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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Trip to the Steampunk Emporium....

I went into town for a few needed items this morning. 

Whilst waiting for my breakfast at Brawley's, I browsed through the book to the left.

I have had this one for quite a while, but it is always fun and inspiring to look at.

If you are going to do anything Steampunky, you need to look at this.  There is not a lot of written information in it, but the photos are all in color and as it says....There are a thousand of them!

I wandered from store to store as they opened.  Mind you, I started before five, so I have to plan strategically.  Which store opens when and which ones stay open twenty four hours.

Anyway, I got home about 10:45.  You do the math....

No time to do any minis yet. The last store I hit was Joann's Fabric and Crafts.

They were having a terrific sale on a lot of stuff.  There were jewelry items that were 50% off and these Tim Holtz scrapbooking items were all 40% off.  Then adding to that discount, I had a coupon for an additional 25% off of everything, including sale items and clearance.  What a haul!

The book that Zar and Tessie are setting on is also a Tim Holtz item.  It is a stack of scrapbooking paper that has a very aged look to it.  It has old maps, advertising, some blueprints, and newspapers.  The nice thing about it is some of the paper has been reduced to full pages of  2" squares and the designs have also been reduced.  Thus, I have a lot of stuff that can be used in the cottage.

I probably won't use the key escutcheons and keys for that, but the gears and the swivel hooks will definitely be found somewhere in the cottage.

Last, but not least, I shouldn't have left the book out with the scrap paper bookmarks in photos that interest me...Zar and Tessie found it.

I am begging Zar to keep the sink that he has in the bathroom.  He is standing firm on the idea of a sink like this one! 

It is complete with all the bells and whistles.  There is a temperature dial, a fan for blow drying your hair, a large light...I have only one question of the maker....Where's the mirror?  How is he going to shave without looking at himself?

Maybe that's my out.  "Gee Zar, you don't want that.  It is impractical...You will cut yourself if you can't see what you are doing."

Hey! It could work....Maybe...

Speaking of work.  I have to get back at it. 

See you tomorrow.


Giac said...

Hello Casey,
I don't mean to be negative, but knowing those 2 I don't think that excuse will work. Look at the bright side: the sink is fantastic!
Big hug,

Caseymini said...

Lucille, I have to stop trying to publish comments on the i Pad! I accidentally deleted your comment. Here it is..

.Interesting shopping trip, Casey. Wish I could get up so early! Fascinating sink. I wonder who will win this one?!!

Kathi said...

I can so see you making this sink! I have a lamp post you can have if you'd like it...

Love the hair dryer!

Merri said...

Casey, try doing a mirrored wall with mirror tiles? Then Zar can look at himself from EVERY ANGLE!

mcddiss said...

ese libro parece tener buenas ideas sobre el tema, y me gustan las compras que has hecho y ademas con descuentos, que suerte, seguro que en cuanto Zar se lo piense bien, ver que ese lavabo no es nada practico



Fabiola said...

You found fantastic items.
Bye Faby