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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Another Break... And Another...

Tessie won. She is getting the stone steps.

It is very hard to get anything done with the Terrible Two involved.  They are insisting that "we" take a break after every layer of steps. 

They have to test them every time I get a new layer done.

After the first layer, all that they could do is sit down on the first step.

As I go up, it will get better.
Mind you, I am not complaining. That just means that I get to take a break about every fifteen or twenty minutes...

The second layer.  Here you can see that I am building up the back of the steps with scraps. A whole sheet of the stuff is not needed.
I am using Styrofoam for a filler.  One half inch thick.  then I am covering it with the theatre trays.

I still have to cut them one rock at a time, but it goes pretty fast.

And with all of the breaks that we are taking, it's pretty easy.
ON the third step, they had to try it out before I got it covered.

If they keep it up, I am going to be taking a break after each stone.

Maybe I should let them be in charge more often.

Oops! They are demanding that I go back and do the rest of this layer.  Only about ten more layers to go.

Back to work! See you tomorrow.

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