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Friday, December 19, 2014

Boring, But It Must Be Done...

Yup, I did it again...

I finished cleaning the workroom this morning...Now if I can just keep it this way for seven more days...

It actually looks like a place that I would like to spend some time in now.  It seems easier to clean now, too.

 It still needs fine tuning, but now that kind of thing is more fun.  I know where everything is supposed to go...

The drawers with the scrapbook paper are holding up better than I thought that they would.  I have had to re-stick a couple of places.

But now I know where to look, if I want to find something.
See?  The room, all the way around is looking pretty good now.  And I have a table that I can work on again. 

I moved the little table that I had all of the glue and tools on in the bedroom into this room and sat it at the end of the worktable.  It kind of hides that and now I have a place to put those two magazine baskets, full of tools that are on the floor in the second photo. 

I am going back in there and do that right now.  Then I will be set to work in the workroom... What a novel idea!

It's nice to know that I can go in there and close the door. The party is still going on in the Cat Tree.... It is so nice to have somewhere quiet to work.  It probably won't last long.  The cookies are running low in the theater...

See you tomorrow. 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

One or the Other...

I'm Melting!!!  It is raining outside.  Bah Humbug!

Walter stopped playing after 12 holes of golf this morning... It must be bad...

At least my poinsettias are enjoying it.  They are flourishing...

Walter suggested that I find a Christmas DVD to play in the theater room...I went to Walmart and found this in the five dollar bin... I think that there is a Christmas scene in it somewhere, as I recall...
"Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" will be playing in the Cat Tree Theater for the rest of the day.

Now.  All I have to do is decide if I am going to pull up a stool and watch Harry or will I go for the second option...???
I really don't like the second option at all!  It's cold in there.  I want to stay out where it is warm. I want it clean for Christmas, but I still have a week...

Yesterday I made some jewelry, which shall remain unseen.  Unfortunately some of the recipients read the blog.  Soooo.....  Maybe after Christmas I will show you. 

For now, I am just going to make a decision between the two choices for today's activities...

I think that Harry Potter is winning by a wide margin.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Let's Get This Party Started....

I am not going to get any sleep for a week!

The theater is finished. 

Here's the back wall. First I put spray glue on the front and smoothed the fabric over that.  I left about an inch all around to cover the edges and wrap to the back.

 I put scraps of fabric in the corners, where the flaps, folded back, won't cover the wood. Then I cut a slit down the center and to all four corners on the diagonal.  The one on the right side shows.  The one on the left doesn't. 

I put glue on the inside of the wood frame and wrapped all four sides up and smoothed the fabric taught to that.  Then I wrapped it over the edge of the wood and glued it to the back side of the wall.

I used essentially the same procedure for the floor. 

Notice that the pieces that will bend down in the openings are put on with masking tape with about the same distance between the two pieces as the thickness of the illustration board.

Then I trimmed and wrapped the carpet around this and glued all of the edges to the back with white glue.

After getting everything in place in the box, it was amazing how fast the crowd gathered.

In fact, I had to move everyone back out, to get the machine going.  Walter still has to get me a battery for the remote control.

When he does, all I will have to do is lift the front flap of the rug and push buttons to get it to go.
 We now have a full cat tree... It's OK.  Widget never uses anything but the bottom scratching posts anyway.

You will notice that Santa is out on the right side porch.  He says he has everything under control.  He also apologizes for having to be absent from the party on Christmas eve.  He will be back on Christmas day... "Have the milk and cookies waiting..."
Here is a photo of everything that is going on...  I imagine that the Elizabethan lady that lives upstairs will be down on the party level soon.  She didn't get a wink of sleep last night.

If you include me, there are 12 people watching Buffy right now.

Tessie and Zar didn't invite the maid that is taking care of the food on the Christmas island or the lady upstairs.  I hear that both of them get a bit noisy when drinking.  Maybe it is for the best.

It is bad enough that the party has been going on since about noon yesterday and shows no signs of stopping until after New Year's Day...

There will probably be more guests before the party gets into full swing. 

I am going to go hide in the bedroom or the workroom.

Out of desperation, I will be making cookies, punch and fudge.  The party seems to quiet down a bit when they start stuffing themselves with food and drink...

If you need me, yell really, really LOUD! 

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Whilst The Glue Dries....

I had to help this morning.  The Terrible Two couldn't bend the floor enough to get it through the archway.

I changed the plans a bit.  The floor now runs all the way to the back on both sides of the machine.  The back wall sits atop that for support.

I cut the floor to the exact size minus just a tiny bit to allow for the carpet.

