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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Look What I Found!

First of all!  My squash is making little squashes!

I found two yesterday.  This morning, I looked again and one of the squirrels had taken a bite out of the smaller one.  The one that you see here is still in one piece.

We shall have squash this winter!

Second of all I found a purse at the half price sale at Goodwill this morning.  It is very thin, fake leather, but I think that it will work for mini furniture.

I like it because it looks well worn and old.  Just right for old furniture that has been around for a while.

The third thing that I found was the little cabinet to the left in this photo. As soon as I got it in the house, Tessie claimed it.

The first words out of her mouth were, "OH!  Now I can have an annex for the apron closet annex...

I am not sure how that works.  Is it possible to have an annex to an annex?  Anyway... I have a feeling that she is going to want more aprons to put in there... Rats!

When I went to hide the annex in the workroom, I found this.  It is an Extra Large size Levi style jacket that I bought several years ago...

It is made of silk... Inside and outside.  That is, the lining(beige) and the blue outside are both silk!

Now that I found it, both Tessie and Zar want new clothes, using the fabric!  I wonder if I could dig up the mesmerizer and wipe their memories clean... Silk?  What silk?  I don't remember any silk...

Where did I put the mesmerizer???

Back to work.  See you tomorrow.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Big and Little Gardening...

Yesterday, I bought a potted plant at Walmart.  It was a Euphorbia... Or I should say 5 Euphorbias...

See the larger one in the back?  That one alone was bought for about eight dollars, 15 years ago... I thought that it was outrageous at the time.  But I bought it because I really liked it.  It is now taller than I am.

Anyway, I thought that I was getting a deal on the big pot for fifteen dollars.  It looked like there were four plants in the pot.

 I got it home and this morning when I unspotted it, I found that there were five good sized plants in the pot!

I planted two in a large pot.

I planted three out in the yard where the old Burbank cactus was.  I am hoping that they will survive in the ground here.

Now all I have to do is wait and see.
When I came back in the house, Tessie was sitting on the bed.  I asked her where the Skeleton Crew was... She huffed and she puffed and then she said, "If you ever put me in charge of that gang of ruffians again, I will leave home!

It seems that they got the better of her and she finally rounded them up and zapped them back into the basket.  She even sealed the lid with packing tape!

I have the feeling that we aren't going to be seeing them until the 30th of October after all.

Meanwhile, I have been punching out leaves and making pots for her conservatory. 

I felt sorry for her.  She did put up with the Crew for a good while.  I think that I owe her for taking care of them. 

I am working on getting her conservatory up and running to make up for her time and trouble. 

I would have locked them back in the basket way before she did. 

Anyway, I tried making pots from cat food cardboard.  I think that they will be more realistic that cardstock.  They will be thicker. Now all I have to do is trim and paint... And make a few dozen more.  She wants a LOT of plants in the conservatory... And guess who is going to be making them?  That would be me.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Never Ask a Witch...

To take care of eight skeletons in a basket... It doesn't work!

I asked Tessie to zap the basket into the workroom with the skeletons inside this morning... She did...

Then she decided to let them out and entertain them.  I did NOT ask her to do that!
It was quiet for about two hours. Then I started hearing suspicious noises...

First I heard guitar playing and rather loud, drunken singing...

I tiptoed to the door...
Then I heard a motorcycle... I knew that I was in trouble...

I opened the door a couple of inches and peeked inside... 

There were three skeletons on the shelf where the Spiritus Frumenti Bar is located.  They and George were having a great time drinking and singing...

On the next shelf over, Tessie was giving free rides on the back of her motor scooter...
That accounted for five of the skellies. 

The next shelf to the left accounted for two more.  They were chatting with Lettice, the Elizabethan lady. 

Those two were actually behaving themselves!

That left one unaccounted for...
It took me a couple of minutes to find that one.  She was on the desk.  Watching TV.  I left HGTV on when I left the room earlier... It seems that she used to be an interior decorator in a former life. 

Remind me to keep her around.  She might be able to help when I get stuck on decorating mini room boxes.

So far, they haven't caused any disasters or catastrophes. I am just going to leave them to their business and go back to work myself...

I know it's foolish, but I am trusting Tessie to take care of them.  So far, so good.

Back to the real world.  See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Marlies Pitchers...

Years ago, I used to follow a blog called Marlies and Minis.  I went to look for it this morning and found the name but couldn't find the blog.  It looked as if some kind of computer outfit had taken the name over. 

I originally got this pattern from Marlies.  She should get full credit for it.

I decided to teach it to the Wednesday Witches today.  Thus the hunt.

Marlies, wherever you are, I thank you for the pattern. It is a good one and I have used it often.

It is for a pitcher made of paper, that looks like it is an old metal pitcher.  It is fun because you can make it from any paper that you happen to have on hand.

I usually use double sided, card stock weight, scrapbook paper.  If you don't have that, you can glue regular weight paper back to back and use that.

This is another one of those that, if you have a program that will do it, you should try to re size the pattern in that program.  The measurements on the first photo will give you some idea of what you are doing.

