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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Good. Better. And Better...

Mirror and window drawings are in progress.

The first one came out looking like a butterfly hiding behind the window frame... Not good and the window looked awkward.

The second one was a bit better.  I changed the window to leaded glass in a tree branch pattern.

The only problem was, the mirror was too high.  Tessie could probably see the top of her head in that one.  And I was still not too happy with the shape.
 The last one has the mirror a bit lower, but I think that it needs a dropping curve on the bottom of the mirror instead of one that curves up.

If I change that and it looks ok, I will proceed to cut that one out.  I am thinking about putting some surprise metal work around the edge.  Don't ask.  I have to see if it will work... If it does, it will be fun.

Back to the drawing board.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Behaving Myself...

 Isn't easy... I did a couple of rows of beading on one of the shoes before I could stop myself.

That was yesterday afternoon...
This morning I reigned myself in and went back to the bathroom fixtures...

I do believe that they are going to work.  Now all I have to do is decide on color. 

I will probably hang the tank higher on the wall... Or maybe build a box to sit it on behind the toilet.

I still have to find a sink that will fit in the space allotted.
I am thinking that I will simply pick a couple of other colors out of the shower curtain for the paint.

I need to design a mirror to go over the sink also.

Maybe something that curves around the bottom of the window.

Hey!  I just thought of something.  Maybe I could do a window frame and mirror that are all one piece to tie the whole thing together...

Back to the sketch pad.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday is for Shoes...

I have been trying to avoid seeing these shoes every time I enter the closet for about nine months. I bought them at the closeout sale on shoes at Walmart at the end of summer last year... Hmmm. Maybe it has been more like a year. There are sales going on right now.

I bought them for less than half price. I thought that I liked them.  I never wore them.  They were boring...

This morning I dragged them out and got out some beads, needle and thread and went to work...
This is what I ended up with.  The turquoise chunks are really turquoise...The rest are just plain old size six and eleven seed beads.

The elephants were some that I ordered from Etsy a while ago.

The fabric on the shoes has a pattern stitched in it.  I used that as a pattern placement guide.

Now... If I actually start wearing them, I have a few more ideas.
I went through the closet and found these.  Likely candidates for the bead treatment. 

I imagine that for the boots I will just do anklets that can be switched out. 

Now all I have to do is come up with something to brighten up the sandals.  When I put them on, they look like I have rags wound around my feet.  They definitely need improvement.  I am going to have to think of something. Back to beading.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Not Dry Yet...

 I feel like I spend a LOT of time waiting for glue to dry.

I cut out all of the pieces for the toilet and sink between yesterday and this morning.  I channeled out the places where I wanted the false doors to be. 

I forgot the shelf in the sink.  I had better do that before everything dries!

These were much rougher to put together than the shelving unit.  That had gentile curves.  These did not.  Much more difficult to get them to stay in place...

Now that they are glued and taped, they aren't going anywhere for 24 hours.

So... To fill in the time, I am working on the lace collar.  I have almost finished the cording thread around the edges of each leaf and flower.

I am hoping to get that part finished today.  If I do, then I can go back to the fun part.  The actual lace.

I am going back now and try to finish the cording..

Please excuse me for now.  I will see you tomorrow.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Cats Rule... Most of the Time...

I decided to do some more cleaning in my workroom this morning. 

Kota followed me in and jumped ahead of me, landing in my desk  chair.  His attitude told me that he wasn't going to give it up without a fight.

I did try to work perched on the edge of the chair for a little while... That just didn't work.

He still wasn't budging.

Then I tried moving that chair and putting the old sewing chair in it's place, for me to sit on...
That absolutely didn't work.  Sewing chairs don't roll around or swivel. I did try.  For a short while.

When that didn't work, I called Walter in to rescue me.  He carried HIS cat out to the living room.  You see, when he's home Kota follows him around like a puppy dog. When he leaves, I get the honor of being followed. LOL

Anyway, I switched chairs.  Walter went out to the garage and Kota came stomping back in. 

I played his game.  If I had to get up from the chair for anything, I sat the trash can on the seat.

As you can see, it worked!  both the desk and the worktable were covered in all kinds of things that I didn't put away.  Just dumped and ran.

Anyway, here's the evidence!

And in the process, I even found one FO and one UFO.