I solved the problem of the back wall.  The gap was filled with strips of wood.  They will be wrapped with wallpaper... or fabric.  Whichever  they choose to use.  I am hoping for fabric.  It will be easier to work with.

Zar put the wood strips on with white glue.  Now we just have to wait for those to dry.
There is a very loud argument going on about the carpet. 

Zar likes the rosy red.  It looks more Christmas like.  Tessie is leaning towards the gray and black, being a witch and all.

Spike is no help whatsoever!  He likes both... They are equally soft to sleep on.

I think that the decision depends upon the wall covering...

We are off to choose now. 

The party starts tomorrow! You're invited!

See you then.

Monday, December 15, 2014

The DVD Player Won...

When I got up this morning, the Terrible Two plus One were already at work.

It has been decided that they will spend Christmas in the cat tree. 

They kept working whilst we talked... "It is to be understood that the cat tree is NOT the finished room!".  That was Tessie.  Of course she wants another, larger theater room. 

I hesitate to build that.  I will get no sleep at all with the kind of parties she throws.  

I have the strangest feeling that the DVD player is going to disappear, once again, after Christmas...

Anyway, they asked for help with the walls.  I took measurements and cut out patterns for the back wall and the floor.

Right now, I have a step down in the floor.  I may just make that all the same level and cut a piece to fit in the doorway on both sides.  Much easier to do.

There is a curve at the top of the screen that I am going to have to take into account.  It curves in towards the room about a quarter of an inch. Don't ask how I am going to solve that problem.

The last I saw of the posse, they were all in the wallpaper drawer.  Arguing over what kind of walls they wanted in the theater...

I don't think that they have a large choice... Some of the paper is too small or there is only one sheet...

They may have to settle for painted walls.  That would be easier. I have nothing to do with this, now that they have the patterns.  I am going to go have a cup of coffee and a cookie...

I'm quietly closing the workroom door and tiptoeing out.  Let them argue!

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Is It Christmas Yet?

The reason I ask is... I am ready for a long winter's nap. 

I got the tree decorated this morning.  Something is missing... I can't figure out what... Presents?
While I was at it, I fancied up the front door too.

Not a big deal.  I changed wreaths and stuck a bunch of poinsettias and greenery in a pot...

For some reason, I'm in a "Bah Humbug" kind of mood.
Maybe this is why.  I do all the work and they want to know when the tree party starts.

I haven't done that yet.  They can't decide whether they want a Christmas tree party as usual or if they just want to watch Christmas shows in the Cat Tree...

Good luck with that... As far as I know, we don't have any Christmas flavored DVDs. 

Anyway, they weren't happy that I was trimming a tree instead of baking cookies.  So they boycotted the whole thing. 

They have been watching anything Christmas like that they can find, in the bedroom...

I think that I am going to take the rest of the day off and knit a pair of socks for ME.  That'll show them! With my luck, they will each confiscate one of the pair for a sleeping bag... and set up camp in the Cat Tree, with the DVD player for company.

See you tomorrow. 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Left to My Own Devices....

Walter made his annual trek to the 4th Ave Street Fair this morning... I opted not to go... I haven't been for years and he has fun searching out unusual gifts by himself. 

They are expecting over three hundred thousand people down there in the next two days and it's supposed to rain... Not my cup of tea.

I would rather stay home with pencil and paper...

I know I am supposed to leave well enough alone until after Christmas, but Tessie and Zar are under no restrictions.  So... I gave them a pad and pencil and told them to go to it!

Spike did most of the work.  The Terrible Two would be lost without him.  I think that he was an architect in a former life.  He has to poke his nose in every build.

The first photo shows the back wall.  False.  It sits inside the box by about a half inch.  I will measure closely when building.  It will have a hole for the screen and a recess at the bottom that the body of the machine will fit in.
The floor will also be false.  It will be elevated to a height that the bottom of the DVD player will slide under.

The Terrible Two were more concerned with the room, itself.  They specified that it will have to have a lot of seating.  Their parties are never really small..

My only question is, where is it going to live when it's done...?

I did it before.  I can do it again.  The burglar's room box was basically the same idea.  The place where it looks like a light is glowing is a recessed area in the back wall where my hand held TV can be placed. 

The only difference is, there will be a recessed back wall and a false floor to accommodate the machine. 

I took the pencil and paper away from them.... If I didn't, I would probably be building a whole house around the DVD player... I must remember to lock away all writing materials until after Christmas now...  No more speculating by the Terrible Two plus One... I do not want to build  Grauman's Chinese Theatre in the living room!

Back to work.  Maybe more cookies.

See you tomorrow.