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Saturday, September 22, 2018

A Little More to the Left!

I got the hair brained idea to put a tree trunk in the middle of the hallway.  After all, people need something to hang onto when climbing stairs.

Tessie liked the idea and told me that she and Zar would take care of putting it in.

I went out to the wood pile and found the perfect piece.
Zar kind of wanted me to stick around, but Tessie kept trying to get rid of me.

I snuck in a couple of times to see how things were going.

I still have to put the top layer of the stairs in.  That is the landing.  It covers about half of the area in a teardrop shape.

I wanted to make sure that the floor would fit around the tree. 

Tessie kept quiet while I measured where the tree would hit the floor and cut it out.

Then she told me to leave.
She said that I was "Dismissed!".  Then she totally ignored me.

I did keep my eye on things.  I pretended to read a book while watching what was going on.

She sat on the top step with her arms folded. Every once in a while, she would shout down to Zar, "A little more to the left,".

She was driving both Zar and I a little crazy.

He would get it a little more to the left and she would immediately want it back a little to the right.
She finally got to her feet and started pushing the tree back and forth.

I will not show you the part where Zar and I got together and locked her out of the bedroom where we were working.

We got the tree where we thought it looked best and then totally ignored her when she came back in and started making suggestions again.

I am going back and glue in the tree so that she can't move it around. Then I am going to put the top floor in, glue it in place and lock her out until it dries.

It's my tree and I will put it where I want it.  Glue it in place and let her just try to move it.  It's not going to happen. Zar and I put a ton of glue on it.  It is not going to move even if she gets a tow truck and tries to pull it out.

I am going now to put in the upper floor.  Then there will be no way for her to budge it even an inch! 

Back to work.  See you tomorrow.

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