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Monday, July 16, 2018

Vacation Time..... Just a Week!

I have decided to take a long awaited vacation from blogging.
I am starting today.
See you a week from today.  Bright and early!
If you want something to read, go over to the sidebar and select something.
Maybe, if you haven't been here long, you could read Tessie's adventures from the beginning.
See you next Monday!


Sunday, July 15, 2018

The Terrible Two Are MEAN!!

I got up this morning with the intention of going right to work on the Observatory.

I made sure that the rug was going to fit in the area that I had planned it for. 

OK. That worked out nicely.
But then I overheard the Terrible Two discussing what I was going to be doing next...

"We have to get her to give back the sign."

I knew immediately what they were talking about.

I have had the sign that is in the next photo attached to the light next to my bed for about a year.

They seen to think that Daisy is going to want it back.

I like the sign and don't want to give it up. I am going to have to make a couple more copies.

I know that if Daisy has one, Zar is going to want one too when I get to his projects again... So... Either I make a couple of copies or hand letter a couple.  I don't want to give mine up and I don't want to have the two of them to come to blows over the ownership.... With me in the middle! Unfortunately, Tessie will want one too. Just because everyone else has one. Make that three more copies.

I decided to stay away from the observatory and work on the rug for the library.... That would be fine, if I could just find the shade of grayish brown that I was using for the background. 

Unfortunately, there are a :LOT of shades of grayish brown on the DMC chart.  I usually write the numbers on the edge of what I am working on. Unfortunately, I forgot to do it.  Now I am VERY sorry that I forgot.  I have been looking at that chart  for at least a half hour.  I am NOT having any luck.  I find a color that I think is the one.  Start using it. Only to find that it is not the right one. 

Back to the chart and searching.  See you tomorrow.  Hopefully with the rug more finished than it is now.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Let's Get This Show On The Road!!!

OK. I am ready for a new adventure. The only trouble is, the Terrible Two plus One are also ready to go.

I cleaned off the work table in the bedroom a while ago and went and got the observatory and library.

Guess who followed me into the bedroom? Yup. The Terrible Two plus Spike. Spike is probably worse than the other two combined.  He will chew on anything that isn't fastened down.

The other two, not so much.  If it isn't food and doesn't taste good, they leave it alone.

I forgot that I started another rug to go with the color scheme when I switched from turquoise to lavender for Daisy.

She likes this color scheme better, but.... So does Tessie. 

I have the feeling that the library is going to be put to good use when Daisy isn't at home...

Tessie has already put quite a few cupcakes in the freezer, so that as soon as Daisy gets in the time machine, she can move right in!

Of course, Zar has plans for the telescope. He has it pointed at the north star and ready to go.

I tattled on the three of them and Daisy is making plans to stay a while and enjoy her new house as soon as it is finished. 

She is already planning the housewarming.  She tells me that you are all invited to join the party when that happens!

I have to go throw out the Terrible Two plus One now. Then I will start work on Daisy's new rug now.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Daisy Eulalia Is Home!!!

"Enough messing around with cleaning and straightening!!!" That was Daisy this afternoon. She arrived with the time machine about four 'o clock,

It seems that Albert is faster than I am. He was at the door of the time machine when I went in to greet her.

I have been cleaning all of the minis and also my workroom. 

Daisy Eulalia found out and she is NOT happy. 

I quit working on her cottage and other buildings a couple of years ago. 

She kept waiting patiently for quite a while.

When Albert informed her of what was going on here, she went berserk.  I got several notes yesterday.  A couple of phone calls this afternoon and a threatening telegram a little later.

As soon as I got the telegram I jumped up and started taking stock of what has to be done on her buildings. I Didn't think that anybody sent telegrams anymore.

The library and observatory doesn't even have a door on the library side and the dust is about three inches thick on the inside of the library. In her scale... Not mine.

If I put my mind to it, I can probably have the whole thing done in about a week. Give or take a few days.

As soon as she stepped out of the time machine, I apologized and told her that I would start working on it bright and early tomorrow morning. Rain or shine! She suggested that I start now and keep going day and night until it is livable... Well we are going to have to compromise on that.  I can only  stay awake so long.  Then I at least have to have a cat nap.    Anyway, expect to see me with tools and brushes tomorrow morning.  Bright and early! See you then!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Neverending Cleaning Story...

I did more work on the back porch this morning. 

Then I came in and started cleaning the Fortunetelling Emporium.

Tessie was delighted.  She seldom tells fortunes. She has the gypsy from the Witches Warehouse come and do them. 

Actually, I am not sure that she even knows how to work a Ouija Board. 

I think that Spike is more adept at that skill.

She lets him do it and then she pretends to do it herself...
Spike is pretty good at it.  He predicted rain last night and it did rain for about eight minutes at one point.  I counted!

Anyway, Tessie always takes the credit for all of the predictions.

After all, her name is on the sign.  That's what counts. Nowhere does it say Fortune telling by a dog...

This morning I added another feeder to the  bird's spot. I put one of my hand made ceramic bowls on top of the table topped trunk. Then I added three of those little blocks of fruit and nuts that you get in the bird department at Walmart.

I don't think that is going to stay there long.  I looked out and all of the suet has already melted.  I either need a tent to put over it or it is going to have to be moved under the shade of the plants.  I don't think that the birds like runny suet. I haven't had one bird on there all day.

Oh well. It was a good try. Now I will try it elsewhere.

Back to work on Walter's bracelet now.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Rain and More Rain...

The rainy season is here.  That makes it nice and cool in the morning.  I spent most of the morning on the back porch and in the back yard, planting and repotting things.

The photo to the left is only part of what I did. 

And there is still more to do.
By noon, the sky was looking like this and now the wind has started blowing... It won't be long until it starts raining once again.

So I came in the house and started cleaning once more.
I am determined this time to get everything out of here that doesn't have a purpose or doesn't belong. 

The cat stays. The fabric also stays if I can get it away from Kota. He seems to like it for some reason. In case you can't see, the fabric is a brick pattern.  I have a yard.  I should have bought more.  This is going to be the easiest way to make a brick wall that has ever been done in miniature! Poke the photo and look at it up close! 

All I am going to have to do is glue it to a wall, use a stylus on the grout lines and instant brick wall!!!
For the rest of the afternoon, however, I am going to be fixing a hole... Walter's favorite bracelet has an Ouchy. He never takes it off unless I am fixing it.

It happens now and then.  It only takes a little while to fix.  I don't think that he lost any beads this time, so it will be quick. Now where did I put that needle, beeswax and thread?  See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Cleaning Never Ends....

I now have a clean hall closet. I took everything out and sorted through it on the bed.  Kota supervised. 

When he doesn't approve of what I am doing, he turns his back.  All I saw was his tail, most of the morning.
Then I went back to sprucing up minis.  Spike's doghouse is pretty much spotless now...

I think that I showed the pit bull property laws once before.
They are posted on the back of Spike's house.  He takes them very seriously. Beware!!! You might have to poke the photo to read them.

Be sure to memorize them all!
I cleaned out the greenhouse... Now all I have to do is make more plants.  This is where the plants all live until I need them in a scene or room box.
Lastly, I spruced up Hubert's Haberdashery. It is another building that is pretty air tight and doesn't collect a lot of dust.  It does need going over and straightening now and then though.

Anyway, that's all of the cleaning I am going to do for today. 

Back to work. See you tomorrow.