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Monday, September 22, 2014

Locked Away for Bad Behaviour...

This morning Walter shampooed the rugs.  I Locked myself in the workroom.  It's the only place that I am safe when that infernal machine is going.

It really was self imposed.  I was not locked away for bad behavior.  I even aided and abetted with the furniture moving and getting ready.

Then I did what any smart person would do.  I ran for the hills!  Tools and Tessie in hand.

I have been arguing with the carved table in Daisy's kitchen.  It just didn't look right in the space.  Just not enough room.

So I put the time to good use and made a new set.  This one will tie in with the one in the dining area of the living room.

I started by stacking more of the teak beads that I used on the other table... Then I made it easy on myself.
I remembered that I had a sack of Woodsies in my stash.

Now, how to find the center of the circles easily...  I took a piece of graph paper and laid the circle on it.  I made sure that the edges on four sides were all the same distance from the next lines and drew a line through the center both ways.  That's all there is to it.  Close enough for jazz, as they say.

I did that to all of the circles.  That way, all I had to do was line up the pencil lines to make sure that the center of one piece was laying square on the next piece, before gluing.
I glued the beads together and lined them up against the sides of my glue jig. Then I layered the circular wood pieces, lining them up and bracing them against the edges too.

I took a time out to let the glue dry and did some straightening in the workroom.

Then I stained and assembled the pieces.
I will probably pad or put cushions on the seats, but first I have to varnish the pieces. 

I am now back in Tessie's good graces... Only because I let her hide from the infernal machine with me.

Walter did a great job.  The carpet looks like new...Almost...  He does an admirable job, considering that he has to clean up after me, Tessie and Widget...

He's done.  No more hiding. Back to normal?

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

I am a Basket Case....

No more rugs...  They lead to the coiled basket supplies... Which leads to working on baskets, instead of Daisy's house. 

There are 8 unfinished baskets on the left and 12 on the right... I get an idea and start.  Then I loose interest and go to something else...  Then I yell at the six year old for leading me off of the straight and narrow path...
We won't discuss how many more gourd baskets can be made of the contents of this box...

I did get a lot of work done on a couple of the ones that were in the works.... Nothing finished though...
I went to look for Tessie this morning... She was nowhere near the solar spinner...

It took a while.  I heard moaning coming from the Rusty Needle...

That's the closest building to the window where she was still sitting when I went to bed last night...

I asked her if she was OK... She was a bit rude..."You left me on the spin of death ride and went to bed! How could you?"  Then came the orders..."Get me a cool damp cloth for my forehead, a human sized ibuprofen and a large glass of bug beer and get this darned cat off of my lap!  I need sleep... Lots of sleep.  And get that super spinner out of the sunlight!  Hide it in a deep dark closet!".

I have the feeling that she won't be trying the solar spinner again soon.  Maybe she will sleep for the rest of the day.

I am off now to work on Daisy's house.  I think that it needs to be done.  No more side trips!  Honest!!!

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Round and Round He/She goes...

I had to show you my new toy...

My friend, Joan, gave me this.  It is a solar spinner.  As long as the sun is on it... and for a while after, it keeps going round and round.

She has one in a bookcase that gets some sun every day and she says that it keeps going most of the time. 

I tried it out with Spike...He went round and round until Tessie spotted it.  She zapped him.  I am not sure where he is now.
She immediately climbed on to try it.  It kept spinning.  It is not in direct sunlight in these photos. 

It did keep spinning for days in the kitchen window. It was even spinning on the few days this week that it was cloud covered!

Joan has a piece of mini furniture on hers.  It is a nice way to display one special piece... Not necessarily Tessie...

Joan said that she ordered it on line... I think it was on Amazon.
Tessie zapped it back to the kitchen window and is greatly amused by spinning in circles...

If only the sun were out 24 hours a day or perhaps the thing could be made to run on moonlight too...

All I would have to do is toss her a cookie and a bottle of bug beer once in a while...

Alas, the moonlight doesn't work.  I checked!

Anyway, I just thought that someone might have a special mini that they wanted to show off. 

This is the closest thing to a perpetual motion machine that I know of.

I am going in the kitchen and see if I can tie "Sit and Spin" to the top of this thing.... Maybe I can convince her that she needs a seat belt...  OK... Maybe I will just toss her a cookie...

See you tomorrow.

Friday, September 19, 2014

On the Diagonal...

I finished another straight rug yesterday and then I wondered what would happen if I tried it on the diagonal... I forgot to mention that I am using three of six threads of embroidery floss for this.

For some reason, the photos that I took while working, came out as a kind of sickly pastel color.  Maybe because it is still dark and dank outside.

Anyway, I started by doing the over and under diagonally.  Lining up the rows of stitches diagonally too.
                                                                             If I had staggered them, I would have gotten straight lines of stitches, across the fabric.  I didn't want that.

After I got it done in one direction, I went back and did the same thing in the opposite direction.

For some reason, maybe because of the number of threads, when I finished, I had a line of cross stitches, with a line of straight stitches between. 

I kind of liked it, so I stopped.

