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Saturday, February 9, 2019

It Looks Like "Whenever I'm In The Mood..."

This morning, we went to the movies with April, Seth and Amare... We went to see the new Legos Movie... I started out thinking that it was going to be boring.  Left the theater humming along with the tunes in the movie. It was for kids,  but with a lot of stuff for adults too. 

Loved it.

I am not getting anything done in the workroom... Jus a lot of taking out and putting things back.

I have way too much knitting to do! I have one of Eben's socks finished... the other one has about an inch finished... This could take another month, at the rate I am going. 

Kota thinks that I am making him a new bed...

I think that would take even longer than the socks!

Not going to happen...
And Tessie? At least she is amused. She is making plans for all of the new beads that I bought.

Did I mention that she's making a LONG list?

She is... And she's setting on it.  I can't start until she finishes the list.

This may take a while.

So far, there are 51 items and counting... She keeps changing her mind.

I am going to go back to knitting now.  See you soon.

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