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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Curtain Call, Once Again....

I decided to do the curtains for the bay in the living room this morning. 

I have several tutorials on curtains and draperies in other spots on the blog, so I won't go into a lot of detail this time.

I did the usual edging with glue and turned in hems.  I didn't do it on the outer edge, because I had the pattern printed all the way to the edge...Bad move on my part...

What's wrong with this picture?

I didn't notice that the printed edges didn't match in pattern... It looks OK on the first curtain, but the second one is questionable... Just a quarter inch difference in the pattern throws the second curtain off.  It is only terribly noticeable in the bottom half of that curtain...Totally different design on the pleated section. 

I may either do the second curtain over or maybe it won't be noticeable when the furniture is in place.  The left curtain bottom will not be visible when the furniture is in place...Only I will notice.

Or am I fooling myself to save work?
I have sprayed the curtains with extra hold, unscented, Suave pump hair spray.  I will at least put them in the bay to see how they do.

I usually use ribbons for tie backs... Somehow that doesn't work for this house. 

I had three possible chains.  I think that I like the top one the best.  It is from a necklace from the early 20th century.  It was already broken.  No usable jewelry was harmed in the making of these curtains.

I am going back now to do a second coat of hairspray and to talk to myself about redoing the right side curtain... I'll be OK as long as I don't start answering myself... Maybe....

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bite the Bullet...

That's exactly what I did.  I bit the bullet and painted the back wall of the kitchen Midnight Blue Ceramcoat.  And I am not sorry. 

Now I am going to have to change the color of the sink.  Green doesn't work now.  No problem.

I did notice that I chipped the stone in the front of the kitchen.  I don't know how, but I am going to have to repair that and get it painted too. 

I have wood cut to line the bottom of each niche. That will have to be stained, before installation.

I worked on the bedroom rug some more yesterday....I have most all of the red done...
Then the "rug inspector" showed up... Did you ever try to do cross stitch with a cat standing on the end?  It somehow doesn't work as well as it does without the cat...
As you can see, I have gotten a lot done, but there is still a lot to go. So.... I had  better get back to work.

Oops! April and Amare just arrived.  So much for hard work. I would rather play.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Ready to Scream!!!

I am circumventing Google this morning.  I usually load my photos to Picasa and from there to the blog.  I made the mistake of wanting the latest version of the thing that lets me download newer apps on my i pad. 

Walter loaded it and now the big computer is doing all kinds of odd things.  So, I am avoiding Google like the plague... Sorry Google.

It took me a while to get the photos uploaded to the regular computer.  It's all my own fault.  I should have been happy with what I had on my i pad.

Anyway, that's why this is so late.

Long story short.  I decided to do a complete clean out of the tower shelves that I keep extras in... I should have been a bit suspicious when Tessie volunteered to help...

I have shown this before, but I was cleaning....Yes, it's Monday again. 

Did you notice what Tessie is holding in the first photo?  Yup.  The Mesmerizer... And Zar is somewhere sleeping it off.  I think that she grabbed it when he wasn't looking and used his own weapon on him. 

I think that Tessie is trying to be nice, so that I won't take her borrowed toy away.

I changed the wallpaper in the top shelf.  The stuff that was in there never seems to match anything.  I went for a single sheet of Brodenax  that I had on hand.  Black and white goes with anything. 

The purpose of this tower is to display a few of the minis that I like best, that don't have homes.  The top shelf needs new stuff.  I just stuck Tessie with the job of finding something to stick in there for show and tell...I can't say that she tried to hard to make it look good.  As long as she has the Mesmerizer, she can do whatever she wants.

The middle room is filled with the stuff that used to be on top.  Some of these days I am going to have to make a fancy nursery for the swan bed...

The tiny teddy bear, sitting at the bottom of the bed is hand crocheted and actually jointed.  I bought it a LONG time ago and I can't remember the name of the maker.  It is an amazing piece.  Probably one of my most prized minis.
I pulled this wing chair from Spike's crypt and replaced it with another one.  The reason being, the "blue" cording, is now an ugly brown.  I guess that bunka isn't always color fast.  I am going to have to  replace it.

The blue hand painted plate on the wall is one that I bought in San Francisco a long time ago too.  It was painted by Pollie Simpson, I think.  The signature is kind of messy. The person that sold it to me, told me that it was part of an estate that she bought. 

The previous owner was the man that wrote the song "Take Me Out to the Ball Game". Strange how something like that sticks in my head after all these years.

 I made the rug from an English book of mini patterns. I also did the Florentine stitching on the stool by Gary Larson.  And the biscorneau pillow in red and white is one that I made from a regular sized French pincushion pattern. 

When all of the stuff inside gets dusty again, it will be time for a change.  For now, that is how this is going to look.

Anyway, I think that I have stalled long enough.  Back to the real world.  Housework beckons. There is real furniture to polish and real floors to mop...

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Good Housekeeping...

This morning, Zar came to me with a not unreasonable request.

He has been living in his Steampunk Un-Mobile home.  OK so I haven't finished his Clockwork Cottage and his 70s den doesn't have any facilities...

He wanted his Clockwork Trailer cleaned.  It has been a while and he had written his name in the dust on the kitchen table... So I didn't think that the request was unreasonable.
I took everything out and started spiting and polishing.... I didn't really spit... I used lemon oil and a lot of the Clorox cleaning wipes. I seem to be missing some pieces, such as the box of Scooter Pies and other food.  I have the feeling that someone has been doing a lot of midnight snacking. Zar did find his Mesmerizer.  I suspect that Tessie hid it under the bed, where we found it.
He Immediately grabbed it, and his machete and sat down with cupcakes.  Spike wandered in with his favorite bone and they discussed how to keep Tessie out of the trailer...

