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Friday, August 3, 2018

I Need Straighter Hair!!!!

Lettice Has Decided that she needs a newer name to go with the levis and T shirt.

We are straightening her hair right now...  She is working on a new name.

This will probably take until tomorrow. Meanwhile, she is refusing to let anyone see her without the hair.  Black Tshirt material makes a great hood.

She decided on levis and a black T shirt for clothes... I have the feeling that she is going to be a sixties Hippy type.

If that is what she wants, that's what she will get. I am not going to argue with her.  She already has Tessie on her side and Zar seems to be coming in a close second. 

She had me make her just a little taller than Tessie.  She seems to think that this will give her an advantage of some kind... Just wait.  I have a feeling that they are both thinking that they are going to win...

I have agreed to telling her that she doesn't have to do any gardening if she gets big... She only has to clean the workroom once in a while... That should last about a week.

Back to work. See you tomorrow. With hair!!!

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