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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Never Bring Home Colefax and Fowler...

At least not their book...  It always causes trouble.  Tessie and I both are fans of their work. 

Very British.  Very Beautiful...

I found this 45.00 book for  $3.20  this morning... Yup Goodwill again... I looked at this one when it was new, but didn't want to put out 45.00 for it.  Now I have it and it is going to cause all kinds of trouble...
The first thing that Tessie did was look for libraries with fireplaces...

You see, she announced this morning,"The observatory library needs a fireplace..."

I tried to get out of changing the plans by telling her that it wouldn't be practical.  All of that smoke would fog the lens on the telescope...

She has an answer for everything..."Two words. Electric fireplace.  No smoke.

That's four words, but I gave up on trying to reason with her.  It never works.

At least, if it electric, I won't have to build a chimney.  That's one good thing...

The next thing I knew, she erased the cabinet in the bottom of the drawing and replaced it with a rough sketch of a fireplace.

Looks like it's settled.  I am not wiring the building or building a fire.  Nope... Just logs.

I am still working on the walls.  I have the floor done.  Slate.  Maybe with a fancy rug.

I did leave room for possible plants around the base, outside. 

I scored two more trays and the movie was good.  Now I know I will have enough to finish.

Back to work.  But first I am going to hide Colefax and Fowler in the closet, where Tessie can't get at them.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Movie Monday...

We are required to go see the new Will Smith movie this morning.  Sure, I want to see it, but the main reason is... I need more theater trays...

I have to cover the whole outside of the library and more around the bottom edge of the platform...

I cut a piece of illustration board the size and shape of the bottom.  This is to reinforce all of the joins that I made in the bottom.
 I then glued it to the bottom and glued the side walls in place...

Yes.  That is a brand new jar of mayo... It was the heaviest thing that I could find that would fit in that corner to hold the wall in place.

Hey!  Whatever works!  That's my motto...

I am going to have to do a bit more trimming on the illustration board before I start putting on the stones.  That should take all of a minute and a half. 

After the stone work, I am going to do the interior.  I am not going to put on the roof until that is done.

These are some of the candidates for draperies and cushions.
I walked out of the room for a second to find a pair of scissors. 

I do believe that they put catnip in those trays.

Every time Kota gets a chance he squeezes himself into the larger section of the tray.

I doubt if he will leave, unless forced to do so.
Tessie told him the news about the library being made to match him... He was not impressed. 

You see, he can't possibly fit into that space to sleep, so it doesn't matter the colors.

At least he didn't bite her head off.

They seem to get along well.  They have the same temperament.  Both ignore what is happening in the rest of the world.  All that matters is their immediate space.  Comfort and food. That's all they really need.

I am going back now and try to reason with the cat and the witch about moving somewhere else, so that I can use the tray for the observatory/library. Wish me luck... I am going to need it.  If the two of them join forces, I may never get that particular tray back.  Thank goodness there is an unlimited supply at the theater...

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Tessie's Garden...

I have been doing other things today, besides miniatures. 

Namely, re potting plants.  Tessie tags along when I do this, to see what she can use in her homes.

We still haven't figured out how to preserve these bright green euphorbia flowers.

They would make great bouquets if we could.
There is the usual bountiful harvest of Nandina or heavenly bamboo...

Trees and small plants, here we come!
Tessie insisted on this photo.  Even if it is just because she says that the geraniums compliment her hair... No minis here.
 When she saw how this Mother of Millions is growing, she started pestering me to make him a "Little Shop of Horrors"... Is that a grin on his face? He's a bit scary...
Lastly, I thought you would like an update on the babies from the Mother of Millions plant.

These are the same little plants that I put in the foreground of George's desert garden almost a year ago.  I water them about once a month and just a little.  They are perfectly healthy.  They just don't grow a lot.

The two little green bean shaped pieces in the foreground are another plant that I am hoping will sprout... Not yet.

This year, I am going to try some in a couple of the dollhouses.  I don't know if they will get enough light.  And I will have to remember to water them the same time that I water George's garden.

I also want to see how the rat tail cacti, like the one to the left of George, next to Tessie would fare in Eskiaga's southwestern room box.  I had a very small prickly pear cactus growing in there for a year or so, but I kept forgetting to water it.  Maybe I can set an alarm of something this time.  We shall see...

And I shall see you tomorrow.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

I Need Another Board!

Another title for this could be..."What Was I Thinking?"

The drawing for the window seat was way too small.

I didn't want to go all the way to the ceiling with it, but this is ridiculous...

I started by drawing the window without measuring... It looked OK, but the top of the real one is right behind the top of the paper. 

It's been one of those weeks...
I did get all  most of the shelves measured... Then I ran out of the two boards I thought it would take. 

