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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Casey's Apron Repair Shop...

It doesn't pay to clean the closet!  As soon as it was clean and there was some space in it, Tessie went and got all of the aprons and other clothes from her auxiliary closet.  And she stuffed.  And she stuffed.

Then she grabbed every apron that she has messed up and torn up.  She is hard on aprons.  It does save dresses though. 

She dragged the aprons out to the bedroom and told Zar, "Casey has as many days as I have aprons that are good enough to wear, to fix these.  Remember?  She says she is going to change aprons every day... That should lase about a week.

Maybe I should just volunteer to make that many more.  Some of them are really a mess! on second thought, maybe I will just wait 'til she runs out.

If you would like to work along and make a few aprons yourself, you can go here for the tutorial.

I started putting the kitchen back together and things got better. She found her favorite rubber chicken in the fridge.

I should have skipped the closet and went straight to the fridge!  As soon as she found it, the aprons were forgotten. 

I am not sure why she is so crazy about that rubber chicken, but as I remember, I hid it in the fridge to keep her quiet.  She was driving me crazy with ideas of how she could use it to irritate Zar.  Poor Zar.  I have a feeling that it is going to start again... Maybe I can kidnap the chicken and hide it in her closet.  She would never find it in there!

I am going back now and start looking through the aprons to see how many are salvageable.  I am hoping for NONE... Wish me luck!

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Moving Right Along...

 OK. We got off of the rooftop.  We are now on the third floor. 

Tessie insisted that we put the zebra chair back in the hallway.  I am going to have to take it back out for a minute, when I finish here.  I forgot to oil the floor.  I use Old English Lemon Oil on all of the wood surfaces when I clean. I simply mop it on with a largish paint brush...
As I pulled back a ways, Tessie went into the bathroom. 

She carries on conversations with the frog on the sink.  He keeps the bugs out of her bathroom... I am not sure if I would rather have bugs or frogs in my bathroom...  She seems to like Herbert... He is a nice friendly frog and attacks any bug that she points out.

She insisted on putting the hair dryer on the floor where you could see it.  There is a tutorial for it somewhere on the blog.  Just put hair dryer in the search box.

We got the potion making still set up at the back of the workroom.

The Terrible two immediately got to work making a new potion.  I have no idea what it is for, but I am NOT drinking anything that comes out of that thing!

The floor in this room is what the above floor will look like when I finish oiling it. 

The floor and ceiling are now re stuck around the edges.  Both were getting a bit loose in places.

Tessie is delighted to have her closet back.  Ten pair of shoes that she never wears... Blouses and sweaters that she never wears and a LOT of aprons. 

She announced that she was going to change aprons every day from now on...

My question was, "Who do you think is going to be laundering them every day?"

Her answer? "Casey, I just hang them back up and sprinkle them with the potion that Zar is stirring up right now.  They just automatically are clean when I go to wear them again... No problem!"

Gee.... That means that I don't have to worry about them being dirty anymore.  I wonder if she could make a BIG batch of that potion for our clothes?  Sprinkling sounds a lot easier than doing laundry!

I have to get off of here now.   I have a couple of doctor's appointments later.  We are getting closer to this all being over... I will be glad when things get back to fully normal!

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Anything for a Friend...

I went as far as to put a voice activated recorder in Reggie's new house last night.  I got suspicious when he told me that he had purchased most of Tessie's furnishings. 

The first thing he wanted done was the repair of the floor and ceiling in her workroom...

That was easy enough.  I did that this morning.

Then I went to check on the conversation that they had the night before...

Tessie:  Is it working?
Reggie: I think so.  She is doing the repairs that I requested.

Tessie: That means that as soon as she is finished, I can move back in and you can have the Forest Fantasy Cottage.
Reggie: It shouldn't take more than a few days.  We will have achieved our collective objective.  New homes for us both!...
That's exactly what I thought!  Tessie wanted her house redone, so she put Reggie in place to get it done.

I will go along with the whole scheme for as long as it doesn't require all new anything... Cleaning and repair is all she gets...

Reggie suggested that I start with the roof garden and work down, after I got back from the Gem Show...

Yes.  I went back.  I decided that Zar needed more than one kind of bolt.  He now has enough to last him through the  next year, while I am working on his Steampunk Emporium.

I took everything out of Tessie's cabinet and cleaned it up.

In the process I found some things that I had forgotten that she had... I think that she did too. 

When I got all of the plants back in place on the clean floor, it looked pretty good.  Good enough, in fact that she forgot that it was supposed to be Reggie's roof top garden.  She took over..

It took a while, and the playing of the recording of their conversation, but I got her to admit to the ruse.  I did tell her that I would keep doing her house... If she didn't get to uppity.  The non uppity Tessie should last a couple of days... Then we will have to renegotiate.

Zar was overwhelmed with the bolts.  I also found him some batteries.  The ones draped over his foot...

The stuff on his other foot is all MINE!  He can't have all the fun!

I guess I should go back and work on Tessie's house now. 

She admitted that she really doesn't like the Forest Fantasy Cottage.  Not refined enough for her.  So... Reggie gets that and she gets her house remodeled... Somewhat.

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Everybody Got Something...

Reggie got his house moved.

April and Amare came over and April got roped into house moving detail.

I got a place to play again.

Sir Reggie announced that he would like a hanging bed or one that is rounded to fit in the bay window. 

Now I am trying to decide which one has less work and tearing of hair involved...

