted for many years... for cheap.

When I was in college, was the first time I saw one of these... They were expensive back then and they still are.

It is a wooden case with all different kinds of artist's supplies.  Colored pencils, pastel chalks, water colors, drawing pencils and 52 different colors of pens(that work)!  I looked them up on the net and found them to be between 50 and 60 dollars on Ebay.  That's about what they were when I was in college, in art stores.  I am now the happy owner of one. The box itself is wooden and beautifully done. I paid 20.00 for the whole thing.

 If I wear out the contents, I will still have a box that will store a lot of tubes of beads.  Can you tell that I am a happy camper?  I see some regular sized art in my future.

Meanwhile, I had a weird thought whilst watering this morning.  This is the Palo Verde Tree that came up in the corner of our back yard a couple of years ago.... I am thinking, if I could preserve the leaves in the drying crystals that I have, I could save a lot of cutting and creasing leaves for the wisteria vines that I want to do for the conservatory... It's worth a try.

I found this little guy growing in the middle of the back yard. 

I think that he might be a good candidate for one of the mini pots in the greenhouse.

I don't know where it came from, but it looks like one of those prayer plants.  The leaves close when you touch them.
It's another one of those mad scientist experiments.

Maybe it will work.  Maybe it won't.  But it's fun to try.
Tessie and Kota are just sitting in the middle of the floor shaking their heads at me... I know.  They don't believe that I can get the little plant to grow.  Or the leaves to dry.

Just wait and see!

I am going now and play with my new box full of toys.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Water, Water, Everywhere...Not a Drop....

 That's what it looked like last night, about six o' clock... The sky was almost black. What was strange, our back yard looked sunny.

If we got any rain at all, you couldn't prove it by me.

That's the trouble with monsoons... It rains in spots.  A half a block, one way or the other, and it's a whole different kind of weather.
I taught coiled baskets at Wednesday Witches today.  By learning to make this tiny basket, you get all of the different kinds of movements to make any coiled basket. 

It was fun.  I am seeing a lot of baskets in the future of the Witches.
Before I went, I did some more on Tessie's new chair... I am getting there slowly, but surely...

That's it for minis today. 

I am seeing cross eyed from working on the mini baskets.  No more minis tonight.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

My New Photographer!

This morning, April and Amare came over.  Walter gave him an old camera that he no longer uses... Nice camera.

Amare is four.  He took to it like a duck takes to water and was thrilled.

The first two photos on here today are ones that Amare took... No help from us.
He was wandering around with the camera taking photos everywhere.  Walter showed him how to  use it.  Turn it on and off and he went to work.

This photo is as good as any that I have ever taken of Daisy's cottage. 

I think that he has found his calling.
 I am ashamed to show you the photos that I took.  This one of Tessie.  She stole Amare's  Sheriff's motorcycle and sped off as soon as she saw it.

Amare did manage to get it back before he left.  It was a struggle, but he did it.
Earlier in the afternoon, we were all painting up a storm.  Amare and Tessie get along quite well... As long as they don't fight over who gets which toy. 

Usually there are enough toys to go around.

I would say that today was a success.  We found a new photographer for the blog when he is here.  There aren't a lot of photographers that can say that they had photos published for world wide consumption when they were four! 

Amare can! Keep up the good work, Amare! I love you!

I'm going back to work now.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, July 25, 2016

I Shouldn't Leave Tessie Alone...

I did some work on the rug for the conservatory this morning.  Then we decided to go to a morning movie...

So much for mini work.  We stopped and looked at furniture on the way home.  That took up some time...

So. Not a lot of mini-ing today.
When I got home, this was propped up on the nightstand in the bedroom...

Yes.  It's Tessie's handiwork. She has decided that she no longer likes the brass bed in the townhouse.  To put it nicely, she wants something more feminine...

She wants wicker and lots of ruffles.  That is not at all her style. 

She wants a sleigh bed. Wicker?  Ruffles?  I am not sure what has gotten into her... 
 I hunted her down and asked what was going on.  She was sitting in the middle of the glasses case with all of my stuff for teaching basket making. 

