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Monday, December 11, 2017

In Stitches....

I worked on this off and on all day... I am just about finished. 

Nope. You can't see it. It's for Christmas.

I had an early doctor's appointment this morning.  Just the usual. Nothing wrong.

Anyway, I decided that I needed to get the shawl out of the way... I'm almost there.

I did absolutely nothing on the room box today.  I just worked on the shawl.  The room box is coming along nicely.

I have high hopes of having it finished by Christmas.

And yes. I am still trying to vacate the premises. Tessie, Zar, the TV set and the frog... Not a lot of luck so far...

I moved things around for Christmas and now Kota has three places to sleep in the bedroom... That's not counting the bed. 

A cat Bed. A Cat Tree.  A fake fur throw under my work table...

Where does he end up? Usually I have to fight with him for a place to put my feet on the bed... He's hopeless.

I'm giving up for today.  See you tomorrow.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Big Red Machine!

The Big Red Machine in question is the one in the poster on the right hand wall.  That is the first thing that you see when you walk in the room.

It wouldn't be Amare's room without it.

He loves machines that dig and carry things. 

Under it is the unit with the bins.  I still have to do some filling in those. I need two more bins to fill it. More jewelry findings  for me!
I am starting to get the shelves filled .  I need some children's books to scatter around.

Tessie is making a list of titles that I should include... I don't think that "Frankenstein" will be one of them...

She is trying really hard to get me into trouble.  She thinks that he should have a TV set and a poisonous frog... Look down in the left hand corner... I keep taking them out and she keeps putting them back in.

I will wait until we start opening presents and grab them really quick.  She will never know.

Here's a little closer look at the bench and curtains they came out ok after all.

It is starting to look lived in... It's not messy enough yet.

I'm getting there.  A little bit at a time.
Now all I have to do is devise a plan to get the Terrible Two plus One out of there before Christmas.

Any suggestions?

Wish me luck.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, December 9, 2017


I didn't like the other bench that I made.  I started over and came up with this one.

It has a whole space ship covering it. 
We are moving right along with the room.  Making lots of progress.

I am finding toys and other accessories now.  I still have a way to go.

The wall on the right has a poster of a very large earth mover on it.  I may just attempt to do it myself or I will have Walter help me with reproducing it in the right size.
This is some of the jewelry that I have been working on.  A couple of the pieces will be gifts and a couple, I will keep for myself.
Remember when we got the new chair? The rules have changed. 
Now, if we put the foot part of the recliner up, it belongs to Kota.

We are allowed to reach down and pet him, but our feet have to be way over on the other side.  This is Walter following the rules.

This is Kota making sure that they are followed.

I am just the photographer.  Back to business.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Minis? What Minis...

OK.  I found two books and a jar of very tiny sea shells...

That's It...

 I spent most of the day decorating for Christmas.

This is the centerpiece for the table... Simple.

A small punch bowl with greenery around the bottom and bells and small ornaments inside.

Hey! It's fast and easy.
This is what took most of the day.  That silly tree is about seven feet tall.  It is pre-lit.  That's not enough.  We have a string of colored bulbs that flash.  Those have to be strung on too. 

By the time I was finished, I think that it took about three hours, all by itself.

Now all it needs is LOTS of presents.
I still have the feeling that, If I don't hide this or wrap it up soon, Kota is going to steal it and keep it for his own sleeping pleasure.

I am within a couple of rows of being done...

Then I have to get really serious about finishing the room box.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Other Things Happening...

Our back porch looks haunted! Plants covered in bed sheets all over the yard!

It is supposed to freeze tonight... This is the same place that, a couple of weeks ago, the weather was in the 80s and  breaking records for high temps.

So I spent an hour or so covering plants this afternoon.
I have put Albert and Daisy in charge of gift wrapping.  That is, they are taking care of the paper, boxes, ribbons and other wrapping things.
Amare's sock is almost full and that is NOT a small sock.

That should keep him busy for about ten minutes on Christmas morning...
I am still chugging away on finding things to fill the room box.

I did get a couple more rows done on the shawl that I am crocheting.

The Terrible Two plus One are holding down the fort in the room box.  I am going to send them in for some serious accessory hunting in the workroom tomorrow. I have to get busy on the rest of the furniture.

Wish me luck... Christmas is coming... FAST!!!

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Quiet Wednesday

I rounded up some animals for Amare's room this morning.
Then off I went to Joan's for Wednesday Witches...

I tried working on a basket for Amare's box yesterday.

I didn't like the first try on the right side, so I started over... I didn't get very far, but I do like the second try better. That was all I accomplished today...
Joan had a "free" garage sale on her couch... we each got a bag to fill with whatever we wanted.  This was my haul.  Lots of goodies.

Beads, wood and yarn. The tubes are empty bead tubes. I can always use more of those.

Don't ask what I am going to do with all of it.  I am just going to think about it for a while. 
I looked around for Tessie... She and Kota were taking a nap together when I got home... This means that they both are out of commission for the rest of the afternoon. 

That means that I can take the rest of the afternoon off without them complaining at me.

I am going to relax.

See you tomorrow with more minis.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Rocks In My Head...

That's what I have for getting myself into this project. I am having lots of fun, but it is more work than I thought it would be.

This morning I went out to the back yard with a sifter. Usually I am trying to make the dirt finer and I throw out what is left in the sifter...

This time, I kept what was in the sifter and threw out the smaller dirt and stones.

I had fun finding rocks that still looked like rocks but were small enough to fit in the little boxes.

The stones had to be picked up and placed in the compartments with tweezers.  That's how small they were!

I do like how the boxes turned out though.  They look pretty much like the real ones.

Of course, once I started putting things in place, the Terrible Two plus One showed up to "help". 

They didn't stop with the suggestions until I pulled them out and locked them in the workroom.  I told them to clean it up... Yea.. Sure... That's going to happen...
I went in and found stuff to make a basket that Amare has in the corner by the door. 

In case you hadn't guessed, it's brown and white...It is pretty big, so I think that I had better get started... NOW!

I am going back to work... My fingers are going to be sore when I finish this one!

Back to the grindstone.  See you tomorrow.