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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Another Confused Critter and Work...

This momma squirrel thinks she's a sparrow... Actually, she's just finding food for her babies. They must be a later batch. 

The babies that I have been seeing out there are about half grown now.  They are foraging for them selves.

Anyway. More Squirrels. More food!

 I came back in the house and started to work, once again, on the trailer/castle.  Tessie was NOT helping.  She wants it done now and I am the one that is supposed to get it done... NOW!

I got the inside of the bathroom covered with stucco.

Part of the roof edge covered with stone. 
And the inside of the stair tower covered with stucco too.

Tessie has been yammering at me continuously while I do it.  I am not fast enough.

I figured that I may as well write this now.  No matter how fast I work, it won't be done today...
Or tomorrow.  Or the day after that.  If I do it right, it is going to take forever... Then I wont have to do anymore projects for her.  I can just keep doing this one... All I have to do is keep thinking of other rooms to add to it.

Back to work. See you tomorrow, with another room... or two.

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