I will go look in the workroom for scraps when I finish here...  Then there's always Ace Hardware, down the street... About two miles.
The reason I am so late doing this, is my trip to town this morning. 

I stopped at Dollar Tree on the way home and discovered that they have quite a few new tools. 

This isn't exactly a tool and I could have used it last week when I was using all of that spray glue on the ribbon  boards. 

I have never really paid much attention to their tools.  I am going to try a couple of other things.  I saw a really cute handsaw, about 12" long, that might be handy to have around... If it cuts more than butter.  I'll let you know if it actually cuts when I get one... For a dollar, I will be willing to give it a try.
Meanwhile, Tessie spotted the area of one of the boards that was marked with "window seat top".

She has been sitting there for the past half hour, wiggling around and mumbling to herself...

I finally couldn't stand it.  I asked her what was wrong?  You have to know what is coming... She answered with, "It's just barely big enough and it's way too hard!  Needs padding!" 

It doesn't matter that I don't even have the boards cut yet... It needs padding!

I guess that the sooner I get the boards cut and the shelves put together, the sooner she will have a padded seat and nothing to complain about... No wait.  Strike that... She will find something.  She always does.  No books on the shelves?  No stone on the outside?  Needs a footstool....  Should I go on... Nope.  I am going to go build a window seat as fast as I can.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Moving Right Along...

I went back to work on the library this morning.

First I re-cut the floor.  Then I cut trim for the sides of the entrance.

The floor is still not quite even.  I may have to cut a layer of illustration board to level it off. 

And now I am not liking the floor in the observatory itself...
I am running chair rail down both sides of the entryway.  It is bendable enough that I will be able to put a strip or two across the top also. 
 I started sketching plans for the shelves.  The blank wall is going to have most of the shelves.

In order for it to not look too bookish, I am going to leave a spot in the center to hang a painting... Tessie suggested a portrait of herself...

I kind of doubt that Daisy is going to be thrilled with a portrait of Tessie in the library.

It should be interesting to see who wins. If Daisy doesn't come back pretty soon, I may just let Tessie have her way...

One of the window walls is going to have a window seat.  That was Tessie's idea.  She does like to lounge and read. 

The other window wall could still be turned into a doorway. 

Tessie is fighting that idea.  She says that there will be less room for furniture that way.

I think that she wants to put a recliner in.  That way she will have a choice of places to read.

She already suggested that I extend the bottom shelves on either side, so that she can have a place to put her tea and cookies.

I think that I see an argument coming... A three way one this time.  Zar, Tessie and Daisy are not going to want to use the library together...

I think that the best way to handle the situation is to just stand back and let the three of them fight it out.  The one that wins gets to be librarian...

Oh!  I just thought of another way to handle it.  We have a real librarian in the family.  I am going to call April.  I will tell her that I have a problem that only she(the real librarian) can solve...

Until it is settled, I am taking over and doing whatever I want.  Actually, this would make a great artist's studio... I always wanted my own studio... Maybe I don't have to call April after all...

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Just a Little Longer...

 This morning April and I went out to play for a bit. 

She is getting a taste of freedom for the first time in several years.  Amare has started nursery school and loves it. 

She called and wanted to got running around this morning.  We met at Beyond Bread and then went shopping.  Goodwill and an antique mall that is just down the street. 

Before I left this morning to meet her, I did this.  Not the bracelet.  The watch...

I had an idea to make any bracelet into a watch... And it worked!
Now if I can keep it away from Tessie, I will be able to change any bracelet or necklace to a watch anytime!

That's going to be the hard part.  I think that she needs a smaller chain... Then maybe it would work for her...Just maybe...

All I did was added a couple of jump rings and a lobster claw and I can turn virtually anything into a watch.  As long as the lobster claw can grab onto it. I have attached pendant watches to purses, but never did it with a lobster claw closing... This will make it easy to move.
I also made this bracelet yesterday... And yes. I can put the watch on it too.

I need to work on the ins and outs of this style.  The single beads don't sit right.
This is the only thing that I got on our shopping trip.  I think that someone is trying to tell me to make early American furniture... I keep finding that particular kind of book, everywhere I go lately.

Anyway, now that the vacation is over, I should go get back to minis.

Thank you all for the lovely comments yesterday! It's been a fun seven years.  You all contributed to the fun with all of your comments.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Day Off for Good Behavior!

                                 It has been seven years and two days since I began this blog. 
I actually forgot my own anniversary!  It was Monday...
Senility is setting in... I hope not!
 Anyway, after writing an entry every single day for that time, I am taking the day off to play.  It's Wednesday and the witches await.
From the whole gang. Thanks for putting up with us for the last seven years. We probably wouldn't keep doing the silly things we do, without all of you! I hope to make it another seven!
See you tomorrow.