Meanwhile, Sir Reginald just sits there making a coiled basket. 
Tessie got three strings of #13 beads for necklaces, purses and other gewgaws.

Which translates to, "More work for me.".

She is already planning all kinds of necklaces, purses and other gewgaws!  LOTS of them.

Kota didn't get anything but a long nap...He likes those better than beads.
And Zar made out like a bandit!  He got a whole LOT of hex nuts!  These were strings of beads in that shape.  Just the right size for him to work with!

He will now start pestering me for his Steampunk store.

It never ends!

See you tomorrow.  Bed in progress...

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Use It Up...

Walter is out playing golf this morning.  I thought that I would take the time to clean out some of my rocks...

These are some that I have to keep. I already used them.

We won't talk about the ones that I have stashed and ready to use...
Tessie and Zar are helping and they have already saved a LOT from the "get rid of" pile...

Tessie found three of the skulls that I bought for her a couple of years ago.  She never used them so they got put in the stash pile.

They both refuse to get rid of any crystals... Or fossilized shells... or anything pretty and shiny.

I don't think that we are making much progress...
We won't talk about the stuff that I bought last year.  Yes.  I have used quite a bit and some of this is from other places.

I have already made a lot of jewelry from these jars.  They are mostly back up beads.  Not focal beads.

They will all get used... Eventually.

Anyway... We are headed to the gem show at the ball park tomorrow.  No!  I am not staying home.  There might be something there that I don't want to miss!

We only do this once a year.  We both enjoy it.  Even if I don't buy anything at all, it is fun to go look and chat with people of like interests...

So.  I don't need more rocks.  I just WANT more rocks! 

Back to sorting.  I found several things that I forgot I had that definitely need to be made into jewelry.  Even if I don't throw anything on the "get rid of" pile, I will feel that I have accomplished something.  Planning is the fun part of any project!  Back to the piles of rocks.

See you tomorrow... Maybe with something new to show you.  Tessie always sends me with a list of things that she needs wants...

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Someone's Trying to Tell Me Something...

 To be specific, I am being bombarded with suggestions from all sides! 

This morning I was missing one sock with a hole in the bottom..

I went to look for it and this is what I saw...

It's hard to see, but Reggie is wrapped up in that sock. 

The Terrible Two went so far as to cut off the part with the hole.  They tied the bottom of the sock together with a piece of the yarn...

Then somehow, they wrestled Reggie into the home made sleeping bag.
 I let them get him upstairs in the townhouse.  They plopped him on the floor of the bedroom.  He didn't move much.  I suspect a sleeping potion.

I was not in the mood for an argument, so I let them get away.

Meanwhile, Walter and I went to pick up his car from being worked on.

On the way back he stopped for Chinese food for lunch...

My fortune cookie was another hint!  I have to get back to work.  It's getting pretty bad when the guy that writes the messages in the fortune cookies starts nagging me.

Until I get the house moved, I am going to go to work on some furniture.

Somewhere along the line, Sir Reggie woke up and immediately started searching for the perfect bed for his new home.

Before I could stop him, he had about a quarter of my furniture books scattered around on the bed. He finally asked me for help... I suspect that he blackmailed Tessie into zapping them into the bedroom.  There's no way that he could have carried them all in there without a heart attack. 

Kota slept through the whole thing! 

I did notice that Reggie also dragged out one of my quad rule planning pads.  He means business this time...

I have to stop writing now and go start drawing plans for a bed as soon as he decides which one he likes best. 

Back to the drawing board.  See you tomorrow.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Upstairs, Downstairs...

 I went into the kitchen a while ago and noticed that Tessie and Zar were having breakfast on the roof of the Clockwork trailer...

That was a bit unusual... They have been spending a lot of time in the Forest Fantasy Cottage.

I had to stick my nose in where it didn't belong... I should have known better.

Yesterday, Reggie came to me and asked to have the trailer cleaned.  To use his exact words..."It is a filthy pigsty."

I knew that the Terrible Two wouldn't do it, so I got the mop and dust rag out and went to work.  The thing is, I didn't stop to think what he was wanting it cleaned for...

Now I know.  I looked into the trailer.  Reggie was asleep on Zar's bed.  The couch was empty.

I went up to the roof and asked what was happening... Then I noticed that Zar had rearranged things so that the Steampunk Organ was directly above the head of the bed, downstairs...

I do believe that revenge is being taken...

Zar explained that he uncle was known to take advantage of any situation that he could...

I don't think that he will be staying where he is for long.  I heard the organ a couple of times during the night... It wasn't very loud where I was, but I am sure that Uncle Reggie was getting the full concert vibe! 

Tessie pleaded with me to start fixing the house for him.  I will as soon as we get it moved to the worktable in the bedroom.  Until then, I have a feeling that I am going to be refereeing a  few arguments. 

Tessie is sleeping at  Cordelia's place.  On the couch.  Zar is sleeping in the Forrest Fantasy Cottage on the pull out bed... And Sir Reginald is not sleeping well at all. 

Zar told me that the Terrible Two plus One are planning to stay up all night tonight.  They will take turns at the Steampunk Organ... I am assuming that Spike, as a loyal plus One, will be howling his little lungs out.  It's just a good thing that I have a nice fluffy pillow to put over my head! 

I am going to try to at least get a bed in the bedroom of Sir Reggie's new house by tonight.  Wish me luck.

See you tomorrow.