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Monday, January 26, 2015

Thank You, Aleene...

This morning I started painting the dome.  I did the insets with Antique Copper. The frame is Quaker Gray. 

Then I dug around and found this glaze that Plaid used to put out, about a million years ago.  I don't know if they still make it.

I just happened to have it in a nice green color that ages copper quite nicely.
I colored a few yards of soutash braid with a silver permanent Sharpie marker. Then I went around the edges and center of all of the  frame pieces.

The thank you Aleene in the title is for the one of glue fame.  A long time ago she showed on TV how to make a fine point on her glue bottles with a piece of scotch tape.  I was too lazy to go get the scotch tape, so I used the metallic tape that I had at hand. 

It worked out pretty well.  It wasn't all as sloppy as the photo.  I was trying to put on glue with one hand and take a photo with the other... So much for that idea.

After I got the soutash in place, I went and found some antique, flat glass beads that I had in my stash.  They are metal coated. I have had them for about 30 years and decided that it was time to use them. 

I noticed that the row down the center is not quite straight.  I'm going to have to fix that.

Anyway, the dome is far from finished, but I thought that you would like a peek.

For some reason, the paint that I put on the stones yesterday, doesn't show up at all in this photo.  I guess I am going to have to put on a second coat and do some more defining of the rock edges at the same time..

Oops!  I see a spot that I missed with the beads.  Gotta go fix it!

Back to work.  See you tomorrow. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Various Sunday Things...

When I was a little kid, if anybody said "Various and sundry things.", I thought that they were saying "Various Sunday Things.". I thought that they were things that only occurred on Sunday. My dad sat me down and explained it wasn't Sunday... It was sundry... That lead to a discussion about what was a sundry thing?  Thus the title. 

I didn't do any more minis yesterday.  I did a new bracelet.  This time with a focal point in the middle.  They advertised these as "evil eye connectors" on ETSY. They are supposed to protect you from harm... So far, it's not working.

Tessie and Zar are still here...

Tessie was not pleased with the book light that I bought at the Dollar Tree.  Her only comment was... "It's too big to sit on my desk!"

She grudgingly agreed to stick her hand under it so that I could take the photo.  Then she announced, "Enough fooling around! Get back to work.  NOW!" Darn! I thought it was cute.

So much for fun. 

Back to work.  I put the first coat of paint on the observatory.  Tessie stood over me with a whip and a chair to get me to do it.

The first coat is always so boring.  I did mix it up a little by using three bottles of paint. The darkest was Trail Tan Ceramcoat and the other two were some antique white and vintage white that I had left over from trying some Folkart that was on sale.

Not too bad for leftovers.  Now comes the fun part.

I am off to do something shady.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Mini Tessie Takes Over...

I promised Tessie that I would redo the Neiman-Marcus Epicure Shop this morning.

So she sent in her other self to make sure that I did it right... This shop is 1/24 scale.

This shop was one that I did back in the 80s... It looks like I hadn't touched it since...I have.  I dust it every now and then.  I usually forget about it because it was sitting on the bottom shelf in a corner.  Bad me!

Anyway, I got out the dust mop and a pail and some lemon oil...

Translate that to Clorox wipes and Old English lemon oil.

Please ignore the outside of the box.  I forgot to use the lemon oil on that.  I will do it as soon as I finish here.

I stripped everything out of the box and started from the bottom, up.  Literally. 

First I put in a new floor.  It's a wallpaper sample from the 80s.

Then I measured and cut new wallpaper. It was also from a sample book. The window is a plastic one from some kit back in the 80s.

The only thing I kept was the old ceiling and that was in good shape, only because it was upside down and couldn't collect dust.

I re glued the shelves and counters, after hitting them with the lemon oil. 

Then after the wallpaper, etc. were dry, I put everything back in. 

All of the food was made out of poly clay.  I was pretty new at using it, but it turned out pretty good.

The chicken right in the center was made with plain old Sculpey and painted with brown acrylic paint and glazed with nail polish... Just think.  Thirty year old nail polish and it still looks good.  It is wrapped in saran wrap and is hard to see.

The tubs of food at the side are from my spice jars at the time.  They are sealed with aluminum foil.  I was so proud of remembering to put in a peg with plastic bags on the wall.  And I even made a scoop from foil.  Maybe I should have made four... Oops.

About the only things that I didn't make in the box are the black pot on the top shelf and the yellow one in the last photo.  Those were purchased at the mini show here in town, that year.

Anyway, I did my duty.  The cheese shop is ready for business again.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, January 23, 2015

One Thing Leads to Another... And Another....

OK... I am finished rearranging things.  At least until I get my workroom cleaned up once again...

I found all of the smaller scale things that I wanted to put in here. Notice I didn't end the sentence with all of the smaller scale things...

There are still two 1/2" houses that aren't finished.  Don't ask...

So soon we forget.  I almost forgot the little wall house that is hanging center bottom.  I just finished that a few months ago and stuck it in a corner, above the wood box.

It's out now and the Terrible Two have taken possession..
When I moved the 1/4" Tudor wall house, that left an empty wall. 

