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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Everything's A Blank!!!

This morning I did a bit more to the trailer/castle.... Then I had to get ready and go to Wednesday Witches...

It really doesn't look a lot different than yesterday, but I did do more to the inside of the tower and the bathroom.   
 While I worked on it, the terrible two sat on the table and watched TV.

No help at all!
About two o'clock, while I was still at Witches,  it started pouring. We Witches were doing our thing.  Eating, talking and generally having a good time. At 3:30 when I was coming home, it was pouring.  Raining cats and dogs.

I just now stepped out on the back porch.  I didn't get further than the doormat.

Water is now coming up on the porch.

It looks like this is going to last most of the night.

If it does, I will have an excuse to stay at home and work on Tessie's Trailer tomorrow.

I am going to ignore the rain tonight and start over in the morning.

See you then!

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