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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Starting To Work.....

OK Tessie is still yammering about wanting new hair.  Not so formal for working.  She still likes her white dress and aprons though.

Zar got second place in the draw and Tessie got third.

They all immediately wanted to start unpacking the trailer.  That's what Letty picked.

I can do Tessie's hair anytime that we have a few minutes to spare, so they decided to start unpacking the trailer right away...  The three of them managed to get the box back on the table bribing me.  That was easier for me to carry than the three of them combined.  I did it in a matter of minutes.

I had visions of them hauling it through the house with a variety of ropes and other paraphernalia. It was just easier to do it myself.

I got it on the work table and they sent me away. I peaked in a few minutes later and found that their idea of unpacking was to take the pieces, one at a time and shove them off of the table...

Whatever works! Now all of the pieces are on the floor in a big pile. No pieces labeled. No pieces sorted.  Just a BIG pile!!!

I am going to leave it until tomorrow morning.  Then I will start sorting and making things right.

For tonight. they can stay where they are.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Drawing Straws...

OK. We all got together for drawing straws this morning...

Being the nice people that they are, Tessie and Zar let Letty draw the first one...

She drew the LONGEST one...  Let me specify that she didn't cheat.  She just got lucky...

That's when the trouble started.... Tessie said, "I get that Letty drew the longest straw.  Now let's get something else straight before we go on...Zar and I have been talking.  We both want to do this the right way.  We will be helping, but we need something before we start... Both of us need new bones.  My right arm keeps slipping off the bone...

Then Zar chimed in. "My right foot keeps slipping off.  Before either one of us does any heavy lifting, we need some bone work done!"

I thought that was a reasonable request from both of them. Neither of them have had new bones for a long time... Maybe a couple of years...

So, before we start on which ever new house or trailer that Letty wants, I am going to sit down and do major surgery on both Tessie and Zar.  After all, I want a lot of help on these projects and the only way I am going to get it is if they are in the shape to do what they have to do.... They can draw their straws tomorrow.

I will be doing major surgery today... Back to work on whatever Letty chooses tomorrow. 

See you then!

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Drawing Straws...

I spent a lot of the day in the back yard... See the line of little red flowers along the walk? There are eighteen new plants there.  I am hoping that they will grow and make a little hedge of periwinkles...

Wish me luck!
I cleaned the bird feeding area and it is starting to attract all kinds of birds now.  It's fun to just sit at the table on the porch and watch them close up and personal.

Seth is out of town this week. Chile by way of Peru.  So April and Amare are coming over on Saturday.  We will have something to watch!
This is my latest freebee. I have a Palo Verde Tree starting to grow in the corner of the yard.

I am a bit allergic to them, but hey! They grow all over town. It's not like I can get away from them. and this one is going to be a nice one.

As for the Terrific Three.... Yes, I am changing my tune. They decided among themselves to draw straws.  The longest straw gets to go first. Middle sized will be second and the short straw will be last.

I am not going to argue.  They have all decided to help each other finish their respective abodes.

I may have too much help! The drawing is tomorrow morning.

See you then.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Sunset, Kota and a Meeting of the Minds...

Here's another one of our beautiful sunsets... I am late today and this was taken just before I started writing... It is almost like the sky is on fire!
Kota doesn't care.  He has two new boxes to sleep in.  I finally took the sheets out of the bottom of the box yesterday and he has been in the bottom most of the time since I emptied it. 

He does like any new cardboard boxes that come into the house.  Notice that he has several of his favorite toys in there with him.
Now for the important part... Is it possible to work on three buildings at once???

I think that I am in all kinds of trouble. 

These three think that it is a possibility, to work on all three at the same time.... I think NOT!

At the rate we are going, I may go back to square one and start the trailer... and let the best Man or Woman win!

Today was Witch's day, so I didn't get a lot done and all three of these people are mad that I wasn't home working on at least one of their buildings... I think that I would like to be excused now... I am going to bed early and sleep on this mess that I have gotten myself into!!! See you tomorrow. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

I Should Have Stayed With the Trailer!!!!!

When I got up this morning, Zar was up and ready to go! I took one look and almost went back to bed.

I made the mistake of telling Zar that he could unpack the wood last night.  I did hear some rummaging around after I went to bed, but didn't think too much of it... I should have paid more attention to the clunks...

If I had counted, there probably would have been eleven clunks or more...
There are eleven full sheets of plywood and one partial sheet.

I don't think that I have to worry about anything missing... Now all I have to do is punch them out a few at a time and get started...

Unfortunately, Zar is not much help with this part.  He is not great at lifting sheets of plywood that is ten times longer than he is.

I have to hunt up a few heavy books to hold up the sides whilst the glue dries.

This is going to be a BIG job... I should have made a trailer!!!

I have been looking at the directions... Reading them at least twice.

Now all I have to do is locate the floors and walls and get started... This could take a while...

I am beginning to regret telling Zar that he was next in line... He's a good guy, so I am not going to say anything.  I am going to bite the bullet and get to work. 

I am just a little envious of Tessie and Letty.  They are drinking coffee and eating toast. A very relaxed pair this morning...

Oh well. Back to work.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Zar's Bizarre Bazaar....

Zar was nice to me yesterday and helped me get a day off.  I decided that he needs a big reward. 

He is usually there if I need him to help. Tessie and Letty on the other hand have become fast friends and are out for whatever they can get. Zar helped me get the box of the Brimbles Mercantile open.  Then he sat down and immediately started reading the direction sheet.

The new Terrible Two ran the other way when I got out the trailer kit... I do believe that they were trying to avoid helping.  Tessie is a bad influence on the new Letty. I do believe that there is a new Terrible Two! And Tessie has a new sidekick! As a reward. for sticking by me, I have decided to let the new Terrible two wait for their turn.
After all, Zar has been waiting a long time for the Steampunk Store, and I think that he deserves it more than those two! He got me out of working yesterday and I like someone that can wait until I am in the mood!
I have a Dr. appointment this afternoon.  Just a check to see that everything is going ok. It is!!!
After I get back Zar and I are going to start work on the new store! Those other two can build the new trailer themselves if they want it now... Otherwise, they can wait until I finish something that I promised Zar years ago... Back to the drawing board.  See you tomorrow.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

I Still Have one friend...

In the Mini world... Zar came to me this morning.  He told me what to do about the two warring factions.  Tessie and Letty are driving me mad.  They both want houses and they want them now.

Zar came up with an idea to keep them both out of my hair.  At least for the time being...

He said "This is how we handle it. Pull the Brimble's Mercantile Kit out and put it on the work table.  Tell them both that you are thinking of working on this kit for me, instead of their trailer and house kits. Then sit down with a sketch book and doodle for the rest of the day.

They will think that you are designing for me. That will scare them away.

Then he finished with. Of course you don't have to work on my kit first, but the idea will scare them both."

You will have time to sit and relax and they will stay out of your hair...
That was a great idea.  However I don't think that I will use until tomorrow.

I checked on Letty first.  She was still sawing logs in the spare room... I didn't wake her.

I figure that, if they are both going to be on my case, I can wait until tomorrow for them to start... Yup. I am leaving the Brimble's Mercantile box on the table for them to speculate about. This should be fun.

Then I went over to Tessie's place.  She was also still asleep.  They must have stayed up most of the night, discussing what they were going to have in their new abodes.

As far as I am concerned, they can both sleep until tomorrow morning.  Then I am going to hit them with Zar asking me to do his "Balthazar's Bizarre Bazaar".

I sure am glad that Zar is on my side.  I am taking the rest of the day off.

See you tomorrow.