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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Only A Dream....

OK.  Here we go again.  This morning I got up and moved the Clockwork Cottage into the bedroom.  I can't work in the workroom...It is way too dark.  I had SIX lights on in there and it is still dark.  No natural sunlight gets into that room at all.  The Mesquite tree is enormous and blocks out any sunlight that trys to get into the room.                             

There is absolutely no control over the spacing on the writing in the blog now....I am finding it very difficult to post.  I do wish that Google would leave the system alone when it works.  I am now having to upload all photos to a Picasa album instead of taking them directly from my own photo stash.  That takes twice as much time as it used to. 
Anyway, as I was saying, I got everything moved.  I went back to see if I could find the rest of the pieces of the roof for the back of the house....I did...One piece. 

 Unfortunately, I no longer have the directions for the original kit. The only piece of roof that I found, fit the right side.  Kind of.  I scooted it over a bit and went for a totally different roof line. 

Since I added an extension on the left as you are looking at it, the old roof didn't fit well anyway.

This house had a lot of angles in it anyway, so a few more won't make a lot of difference.

I went and found a couple of pieces of card stock.  With that, I pieced together a pattern for the side roof.  You can do this for any missing pieces.  I have a piece of mahogany door skin that I bought at Home Depot.  It is very inexpensive and matches the wood used in Greenleaf kits perfectly. 

I have decided that the rooms are too dark as the roof was...I am going to cut curves in the edge, to set it back slightly.

You can see faint pencil marks where I will be cutting.  I will try that and if it is not enough light, I may go even a bit further back with the cuts.

As you can see, Zar and Tessie were supervising from the roof line.  Zar went down to the workroom to get a hammer.  Tessie followed over to that side of the roof, but didn't attempt to go down where he was...Too chicken.

It didn't do much good anyway.  She slipped and slid down the card stock. 

Yes.  She landed in the workroom, somewhat dazed and confused.

Before she could recover, Zar had her out of there and back to the worktable top.

He keeps telling her it was only a dream....No...She didn't land in a room that she had never seen before. 

Then he put a cold wet cloth over her eyes and told her to relax.  "Everything will be fine.  Just forget that mean old roof and don't venture up there again....It's VERY dangerous."

So far, so good.  I really doubt that he will be able to pull the wool over her eyes much longer though...
I have to take the patterns off and cut pieces of wood to match.  That leaves the workroom wide open.

I don't think that Zar even remembers the last time he saw his mesmerizer.  He had better go hunting quickly, if he wants to keep the workroom intact.

I have to go cut wood now.

See you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. I'm glad to see you work on the Clockwork Cottage. Cutting wood is not my thing, therefore
I don't do renovations.
Did you know the photos have been erased from your Jan. 4 post?

Teresa said...

Poor Tessie! She sure gets herself into trouble. Luckily she has Zar.
I have had to put pictures into a web album for awhile now before being able to post them in my blog. It is a pain, but at least I can post them now!

Kathi said...

I can see your photos from Jan 4 okay. I am not (so far) having any trouble posting photos from my computer. Hope you get it sorted out soon.

Hope it's not contagious!?

Caseymini said...

Panic Time!!!!!! I noticed that I had used 79% of my space on picasa, so decided to clear up some space by eliminating a few photos....They were the ones on the Jan 4 and Jan 5 blog entries. BEWARE!!!!!

Phyllisa commented that the photos on the fourth were missing!

They were the ones that I deleted. Maybe the rest of you know, but I didn't. If you delete any of the photos from the albums, they also are deleted from the blog!!!!! This is scary. What happens when we get to 100 percent?

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. I see you reloaded the
photos for the Jan. 4 blog.
HOWEVER, the photos are now missing on blogs Dec. 28 thru Jan. 2.
I hope you fix this problem soon. I love revisiting your older blogs and one of those photos deleted was of
Mookie, my favorite blog cat! Give him a well deserved hug for being such a good model.

mcddiss said...

me parece una buena idea la de cortar un poco el tejado para dar mas luz a las habitaciones , seguro que el otro trozo de tejado te quedara muy bien



Giac said...

Hello Casey,
It seems you are plagued by ppor lighing! I think the curved cutouts are a great idea. Well thought! I hope Tessie never decides to read your blog! Hopefully she'll stay out of trouble for a while...hopefully!
Big hug,

Steinworks said...

those two are always getting into trouble! I don't see how in the world you get any work done :)