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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Another Quiet Day In Tucson...

Or Maybe that should be another COLD day in Tucson. Right now it is 60 degrees outside.

It is suppose to get down to the 20s tonight.  I am going to be spending the afternoon covering plants. 

I figured that I had better write this now.  Tessie is not happy that I have not started her MANY necklaces yet.  Take note of where all of the smaller beads are being stored.  At Tessie's request... Or should I say demand?

I am thinking that I had better get the plants covered quickly or she is going to be having a hissy fit.

The baby tree is doing nicely so far.  No blooms, but the leaves are still doing nicely.

You may be wondering why I am showing you a hole in the dirt in the next photo...

Walter pulled the fig tree out roots and all this weekend.

He said it came out easy.  For him easy.  For me, difficult.  I went and looked for a new one at Walmart this morning.  They have them, but they are basically a two foot long stick with no leaves.  I am going to wait a few weeks.  I am not buying a stick with no leaves for thirty five Dollars. 

Let them grow the first few leaves so that I will know it is really a fig tree and not just a stick.

I am going back to work now.  Tessie is not getting a necklace right now.  I have other things to do.  Plant covering comes next.

See you tomorrow.

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Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Does it ever happen that Tessie is not upset with you?
Big hug