I think that, there are all kinds of interesting variations, depending on number of threads between stitches and number of threads covering, that could be done with this technique.  It is all a variation of darning stitch.  Fun to play with.

The rug is not going here.  I just wanted to see what it looked like on a floor.

Interestingly enough, when you lay it in a scene, it looks completely different.  The holes of the canvas seem to disappear.

I think that this technique should be investigated further.  It seems like the patterns are endless.  Let me know if you try it. I would love to see someone else's take on this.

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Housekeeping Done...

Yesterday, when I was looking for things to put back in the corner room box, I picked up a few of the baskets that I make with needlepoint canvas...

One thing lead to another.  I needed a rug for the box.  The other one strayed away to another part of the country.

I started making one of the bunka rugs.  I didn't like it.  
Then I went through my unfinished rugs and decided that it would take too long to finish one of those and besides, non of them really went well in the room.  Too formal.

This is a garden room.  I decided on casual.  I put on my thinking cap.(I hate that phrase)  I don't have one.  I think best when I am bare headed...
I looked at the canvas baskets and wondered if I could make a rug with the same method... It worked.

I cut out a piece of Penelope canvas, the size that I wanted the rug and put a line of glue around the outer edge.  I did the narrow ends one row in, so that there would be a stiff fringe on those.

After I let it dry, I started at one end, with Threadworks overdyed thread and did a simple over and under stitch all the way across.  When I reached the other end, I simply turned it around and kept going In the alternate stitches.

The third photo shows you the back.  As you can see, I had to weave in the ends of the threads on the back every so often and start anew.
I did two of them in less that three hours.  I am liking this! If you want contemporary This is a fast way to get what you want.

This morning, I put the room back together and now it looks more like it originally did.  I can live with it. The rug still needs pressing and I did notice that the wood on the edges could use some re staining. I think I did this box about 1990.
Tessie even approved.  Or maybe she just wanted to get into the photo...  After she realized that I had closed the box and walked away, she was not too happy. 

For once, she didn't panic.  She zapped herself out and back to Daisy's place. 

She and Zar are still trying to finish the endless cake... Good luck with that...

I am going back to working on something quiet.  The storm never really hit yesterday, but outside it is all black and gray...

This kind of day just makes me want to sit and knit or do cross stitch... Maybe another rug.  These are fun.

They could be done into striped rag rugs for a kitchen, with regular floss.

Back to work...

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Excuses... Excuses... Excuses...

I had to go back to the dentist this morning. Not much got done in the way of minis...

I did finish the walnut table.  I found that I will have to build small stools if anyone wants to sit there...Not a lot of space on this side. 

We shall see...
I did cut the pieces for the bottom counter under the stove top.  Now all I have to do is get it to look like a stove...

The two chairs are ones that I borrowed from Zar's trailer to see how they would fit with the table.... They didn't   I guess I should start making plans for stools.

We are in for record rains today.  The tail end of a hurricane is coming through town.  Hopefully it won't be too bad.  Just more rain than usual..

The last one came through in 1983.  Everybody still talks about that one.  We just aren't used to all that rain.  It has been drizzling all morning.

A little while ago, I went into the workroom, looking for my ruler and I saw this...

I borrowed the seat for the chair and put it in another one.  At least I still have some of the fabric left.

I know that this is just an excuse to do something easy for the rest of the day, but I am going to work on it for a while.  This box is looking sad.  I kept borrowing things out of it until there was not much left.

This seems more like a rainy day project than Daisy's house. 

I am going to make it all better.  Then I will go back to Daisy's.

I'm off to make a seat cushion now.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Call for Housekeeping...

I did one of those clean out and straighten jobs on Daisy's Cottage this morning...

That always makes me feel a little better.  I am not as far from finished as I thought I was.

The only real work I did on the house this morning, was to add more of the rock around the foundation... That's boring.  You've seen that before.

So I will show you what is and is not finished. 

I found the table that I was going to use in the window space... I am thinking of using it in the front, where the red chest was before.  It is upside down drying right now.

I went to clean the bathroom and found the baby elephant in the tub again.  He has been taking about a three hour bath every day...  Hey!  At least, unlike Tessie, he cleans it out when he's done.

I finally figured out why the floors and shelves are always dirty in here.

The fan from the swamp cooler blows directly on the house that I am working on... Messy!  Every few days, I have to sweep the floors with a big paintbrush.  Here we go again!
Even the rug in the bedroom looks medium brown and the couch looks faded... Wrong.  Dark brown and dark rust.

Oh well.  About the time I finish, the summer will be over and no more cooler... That's just the way my luck runs...
Yup.  They're back...  They ran out of cookies...

In a pinch, The Terrible Two plus One will settle for cake.  Alas, they remembered the cake with pink roses sitting in the middle of the table...

I do think that this one is like the chocolate cake that Tessie spelled.  She made that one so that it was neverending... Pretty amazing.  You cut a slice out and by the time you are finished eating it, the cake is whole again.  I wish I knew how she does that...

Anyway, I have to go back and chase them out now, so that I can get to work again...

See you tomorrow.