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Monday, January 7, 2013

Some Kind of Progress....

Yesterday afternoon I went back to carving the fireplace surround for the living room.  I still have a ways to go, but I am making progress...

I have all of the design roughed out. I still have to do more carving and then smoothing with files and emery boards.

I am liking it so far.  When it is finished, I will put a dark walnut stain over the whole thing.
I forgot that I had done foundation stone on one end of the cottage with DAS...I was out.  I made a trip to Michael's this morning, only to find that they no longer have it.

They are now carrying Polyform Air Drying clay...That's the company that puts out Sculpey products.  It seems that Polyform is making all kind of changes in their product line.  It looks like they may be changing their lovely flesh colored Super Sculpey to gray...ICK!
I still have quite a bit left, but I am going to be looking to stock up if I find it anywhere.  That's what I use for my people.

When I returned, I found that Zar had been putting together a plan for the stairwell.  That is just as dark as the res of the second floor.

He scrounged around in my stash and found a single French door.  It looks like we will be building a skylight above the stairs...Sometimes he is a handy guy to have around.

Tessie, not so much.  I caught her looking down to the mock up and talking to herself.  "I guess  it will have to do.  The stairs themselves were much more fun.  I remember sliding down them in Zar's bath tub.  I even have photos to prove it.  Go here to look.  Sliding down a short, bumpy french door is going to be sooooo boring.  Drat it!"

Oh well.  She will just have to find other amusements...Like trying to get into the workroom.

I have to go replace 23 photos that disappeared from the Dec.28  to the Jan. 2 entries now.  I got scared and backed up the rest of 2012 last night.  I want to get the rest of it done before something else happens.

Back to work.  See you tomorrow.


Kim @Minimalarkey said...

I must learn how to carve like this, do you know of any tutorials online explaining in detail?

Caseymini said...

Hi Kim, my dad taught me the basics of chip carving when I was about ten. I don't know of any websites. Maybe in a future post I will try to explain how I do it. Mine is mostly all done with an exacto knife and emery boards.

Troy said...

Your fireplace carving is wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

Kathi said...

Your carving is beautiful! I want to try doing this someday. :D

LOVE the french door skylight. Brilliant idea!

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
I am glad the house is coming together and the lighting issue is being resolved, but I have to say your fireplace is looking fantastic. I love the shape of it and the pattern you strted carving allready looks gorgeous.
Keep up the incredible work.
Big hug,

Lucille said...

I remember when you were sculpting that. It's a beautiful piece!

Muriellisa said...

Très beau travail de sculpture sur bois. Je suis vos travaux avec intérêt.

Minka said...

Love the carved fireplace surround