Her answer?  "If I sit in this thingamajig, you will have to work on something else."

Interesting logic... It didn't work... I lifted her out by the scruff of her neck and went back to basket making...

She is NOT a happy camper at present.  Oh well.  She will get over it.  And I will get the basket making taught without her looking over my shoulder.  Maybe in a few days I will look into making a wicker sleigh bed... Just not today.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Big, and Lots of Little...

I have no idea what I am doing right, but there were a record number of flowers on the  Loco Weed this morning.  Seventeen!

Too bad that they only bloom at night and start fading as soon as the sun comes up.  I got this photo because it was cloudy this morning.
Tessie made a unilateral decision this morning... Since we are using the fancy hooded chair that I made her in the conservatory, she needs a new one for the spell room in the townhouse.  She started it yesterday and I kept it going to long into the night... OK.  It was only about eight o'clock, but it seemed longer.

Anyway, another project that I didn't want to start... That's the problem.  She starts the projects and then makes me feel guilty unless I finish them...GRRRRR
I also put together eight kits for the Wednesday Witches to learn how to do coiled baskets...

They all fit in one of my larger glasses cases.  Not at all hard to carry along.
The basket that Tessie is holding is the one that they are going to do. 

That little thing will teach them to start, coil, bend up the sides, add a handle and finish. 

That's all they need to know to finish any size or type of coiled basket...

All set for Wednesday.

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Help! I'm Being Held Hostage...

Well... Not exactly a hostage... More like being blackmailed into cleaning drawers...

It started out pretty good.  I got the wicker work drawer cleaned out and Tessie found a little green wicker table... All finished. 

She announced, "I can use this in the conservatory.  Why were you hiding it?"

In my defense, I forgot that it was in there.

Anyway, one down and many to go...

When I got to the electrical drawer, she bounced in and grabbed a couple of wires. 

Again, she had something to say... "If you don't get this cleaned out in less than ten minutes, I put these two wires together and the drawer explodes."

Only one problem... I didn't mention that the other end of the wires weren't attached to anything... Let alone a bomb...

I calmly finished straightening that one in nine minutes and thirty six seconds.
 On to the "Odd Tools" drawer... This time she threatened me with one of the carving tools...

She said, "This gouge could really do some damage."

I wasn't taking any chances...I didn't know if she meant me or the furniture, with her threat...

Then she announced that the tools shouldn't even be in that drawer.  There weren't enough to fill the drawer.  They should be somewhere else, so that she could put some of her things in that drawer.  And again, she announced, "That way you could put a label on the front of the bin that said "Tessie's Important Things!"

I didn't ask what important things she had to store in there.  I knew that she would immediately start searching the room for things to put in there... Nope.  I am not furnishing a drawer with things that Tessie likes and wants to abscond with...
I kicked her out of the drawer and she left the room...

I heard her come back.  I didn't see where she landed until I tried to leave...

She went and borrowed Zar's Steampunk rifle. She was perched on top of a bottle in the shoe bag, behind the door.  Rifle in hand. 

The announcements kept coming. "You can't leave until the drawers in the closet are finished!"

It's going to be a long day.  She only let me out long enough to write this... I am expected back as soon as I publish...

Back to work.

See you tomorrow, if Tessie doesn't shoot me in the foot!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Almost Christmas!

 Well. Not really, but Tessie thinks it is.

I finished the kit of Poinsettias yesterday.  As soon as I did, Tessie was on them.  And she refused to give them back.

Her theory is.... If you decorate for Christmas, it should be Christmas.
Judy gave me and the others some of these two sprigs of greenery.  I used some in the Poinsettia arrangement and the fern like greenery I made... What else?  Ferns!

I like the way that all of them turned out.

The ferns will go well in the conservatory.
I am having to fight Tessie off with a big stick.  She is determined to start decorating for Christmas.

I keep telling her that Santa doesn't come until December 25, no mater how much you decorate... She doesn't believe me!

I wonder if I could make her believe that there was a "Clean House Holiday".  Maybe she would do my housework to get presents... Maybe not.

Hey! It's worth a try. 

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.