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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

No More Gardening!

I know.  I said that I was finished with gardening... Just one more day... Please?

I couldn't resist, when I saw this plant.  I have never seen anything like it... Never!

And besides, Spike thinks that I bought him some trees... No Spike!
This is the label that was sticking in the pot.  I must assume from the name that it is found in the vicinity of Mt. Kilimanjaro... 
Anyway, one thing led to another. Or maybe I should say One plant led to another...

Now I have to re pot everything.  Sorry about that. 

Tessie is helping.  She "accidentally" broke a piece off of one of the plants and immediately wanted it re potted for herself. She declared that it was just her size...

These two plants came from Walmart.  See that little stem in front of the right pot?  That was in the right pot.  Evidently fell off of another plant. 

I am thinking that if I can root it, I will have a whole other plant after a month or two... We shall see...

The pot that it was in is a "Creeping Fig".  How could you resist a plant with such a creepy name?  I know I can't.
I did find a foot stool that is just exactly the right height.  That was five dollars at Goodwill.  Perfect for the spot.
And last, but not least...I had a visit from Hudson Hawk.  I think that he is getting used to being a camera hog!  I swear that he comes in and poses.  Or else it was the squirrel that we had to scare away that was the attraction...

Yup!  I had to have Walter go scare the squirrel away. 

Then for some reason Hudson didn't want to stick around anymore.

I am going back to potting now.

See you tomorrow.  Without plants, but with minis!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

So Much for That Idea!

I promise!  No more hair brained schemes...

The alley way is empty once again.

Walter reminded me that water comes down through there in the rainy season.  Not a good place to sit and read.  What with water running over your feet.
So... Change in plans... The last one. 

As you can see.  This area is nicely shaded by the wall in the morning and in the afternoon the fig tree will protect me.  I hope...
As soon as I got it set up  Look closely at the table by my chair...Tessie and Zar moved in. 

They set up their favorite wicker and plopped down, using me for entertainment. 

They love yard work.  They could watch it for hours!
As for the honeysuckle, both plants found new homes and are none the worse for wear.

I probably would have lost a few of the other plants to the sun too.  After working out there for a couple of days, I found that there is almost never any shade to speak of in the alley.  That is what I am calling it from now on.  That's all it's good for.

I wasted a couple of mini days, but I think that I learned my lesson.  That part of our yard IS and alley.

Back to work on minis... Much cooler work. In more ways than one! 

See you tomorrow.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Miles To Go...Before I Sit...

I found two red honeysuckle plants at Walmart this morning... I had the trellises so why not use them... They will make the walls less boring.

I put a plant on this side and a bird bath on the other side. 

All of the stuff that I am putting in is subject to change...
There's definitely going to have to be some sort of shade over the seating area...

I'm still trying to decide what is leaving and what is staying...
I like this side.  Lots of plants surrounding the honeysuckle.  And yes.  I checked.  The hose reaches this far... Just barely.

It was interesting trying to get the holes deep enough for the honeysuckles.  I got them about right and then piled lots of potting soil on top... It does work.  I have done it before.

Tessie came out and took one look.  She staggered to the back door... Whispering to herself, "I'm melting!!! I'm melting...

At last!  A place that Tessie doesn't want to own!
I am still not crazy about the length of the area... It's OK... But if I really don't like it... EVERYTHING is portable.  There are other areas in the yard that this would work...

We shall see.

Meanwhile, back to mini-ing.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Playing Around...

I found two new books at Goodwill this morning.  They will help in both large and small projects.  Lots of photos of pretty garden ideas.

 I also found some new plants in the back yard that, when dried will make excellent mini plants.

Both are varieties of Hens and Chickens.  Not sure which kind.  I am terrible about saving labels and information on plants.

This second kind is already dried.  I picked these yesterday. I am liking these just the way that they are.  Love the color.

I let the stems dry out right on the plant.  They seem to be stronger when dried that way.
Now.  About the trees...

I haven't fastened anything down yet, but I couldn't wait to see how the floral foam and reindeer moss were going to look...

Neither could the Terrible Two plus One. 

I left two of the blocks whole and uncovered so that you could see what I was working with.

I am planning on making the trees taller, by stacking the floral foam. 

Keep in mind that there is a large skylight behind Zar.  I will leave that area open for light. 

Anyway... I do believe that this might just work.  Wish me luck!

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Not Done Yet...

It was tolerable outside this morning.  It won't be for long.

I decided to play with the outdoor area, while it was still cool.

I found the two tall baskets to the right at Goodwill this morning.  Also the tray basket on the left at another Goodwill.

I had the fabric.  I was just wondering how it would look if I made a slipcover for the chair.  Not too bad.

I found a Croton at Walmart.  I had a couple of these last year.  Unfortunately they are an annual. But that means that they grow fast.  Besides, I like all of the wild colors on them.
I am thinking of moving this tall euphorbia out there.  It always sticks out like a sore thumb on the back porch... Maybe it will be happy out there...Not really sure if it can take the sun, but we shall see...

Now that it is getting hot outside, I am forced to come inside and work on minis... Back to the landscaping...

Tomorrow you will get minis!  See you then.

Friday, May 22, 2015

House With a View...

 On the  outside...  I felt like using a paintbrush this morning. 

I got the first "coat" on the front of the cottage.

As I said before, I am going to try to make the cottage disappear.

We shall see what happens... so far, so good.
 I took it one step at a time and did a coat on the steps too. 

Then I went down to the front and did it green for grass...

I stared at it for a while and then decided to do the bottom foundation piece green too... I may do some spots of brown and have some dirt and rocks in several places.

Now.  About Kota...  Maybe this is a good time to stop for lunch...

He won't give up the chair...

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Room With a View...

We have lived in this house for twenty years now...

This is the dead end at one side of the back yard. That's the only thing I can think to call it...

Once in a while we throw something back there to get it out of site.

I have decided to make it into an outdoor room.  
 This is the view that you get if you are sitting in the chair.

Not terrible, but it could be a lot better...

I am going to work on this, along side the minis.  It will be fun to do on nice days this summer.
 It's Not like I don't have enough plants to do something back there.  I need to do some re-potting anyway.  I may as well do something useful while I am at it.
More candidates from the other side of the back porch... I told you I had a few candidates... OK...So It's more than a few.

I might just let a few of these out of their pots to run free...
I did this area last year and it ran free.  I need to do this one again. I gave an inch and these plants took a mile! They are something from Australia and they just don't quit. We tried to get rid of them a while back and they just ignored us and kept growing.

I might even put a mini or two in the long room.  You never know...

Anyway, no minis this morning... I am making BIG plans.

See you tomorrow.