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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Ready for My Close Up...

No... Don't look at the hand.  Look at the dressing table and stool.

I designed and made this in 1985.  It was one of my very early pieces... Nobody told me I couldn't do it, so I did it... It was for me, so no worries if I ruined it.

Its not too bad, considering I made it up as I went along. 

It has never really had a home.
I wasn't to savvy about wood and didn't notice that the sides of the bench weren't going to match the rest of it until it was pretty much a done deal.

Oh well.  I liked it anyway.

There's that half a bench again.

What does this have to do with anything?  This is what is going in the bay in the box.  I had to get measurements to do the draperies.
This bed is also an orphan.  That is, it was never meant to be one of the numbered series of beds.  I made it just for ME in 2006! 

Tessie can borrow it, but it is still MINE!

I went so far as to make it like a real bed. The other beds that I made for sale were done on solid bottoms like Judee Williamson teaches in her classes. 

I noticed that both of these pieces need a bit of repair work.  Scratches.  Dings.  A few ruffles out of place.

 I can fix those.

Meanwhile, I have done a sketch of what I want to do in the bay.  It's a bit hard to see in the photo, but trust me... I know what I'm doing...

And Tessie approves!!!

By the way... The green marble floor is real.  It's a floor tile.  I simply made the box to fit it.  Much easier than cutting it!

I am going back to work now.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Good Time Was Had By All...

I spent the morning getting ready for the witches.  Whilst I did that, the Terrible Two plus a new dog that Tessie found while we were cleaning the workroom, sat and discussed what I was going to be doing to Tessie's new bedroom...
While the witches were here, I went in to get something from the workroom.  There was Tessie and Zar.   They were discussing how long it would take me to mess up the newly cleaned workroom.  Tessie bet three days.  Zar said a week.  Hmmm who would I like to see win that argument? 

I think that I can keep it clean for a week... If nothing else, just to show Tessie that I can!

After the witches went home... This is what happened in the kitchen... The Terrible two found a couple of dessert forks and were about to go at the half a leftover pie... I caught them just in time... Took the forks away and shooed them out.  More for me and Walter that way!

I am going to have to put a lock on the refrigerator tonight!  Maybe Kota will stand guard for me.  He hates pie! Yup.  That's the ticket!

Sorry that there weren't more minis today.  I will start the draperies tomorrow.

See you then.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

No Place to Sit Down and Work...

You probably can't see it, but I now have access to my Korean Dramas! I doubt that it impresses anybody but myself... I am addicted to them.  I prefer them to American TV.  Better plots and story lines all around.

Anyway, that's the first step.  Walter put it in yesterday.  Thank you Walter!

Now the second step is getting a place to sit and work... There is a 17 pound cat in my chair, that refuses to give it up.  And there is a very small witch that only turned around to get her photo taken.  She is also a fan of Korean TV. 

So until Kota gives back my chair, I am out in the back yard. 

This is the start of the second Garden Totem.  I think that I am going to like this one even better than the first one.  I am getting the hang of it as I go along.

It is not glued together yet.  I am still trying out different arrangements.

Here's the first one that I did. Unfortunately, the sun is not shining much.  And I have it under a tree besides.  I may still have to move it.  Not sure.

This one looks a bit top heavy, now that I have it in place.  It is only put together with silicone, so could probably be pried apart and re-stacked.

Maybe if I put it out from the wall a bit more, it will show up better and catch the sun.  That's what they are there for.  Suncatchers.

Anyway the wind is blowing out there and I think that I am going to give up for today. 

Now if I could only get the cat out of my chair...

See you tomorrow.

Monday, April 25, 2016

This Is Going to Be the Last Time!!!

Hopefully, by tomorrow, the workroom will be officially clean.

There is a carrot dangling in front of my nose this time...

We got a new Apple TV unit for the bedroom TV.  The old one was slowing down more and more.  Sometimes it would even stop in the middle of shows and I would have to back out and mess with it to get it to work again...

The new one is amazing.  The old one still works... So Walter is going to put it in the workroom.  Maybe I will spend more time in there if there is something interesting to watch...
Meanwhile, back at the worktable... Tessie is going One potato, Two potato, Three potato, four.  Actually there are five different fabrics to choose from.  We have decided to do a draped dressing table area in the bay.

All we have to do is make up Tessie's mind...
The Wednesday Witches are coming here this week and they have a lot to sort through.  Joan brought more stuff last Wednesday because she is going to the Dallas show this week. 

I may sort through and dump some of the stuff that I put in, the first go around.

Pretty soon, it is going to be unmanageable.

