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Monday, August 29, 2016

Just a Little Side Tracked...

I worked on the wisteria again this morning. I am gaining on the branches!

However.... I got bored after a while.

Last Wednesday at the Witches' meeting, I noticed that big chunks were coming out of my small Fiscar scissors with a bit of help from my fingernails..

When I got home, I decided that there was a way to fix them.  So I started hacking away at the rubber on the handles with all of the tools that I could think of.  Another pair of scissors.  My fingernails.(not a good idea) An Exacto knife.  And anything else that I could hack at the handle with...

This morning, I decided to finish the job... With a leather handle.

I scrounged around and found some leather.  I used a piece of thin leather to fit in the space and make a pattern.

Then I used some thick leather that was smooth on one side and rough on the other.  I used the smooth side out and traced the pattern on it.

Then I cut it out and kept trimming until it fit in the recess where the rubber had been.  I then glued and trimmed as I went until it fit the recess.  Then I cut a very thin piece of black leather to use as trim.  I glued all of the leather to the handles with Aileen's white glue.

I have a new pair of scissors...

Now I have to use them for a while to see if I  was successful.  I will let you know after I test them for a week or two.

So far. So good.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Lost and Found...

Or the story of how I pulled a very large splinter through my thumb... Ouch!

I started cleaning out the other wood drawer.  It was amazing.  I found all kinds of things between the wood and on the bottom of the drawer...

Photos, a couple of bead work mandalas, a half finished hat, and a carved barley twist post for a bed... I don't think that I ever carved the other three... It was for a copy of a bed that I made a long time ago.  I was always sorry that I sold it.  This one was going  to be a keeper.

Then I found three pieces of wood for columns that I had started by painting one... Not the other two...

Please don't ask me where they were supposed to go....  I have no idea.

Then I found a bead knitted purse that I didn't put a handle or frame on... Another thing to finish.
And a finished covered box to put things in.  I don't know what... The brass octagon on top is a 1920s coat button... Very heavy.
But...This was the prize.  I pulled out the drawer with the intention of putting some wax on the runner, because I was having a terrible time getting it out. 

That's when I became a casualty.  I ran the edge of the drawer against my right thumb and managed to run a very thin splinter about an eighth of an inch in, under the skin.  OUCH!

I finally managed to pull it through and out the other end of the hole that it made!  After getting it out and administering disinfectant and a bandage I found this assortment behind the drawer.

It is a pattern for a rug that I designed years ago.  It was complete with the started rug.  The working copy and evidently a copy "suitable for framing"??? It was mounted on a fancy piece of wallpaper.

I think that it disappeared just a couple of years after we moved into this house......A long, long time ago... I can now finish the rug! 

The splinter was almost worth it! As soon as it heals, I will be doing some needlework. 

Back to the wood drawer.  I have yet to finish putting on the wax and filling it back up...

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

One Step Back...

Is sometimes a step forward.

I decided that Saturday is a cleaning day this week...

I got out all of my mini wallpaper and about half of it is on the kitchen counter getting ready to go to Wednesday Witches.  I am sure that at least some of it will go to a good home... Anywhere other than here!

Then I did the step back thing.  This is all of the stuff that was in those little round containers to the left.

It seemed like a good idea when I started using them for findings.... Not so much anymore.

I was spending more time shuffling the containers to find things.  It is easier to open the box and shuffle.

And it is much easier to see where things are.

I gave it a try and decided that the old way was better...

Speaking of old...

See that garbage bag full of wood scraps?  They were saved from a lot of different houses.  I thought that they would be handy to have.  They were.  But now I need the space, more than I need the wood.  So. Out they go!

The pile on the chair is questionable... A lot of it is big pieces.  Most of it is useful.  I still need to whittle down what is staying.  And it will go over to the wood pile, instead of in the drawer.

Look!  The drawer has a bottom!  OK.  So it won't be that way long.  But that drawer and the one above, that also has wood can be combined!  More space!

