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Thursday, September 13, 2018

The Cat's Out of the Bag....

Tessie and I are arguing over whether the stairs are going to be stone or wood.  This could take a while, unless I just put my foot down and just start doing the wood ones,

The stacks of foam core that you see are the forms for wooden stairs.

Tessie seems To think that it would just be easier for me to cover them with egg cartons and get it over with... The only problem with that is it would take me  a few days just to cover the inside of the tower and get it ready for the stone stairs.

I would much rather get it over with by doing faster wooden stairs.

In the second photo the line that you see in front of Tessie's feet is where the stair case will end. I do plan to put railings on the  edge of the stairs so that nobody falls off.

Now about the title... Letty has a big mouth. She told Tessie about my plan to trade places with her. 

Tessie is all for it. She immediately decided that the second floor will be an artist's studio and art gallery...

She already has the burglar going after some of my favorite paintings... And some of hers.  I don't know what she is paying him, but she has already let it slip that she has lined up the Mona Lisa by Leonardo... This is making me a bit nervous, but it is tempting.

She is getting closer to having me for a part time guest. It might be fun to wake up to the Mona Lisa every day.

Anyway, I am going back to the stairs.  Whatever they turn out to be, I want them done!!!

Back to work. Stone work! See you tomorrow!

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meemaw said...

I am just not sure you and Tessie as Roomies, Casey...I would be wondering about what Kota thinks, too! I have to agree stone steps would be cooler, but since I know who's going to be doing the work, my vote is with yours. Good luck!