The finished object is a mother of pearl slab that I wire wrapped a couple of months ago... It disappeared shortly after it was made... I think Kota did it..

The Unfinished Cellini Spiral bracelet is the UFO.

At least I kept the beads and the bracelet all in one place.  Now I can finish it.

And what was Kota doing whilst I finished cleaning the area?

He came back and grudgingly took over the sewing chair... That reminded me of another project that  I need to start AND finish.  The poor chair was a scratching post for Mookie at one time and I have been meaning to recover it...

I don't think that Kota was terribly happy to get stuck with the small chair instead of his very own desk chair... Oh well.  Sometimes he just has to make sacrifices... Poor kitty...

I'm going back in there and try to get more done.  I think that I can beat him to the office chair.  He is sitting behind me as I type.  The squirrels, in the back yard have his complete attention.  Wish me luck!

Back to work. Gotta Run!
See you tomorrow.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Here's Your Backpack... Now Go!

This was the scene just a little while ago...

Things, with Daisy working on the house just weren't working out...

She just doesn't understand building... She is great when you want to go someplace in a different time, but no concept of hammer and nails...

Finally, I asked her to leave.  I told her that I would finish her house...

I thought that would be an out for both of us...

There was a string attached to her departure...

She explained to me that her last trip back was a hurried one and she lost all of her luggage in the rush to stay alive and in one piece... Something about Morlocks?

She allowed that, if I would lend her some luggage and a back pack, she could go...

Luggage?  Sure.  Coming right up.  I have several sets all ready to go.

Backpack.  Not one in site.

She said that was OK.  She could co some more house building whilst I made her a new one.

OK.  Backpack?  From scratch?

Toilet paper roll.  Of course.

It is the same idea as the tampon purses... Just larger.

I went and grabbed a toilet paper core and some scissors.  Started chopping and in no time I had a backpack started.

You could make it any size that you want.  Daisy's was about 1 1/2" tall and an inch wide. The pleat in the bottom took up about a quarter inch fold.

 I took a tan glove that was fine suede on the inside and used that for the outside.  I glued a piece to the outside of the main piece.  Then I trimmed it flush with the edge of the form.

I cut two pieces to fit in the sides and glued them suede side out to the sides.  It is easiest if you do the bottom first and then one side of each and the other side of each last.

Then I cut 1/8" strips of a darker suede for the straps and the fastener. 

I fit them on starting with gluing the upper part of the strap under the flap for the bag.

Then I made the loops the right size by fitting them to Daisy.  That was the difficult part.  She is ticklish!

As you can see from the above photo, I glued those to the back of the bag and then glued a diamond shaped piece over the strap ends and the end of another piece that becomes the closing.

While I was doing that, Daisy and Tessie got things together and got the time machine ready to take off.

I went in to take a photo of the send off.  In the one at the top of the blog, you can see the backpack better...

Soon after this photo, Daisy was on her way...

Without her around, hitting her thumb with the hammer and saying bad words, I think that the work will go a bit faster... I will miss the flashing lights of the time machine in the living room. 

I think that the work will go faster with only one tiny witch supervising.  We shall see...

Back to work.

 See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I Don't Believe it!

 OK.  I held up my end of the bargain.  I made Daisy look like a normal person, instead of a time traveler. 

Her end was to help with her very own house...

That part didn't go so well...

While I was putting things away, she came in carrying a sign.  She showed it to Tessie.  Then she tried NOT to show it to me...

 I heard her say to Tessie... "Do you think that Casey will buy this?

I looked over her shoulder.  I didn't buy it.

As she held up the sign, she told Tessie that she had to leave.  Air Ship Pirates were in the area  and she had to stop them...

The next two people in line for new clothes had disappeared.  Daisy claimed that the Air Ship Pirates had them...   I know for a fact that wasn't true.

They got tired of waiting in line and went back to their box for a nap... Now Daisy is trying to get out of helping by running off to rescue the two missing ladies... It's not going to happen!  I know where they are. Air Ship Pirates, indeed! 

Because of that, I went on strike... First I built myself a three strand bracelet on memory wire.

Then I got another inch or so done on a peyote stitch bracelet that I found. 

I am refusing to work on the homes of either one of them.  Conspirators don't get help with their buildings.  They can do the work themselves! 
See you tomorrow.