I have noticed that Tessie has been taking back some of the stuff that I put in the first time around...
This is basically what I still have left to put away in the workroom...

I am putting away and Tessie is trying out one of the wicker chairs that I found and making a list of places that she can use it.

Things keep disappearing and reappearing as I clean.  Tessie keeps zapping things to other venues.  Then if she decides that she doesn't like said piece, it reappears and I still have to put it away... I am hoping that she keeps some of the things.  Less work for me that way.

Anyway, I have a Dr. appointment at 2:15.  It's just a follow up, so shouldn't take long. 

Back to work.  "Tessie!  Bring back that chair!  NOW!"

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Still Rearranging and Making Big Decisions...

 That's according to Tessie.  I moved the weaver's workshop off of the table this morning...

In order to have some place to put it, we are going to have to do some more rearranging.  I am running into all kinds of unfinished objects...

I had Mid Century Modern in this little box... However, Tessie says it's too small.  She keeps hitting her forehead on the glass when she gets up from the couch and complains that there is no room for a coffee table or her other  Mid Century Mod pieces.  I see a larger box coming... Or a whole redo of the townhouse first floor.  I don't know which is worse.

Next we found April's Russian Cottage...

Tessie immediately told me to put it back.  April doesn't have room for it.  And it's not for Tessie.

Two good reasons not to work on this one Right now.

I do believe that this one is going to be the one that wins... Unfortunately, Tessie is under the impression that it will stay in the bedroom and she can snore away the night in there... I don't think so.

I am going to have to either make curtains to go behind the dressing table or redo the window.  I am leaning towards the curtains.

Remember the piece of embroidery that I showed you a couple of weeks ago, that was part of a bench cover... This is where the other half went. 

I designed and carved the dressing table and matching stool years ago and needed a cover.  Part of the bench cover was easier than a whole new piece of embroidery and besides, it was already done!

Anyway.  That's as far as we have gotten today.

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

More Minis... Mostly...

OK. So this isn't mini, but I am waiting for the glue to dry. 

I have been seeing garden totems all over the net and decided to try my hand.  I got the glass at Goodwill and my own cupboard, so it cost me next to nothing.

The black plate at the bottom is for stability.  It will be covered with plants, dirt and rocks when it is in place.

I have enough different glass to do a couple more.  I have to see how this one works out first.
We finished the moving process yesterday and Reggie seems to be happy with the move.

He has a better view of everything that is going on in the house.
As for Cordelia... She is never home, so she doesn't care where the house is.

She spends most of her time elsewhere...
Tessie took over the space where the Forest Fantasy Cottage was before.  It looks like the kitchen is twice as big without it... And...I can actually get around this cottage to clean the counter.

Now if I could just get Tessie to go somewhere that is not here, I would be happy.

She is doing her "director of  operations" thing. Clean the kitchen.  Wash the dishes.  Make me some cookies!....

Maybe I will go finish cleaning the work room.  Nope.  I'm not that desperate yet.  Not quite.

I think that I will bake some chocolate chip cookies and toss a plate of them into the workroom... She will follow them in and I can slam the door and lock it!  Where's my cookie recipe? That should work...

See you tomorrow.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Sew Ready!

Tessie caught me moving things around this morning and demanded that I give her cottage back to her!

I pulled the cottage, turned hat shop, down from the top of the bookcase so that I could put Cordelia's house up there.

I want to get the Forest Fantasy Cottage off of the kitchen counter.  It is somewhat in the way and hard to clean around, besides.

I took all of the furnishings out of the hat shop and out of Cordelia's house. 

My timing was not good... In fact it was down right bad!

Tessie came in and caught me in the middle and demanded that I give her cottage back. 

She explained, "Since you aren't going to use all of the furniture that was in Cordelia's house, I won't have a place to sew anymore.  So I think that it's only fair that you provide me with a sewing cottage.  You have everything here to do it. Get going... NOW!"

I decided that it was easier to put the furniture that she requested into the cottage and let her have at it.

The bottom floor is very similar to the way she had it set up before...

I saw it coming... She kept all of Cordelia's sewing things and moved them in with her own...

Cordelia won't care.  She hates to sew anyway.

In the process, we found two cats and her favorite alligator.  That made her happy.

Now all I have to do is chase the gator down.  He took off as soon as we got him down from the top shelf... I think that he needed a run and some food.  I moved the cats out of his way!

I am off now to clear the table where Cordelia's house was.  Then Walter will help me move the cottage to that table... Thus clearing the counter.

It's going to be a good day!

See you Tomorrow.