So I filled said wall with a few of my favorite things.

The centerpiece is Italian gold leaf sconce.  I found it in a thrift shop for just a few dollars... The left side tail of the top bow is missing.  I keep meaning to repair it, but somehow it never happens... I kind of like it that way.

I collect antique scissors... Who am I kidding?  I am a scissor addict.  If it cuts with two blades, I collect it.  I represented that with the long bladed library scissors at the left.  It used to be that all of the pages were not necessarily cut when you bought a book.  You needed these scissors handy so that a page could be separated from it's neighbor.

Evidently I am a plate collector and didn't even know it.  These are just three of quite a few that I have around the house.  The two gold ones are antique Japanese and the blue rimmed one is a hand painted lake scene from turn of the last Century England.  It is signed by the painter on the back.

I also collect antique purse frames.  Nope.  Not purses.  Just frames.  A lot of the time, they are much prettier than the purse.  That part wears out.  I like what's left.  Sometimes I will put a new body on a frame.

News Flash!  The Terrible Two just announced that the quarter inch section of the wall is theirs. 

They are calling it their very own "Mini, Mini Museum. 

I can see that this is going to lead to trouble.  They are already rearranging things and are demanding that I refurbish some of the pieces. 

I have to admit that, for one, the Neiman-Marcus Cheese Shop is looking a bit bedraggled.  Maybe I will humor them for a couple of days. 

If "their" museum is in good repair, maybe they will spend some time there and keep out of my hair.

I have to go see about a cheese shop... Back to work.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

One Little Table...

My morning was a blur... April and Amare were here and that kid never stops!  He does everything at a mile a minute pace!  I couldn't even get a photo of him standing still... He, Walter and April are now at the park. Maybe that will slow him down a bit!
 The one little table I was referring to in the title is this one.  I am now the proud owner of an Eastlake style plant stand/table.  I found it at Goodwill this morning for a great price and couldn't pass it up.  It is perfect for the music room tower.

When April and Amare arrived, I was rearranging all kinds of furniture.  It was all that little table's fault... It needed a place to live.

It settled into the corner of the front hall and refused to move... Well, in truth, I did try it a couple of other places, but it kept wandering back to the same spot on it's three little legs.

After several other places, it refused to move from this spot.  Here it will stay.
As a result, I had to find a place for the little round table that used to be there.  It landed in the corner of the family room, next to the Tudor Trailer.

Since I decided to put the three shelf unit on top, I had to find a place for the little white pavilion to be.  It got a half table that I wasn't using.

By this time, I had the two shelves that I keep the 1/4" trunks and other small scale scenes standing out in the middle of the family room... 
They finally ended up on either side of the table in the bedroom.

I have decided to make this a display for all of the smaller scale items that I have made.

I have two more 1/4" scale houses to find.  Then that will be complete...

I will probably move the rum box somewhere else. 

This could get serious!  Every time I think that I am finished moving things, I displace something else.  Then I have to find a home for whatever I just moved out...

Sooner or later I have to run out of places to move things... I hope.

Round and round I go... Somebody stop me!!!

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Not Much Mini-ing...

Yesterday, the Wednesday Witches' mini meeting for today was cancelled.

Therefore, Wednesday was clear.

The Terrible Two announced that they were taking the day off.  So, I decided that I would too.
The only thing I did was decide that the dome was going to have to have the opening pointing to the side, so that the whole of the telescope could be seen through the window.
 Since the meeting was cancelled, Joan and I decided to have our own meeting for beadwork instead.

I made a Chen Luu Style bracelet, using Greek leather and Picasso beads.  The button fastener is an old bone button from the turn of the last century.
I went over to Joan's house to help her learn how to do a Cellini spiral.  I learned from several You Tube videos.  I don't really remember which ones.  If you are interested in learning, just go put "Cellini spiral" in the search box.  Same with the Chen Luu.  There are plenty of instructions for both.

Anyway... Tomorrow, I will be back to the observatory. Hard at work, painting.

See you then.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Rocks In My Head...

Yup.  That's what I have this morning.  I finished putting the rocks on the outside.

So far, the Terrible Two plus one approve.  They don't help, but they do cheer me on when I am doing it correctly.

Tessie came down from her perch long enough to tell me that I couldn't use the same method of curving the movie tray pieces in front of the door. 
She patiently explained something of which I was already aware.The door is flush with the wood at the bottom.

I drew guidelines where the cracks would be.  The step will be camouflaged with paint to match the rest of the stonework.
Here you can see what kind of damage I do with a crochet hook before I start painting.

I bend down the edges of each block by running the head of the hook on the line between the stones.

Then I do a little extra damage by putting in extra lines and holes here and there.  Although, with the movie trays, they don't need much in the way of holes.  They are rougher than the old egg cartons. 

They also have a lot more usable bends.  The bottom folds that you see along the top corner of the foundation was at the bottom of the tray.  All I had to do was cut it in the right place and put a bit of extra pressure on the bend.  This part of the tray is perfect for corners of stones.

I am going to have to get back to work.  I have a lot of painting to do.  Best get started.

See you tomorrow.