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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The 20s Are Coming!!!

I have been out covering plants. I was wrong. It was not yesterday that the 20s started. It is tonight.

I have been making ghosts all over the yard. It took me about an hour to cover everything that I didn't want to get frostbitten.
And what did Tessie do whilst I was freezing?  Yup. She just sat in her bedroom playing with her goodies.

I did get her out of there.... All I had to say was "Doctor Who is stealing the time machine."
He was trying, but she got there just in time.

She grabbed one of his pant legs and pulled. 

He is now on the floor of the living room and I think that Tessie is half way down to Tombstone.

Did I mention that Daisy took her down there and introduced her to Doc Holiday and Wyatt Earp?  Yup.  They are all talking about double dating.... I am not looking forward to having Daisy and Tessie bringing them home to meet MOM.....They are both calling me mom now... Not a good start to new things.

See you tomorrow!


elizabeth s said...

Tombstone, one of my favourite cowboy films! "Why Ed Bailey... are we cross? "

Troy said...

I was hoping you meant the 1920's! I was hoping to see Tess in a flapper dress ;)