After you cut out the two main pieces, use a pencil and roll them on your leg.  This will give the curve that you need, without kinks and folds that you don't want.  Start at the center and work out to both edges, to get it right.

After you are satisfied with the curve, run a thin line of glue down one edge and glue it over the other edge. 

This is what it should look like.

After the glue is dry, run a line of glue inside the body of the pitcher and sit the top portion down in the hole. 

Sometimes you have to trim this to suit your taste after you get it on and dry.

Just keep messing with it until it looks good to you.
The one that I am working on is on the left.  The handle has been glued to the outside of the back, where the two back seams meet.

You can put the top of the handle inside or outside the top.  Let it dry well and then curve the handle down and fasten it to the back seam of the pitcher where you like it.

The last step is to cut around the bottom edge after the glue is dry.  Then cover all of the raw edges with either gold or black with a Sharpie.  I even covered the inside of the top piece with gold Sharpie on the center dark blue pitcher.

Anyway, I started the Wednesday Witches making them this afternoon... They are like potato chips.  Bet you can't make just one! And by the way, You can make flower pots by making the body piece shorter and turning it upside down.  Then put an extra strip of the card stock around the wide edge and glue the narrow edge of it to a scrap for the bottom, just like the pitcher. Let dry and cut off the excess.  There you have it!

Post Script... A couple of you found Marlies and Minis.  I never thought of looking for her with her blog title.  Anyway, she was one of my favorites until someone took her blog away.  Now I am going back to join in her followers.  Here's the URL.  I am going to look for the original pattern on her site.  I do hope that I didn't do anything wrong by using it. 

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

OK...It's Not Minis...

I got sidetracked again... I found Tessie sitting with Kota, messing with labels from my DMC thread. 

According to her, I don't have enough thread.  If I did, I wouldn't have all of these leftover labels... Wrong.  I have more than enough.  I just haven't put it all on the little cards.
As I said... Sidetracked... It seems to be a regular happening...

I found the travel case that I took to  the Witchy meeting last Wednesday. 

I started to get the rest of my thread on cards while there....  But... I didn't get it all done.

Tessie insisted that I sit down and do the rest. 

So, as we all know, it doesn't pay to argue with Tessie.

Actually, I am glad that I didn't argue.  Look what I found!  I started this a couple of months ago.

Now that I found it, I am going to have to finish it.  It is a bracelet cuff.  It may take a while, but a little at a time, I will get it done. After I finish it, I will probably wear it a lot.  I like turquoise.  I will finish it and put a backing on it.  Then an edge all around.  If I don't lose it again for a while, it will be done in a couple of weeks in my spare time... Back to the grindstone.

See you tomorrow. 

Monday, September 19, 2016

The Clean Up Crew...

Now that the Skeleton Crew is gone, we of the clean up crew get to work. 

I had to take all of the party participants home. 

Tessie left Zar where he was.  He must be getting old.  He fell asleep about 10:00PM.  He still hasn't budged. He has Spike to keep him warm.

Tessie actually started cleaning the closet.  She announced, "It's much easier without all of those extra aprons. 

I have the feeling that she is, as a grandiose gesture, going to give the Skeleton Crew each an apron... I am hoping that will mean that she will let me off the hook for making aprons for a while.

 I had to check and make sure that there were no more party goers upstairs. 

No party goers, but a very dirty floor.

I spent the morning deep cleaning our real kitchen.  The microwave hadn't been moved since well before the cancer came into view.  Now that it is gone, I am slowly, but surely getting things in the real house back in order... Step by step.

OK... Another floor that really needs cleaning!  The rooftop garden is in bad shape.  Rocky Raccoon is still drinking.  He seems to do that, party or not.  Maybe it's because he has to put up with Tessie all the time.

Anyway, after all of the kitchen cleaning, I am going to wait until tomorrow to do the floors in Tessie's Townhouse.  I do them a LOT faster than she does, so she just waits until I am in the mood.  Tomorrow Tessie!

See you then! 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Kota's In Charge!

The Skeleton Crew insisted.

They said that he would do a better job of taking care of them than I would.

So.... That's what I did...

They each wanted an apron to protect their bones. 

A basket to sleep in and a piece(each) of candy corn... Oh! And they took over Tessie's manicure table.  There will be a lot of nail painting in the next month. 

They assured me that it would keep them busy for a month...

The head Skelly wanted a photo, as proof, that Kota would in deed protect them from all of the bad elements in the house.

He's not a bad element, according to them.  They trust him... Not so much me. 

I threatened to lock them in a closet.  A basket is better?  And a cat protecting them is better?  OK.  If they say so. 
All I know is, I have until October 30th Skeleton Crew free. 

They all crawled in the basket and started painting each other's nails.

Kota is doing his duty.  He curled up around the basket and won't let anybody near it. 

He will have to let me move it to make the bed, but other than that, I am to keep my hands off of the basket for now.  I am not complaining one bit.  This solves all of my problems for now.

Back to real mini-ing tomorrow.  No Skeleton Crew interference! 

See you then!