It is fortunate for Tessie that she can zap.  They didn't hear her arrival on the rooftop terrace.
Tessie doesn't need to get into the trailer this morning.  Zar left a pitcher of orange juice and a tray of snacks on the table, upstairs.

We will not be discussing what Zar is going to say when he finds out... If he ever does. 

I am not telling.  I am gong to say that there was a squirrel invasion... Yeah... That will work...Maybe...
Thank goodness, Tessie ate what she could and left with the rest of the plate of food in one hand and the pitcher, tucked under her arm.

By the time Zar got back to the roof top, there was nothing on the table to remind him that it had been there and as I said.... I'm not telling. 

I want to stay on the good side of both of them.  Even if that side is in the middle.

Tessie is back at Daisy's Cottage.  And Zar is back to serenading anyone who will listen.  He keeps channeling Freddy Mercury and I am really tiring of "Stone Cold Crazy"... As it is, I hear that every time my cell phone rings...

Me?  I know nothing...  I am saying nothing.  I am sitting on the bed with my feet up... Placidly stitching on the rug for Daisy's bedroom... After all, as a wise woman once said, "Tomorrow is another day....."

See you then.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Better Builders...

I am going to take the rest of the day off and watch this squirrel and friends build.  I want to pick up a few tips.

As you all know, I feed them every day and they would probably come up and bang on the back door, demanding lettuce, if I didn't.

The other day, I noticed a depression in the ground, by  the garden tank, next to the fence.

When I went to investigate, I found a hole.

It seems that my little friends have been building a through way...

Usually, they come over the fence and down into the yard.  Their tiny cave is on the other side of the fence.  One of the smarter squirrels has decided that it would be easier to go under the fence, instead of over. 

So far, the hole is about a foot deep and I think that the footing for the fence goes down at least two feet...We shall see who wins.  The fence or the squirrels....  Meanwhile, I am going to just sit here and watch to see how long it takes them if they don't give up...

They are doing a lot better than I am.  I managed to get one coat of white paint on the kitchen wall this morning, after doing an hour or two of yard work.  I am still debating the green wall.  I am thinking of changing it to dark blue, like the original photo of the Moroccan kitchen. 

I guess I could put a coat on and see how it looks... Or, I could just go back and stare at the squirrels for the rest of the afternoon... Somehow, that sounds more appealing...

See you tomorrow.

Friday, August 15, 2014

I Have Two Ouchies! Help!

Now I know for sure that Tessie will be on the wagon for a while.  No bug beer allowed!

She has been avoiding me for the past 24 hours.  I wondered when  I was taking her photo yesterday and she wouldn't look straight at me.

Now I know.  In all of the crazed zapping, she lost a finger and part of her nose...Not good.
 This morning, she showed up in her most demure apron.  She was carrying the tiny ball stylus and had a sheepish look on her face.

I asked, "What's up?".

She answered...stammering a bit, "I broke something...".

OK.  I kind of knew what she was up to.  She never wears that apron unless she wants people to think that she is a sweet little witch... And she doesn't hand me a tool unless she needs something fixed...

"I chipped my nose and broke a finger.  I can't find the pieces or I would just glue them back on and be on my merry way.  I think I need your help..."

After a moment of silence, she whispered in a tiny voice, "Please?"

It has to be serious if Tessie uses that word.  So, without another word, I went and got some Super Sculpey.  It only took about five minutes to fix. She held the stylus after I fixed things, so I could take a photo for posterity.  And she even went in the oven minus clothes, without complaint.  Of course, once she is minus the clothes, she seems to be able to turn herself off to the outside world. 

As soon as she was out and I dressed her again, she went back to her old self.  She demanded a mirror.  She took a long look and said,  "Well, I guess that's OK.  Usually you make me taller or prettier.  I look the same as I did before you started."

I answered, "Tessie, may I remind you that you had a broken nose and missing finger?"

She completely ignored me.  Then she zapped out of sight.

I found her in the workroom watching the SyFy channel. 

She didn't even bother to turn around.  She just demanded, over her shoulder, never taking her eyes from the screen..."Bring me a comfy chair, a Cherry Pepsi and some chocolate chip cookies.  And hurry up!  I can't stand here all day!

Oh well, I guess the crisis is over and things are really back to normal now...

I have to go bake chocolate chip cookies.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Other Mother...

My other version of Mother of Millions has finally started to produce plantlets.  The two kinds are obviously not completely the same.  This crazy version is often blooming at Christmas time.  It had beautiful trumpet shaped coral flowers at the top of the stalk.  Bunches of them.

I put some of them in the baby bed, under the other plant this morning.  I should have some with roots soon.

Meanwhile, back at Daisy's.  All is well. 

Tessie has vowed to drink no more.  She is tired of being zapped to who knows where and having to walk back or scream for help...

I figured she would cure herself after a few mishaps.  She did.

Unfortunately, that means she is back to nagging and cracking the whip.

First, she demanded that the stones under the windows be painted.  Then she didn't like the one patch of weeds was the only thing on the foundation.

I went to work and added "weeds" to the rest of the side of the house.  Then I cut movie theater trays to cover the foundation.  They don't chip as easily when moving around.

I found several spots in the walls that I have chipped whilst working.  They will have to be repainted.  That's the only disadvantage of working with the paper clay products.  I seem to be prone to chipping them.

Anyway, I am going to go do some more, while I am on a roll and Tessie is actually feeling like helping, to make up for her misbehavior the past couple of days.  I'm going to milk it for all it's worth!

See you tomorrow.