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Friday, September 21, 2018

Not As Much As I Thought...

I had other things to do today... Laundry and gardening got in the way. I am up to the sixth step and I got the floor finished.  That's about it...

Tessie and Zar are mostly getting in the way and taking way to many breaks.  So far today, they have had coffee, bug beer, cookie and rest breaks.  I am not sure why they need rest breaks. I am the one doing the work.

At one point, I started watching TV and fell asleep.  That is not helpful when doing stone work.  It takes a lot of time.
Tessie and Zar are going someplace else to spend the day tomorrow.  Maybe I will lock them in the hall closet for a change. 

If I throw the two of them in there, maybe they will get bored and clean instead of interfering  with what I am doing.
At least, so far they are approving of the stone stairs. The trouble is, they both take the break part of the day seriously and then they can't figure out why I am not further along in the process.
After I finished the floor, they even had to sit on that and try it out...

They are NOT helping!!!

I am taking the rest of the day off.  Let them work on the stones. 

I QUIT!!!!!

See you tomorrow...

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