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Saturday, August 4, 2018

Letty is Mini Me!!!

Yup.  She just shortened it.  Lettice is now Letty.  She shortened it by one letter... Oh well. That's better than nothing.

This morning, when I got up. Tessie was still snoring to beat the band!

I looked into her cottage and saw Lettie making toast. 
She has already found a friend.  The rattler that keeps Tessie company when she cooks, has taken a liking to Letty and was keeping her toes warm. 

He also likes toast and even the crumbs count.

I decided that this couldn't be good... Letty using Tessie's kitchen and Tessie's snake keeping her feet warm???

Not a good sign for me...
I was about to switch with Letty and she turned around and sat down across from Tessie at the table....

She brought Tessie's favorite breakfast treat.  Pizza!

I don't think that now is a good time to switch.  They are having such a good time that I would be interrupting...

I have a feeling that I was about ten seconds too late to go with my plan..........

I do believe that the two of them are going to be fast friends.  So much for the switching bodies plan.  Neither of them are going to go for it now.  Letty told Tessie and the both of them just laughed and laughed... I think that I had better head for the hills and hide somewhere fast!  Either that or I could offer Tessie pizza AND bug beer.  I kind of doubt that that would top having a new friend an cohort.

I am going to go hide somewhere and try to salvage the plan or come up with a new one.

See you tomorrow.....I hope!!!


Fabiola said...

Beautiful cottage and scenes.

Véronique said...

Back from holiday, catching up on your blog. It's hilarious! If I were you I would not switch with Letty, you might not be able to come back now that she is in cahoots with Tessie!


Caseymini said...

Veronique! I made sure that I was the only one that could switch bodies! I am not taking the chance that I will wind up small forever! I am also going to be very careful that Tessie doesn't know that it's me. I probably won't do it very often. I definitely don't want to get stuck!!!

Isabel Ruiz said...