I am going back now to combine the two drawer contents.  Wish me luck!

I am going to need it!  See you tomorrow.

Friday, August 26, 2016

In Just Ten Minutes...

When it rains it pours!  I took these photos just ten minutes after the rain started!

The back yard on the left side was almost full of water...
The part behind the swing looked like someone was on the roof with a large hose.

I decided that the light was not right for working on close up stuff like wisteria...
I went in the workroom and found a new home for all of my acrylic paints.

I do believe that this system will work.  I used a CD tower and put the paints in so that the bottoms were sticking out.  That way, I can see the colors at a glance.  I still have to do a bit of fine tuning, but I think that it is going to work.

Greens and yellows top shelf.

Blues and turquoise second shelf.

Browns and beige third and fourth shelves.

Whites and creams fifth shelf.

Metallic sixth shelf and large bottles on the bottom. 

Oh!  I forgot the blending mediums on the top. 

At least I know where everything is for the present...

And you are wondering how I am keeping Tessie out of trouble...

I have a secret weapon. 

I set her on big Spike's lap... He doesn't talk or move, but she likes the company.

Now that I am done, I have to go find something else to sort and stow.

Back to work. 

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

A Little Snippy...

No groaning please... I couldn't think of a good title.

I have been snipping my brains out this morning.

I lay a piece of Bunka in my hand and lay the scissors sideways and  snip away.

Over and over, and over again...
 Then I attached a short piece of wire to each of the little pieces of plastic that I cut from flowers in a large, regular sized bouquet of plastic flowers.  They had the tiny balls attached to them.  Not very well.  I did have to reattach a lot of them.
 The ones in the foreground are the ones that I am talking about.

After I let the glue dry, I started attaching the Bunka with dabs of white glue. 

The ones in the back corner have the Bunka attached.

As soon as I attach the leaves to those, Tessie grabs them.
I am hoping that she is going to take them and attach them to the Rosemary branches... I doubt that that will happen, but I can dream. Can't I?

Anyway, this could take a few days. 

I am pleased with the flowers.  I just hope that Tessie is too.  She has those awful creases between her eyebrows.  That always indicates that she is worried about something. 

I am hoping that I am not doing something wrong...

I'm sure that, if I am, I will hear about it.  Loud and clear!

I am going back and stick my fingers together with white glue some more now.

See you tomorrow, with sticky fingers.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Mysterious Wisteria...

You wouldn't think that wisteria could be made from a four shades of purple bunka, some green covered wire, green paper and lots of glue... It can if you add some trimmings from a rosemary bush.

This is what I took to the Wednesday Witches' meeting this afternoon. 

I did a lot of cutting out and creasing before I went.  I came back with about 1,000 leaves all cut out and scored to make them have movement.  So many that I couldn't get them all in one tube.

I also came back with the start of some wisteria flowers.

These will have to have a bit more bunka added. Then they will be attached to a wire and have five or seven leaves added to the wire...

This could take a while. 

I am going to have to get down to business tomorrow... Many more miles to go!

I think that I have had enough fun for one day...

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

One Day at a Time...

 Actually, it may be three or four days... Or even a week.

I went out and stripped some leaves off of the Palo Verde tree this morning...

I put them in a layer of the flower drying crystals.  It looks pretty much like white sand.  I hope it still works.  I have had it in the back of the cupboard for years... And more years.
Tessie helped by putting on another layer and spreading it around. 

Now all we have to do is sit back and wait....
While we are waiting, You can take a look at the real plants that I have potted up.  These have been in pots for a couple of weeks now and they seem to be doing fine and not growing a lot. 

My fingers are crossed that they won't start growing at the normal rate.  We shall see...

I am going back to watching leaves dry and little plants not grow now.

I guess I could do some workroom cleaning as well... But I don't really want to... I would rather watch things get dry and grow at a very slow rate.

Back to watching.

See you tomorrow.