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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Not Going To Happen....

I started looking at the back yard this morning.  All of that green stuff in the middle of the yard is weeds.  They need to be hula hoed!!!

The photos aren't too good because it is trying to rain... The skies are dark.

Sorry about that.
 The Terrible Two have been trying to talk Lettice into taking my offer all day.  She has had second thoughts, after seeing the weeds. 

She fears that if she has to be big for any length of time, she will have to do some gardening... That is NOT to her liking. 

I do believe that there has been a falling out. She does not want to be put to work...

I couldn't find her.  She has gone back to sitting in the door of her cottage wrapped in the denim.

It is getting darker in the dining room by the minute. 

She is NOT happy.

It looks like she is backing out on the deal.  She still wants new clothes... And now she also wants a new place to live.  She says that the embroiderer's cottage is to dark and dank...
I went and hunted the Terrible Two up. They are setting in Tessie's cottage, trying to figure out how they can talk Lettice into doing the trade.

I don't think that it is going to happen. 

They had visions of raiding the refrigerator any time they wanted...

Lettice told them that she wasn't going to do that.

They balked.  I am probably going to have to make new clothes for Lettice... She also wants her name changed... Let's see. New name. Check.  New place to live. Check.  New clothes. Check.  Oh! And a new hair do!  It looks like all I did was make more work for myself!!!!!

See you tomorrow.

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