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Friday, July 6, 2018

Something Wicked...

I still haven't found the mirrors.  This morning I started looking in other places... Big mistake!!!

I started looking in the jewelry chest that I keep the mini cross stitch in...

I found three drawers that had a LOT of unfinished rugs and other embroidery in them.

What is terrible, the drawers are full of fabric and some of the pieces have two or three rugs and other things started on them.

I didn't count all of the starts.  If I did, I would probably start throwing things.  Namely the fabric with unfinished rugs, etc. on them.

If you start counting, please don't write and tell me how many unfinished items of embroidery there are for me to finish.  I don't want to know.
Some of these go back to my early days of minis... Late seventies or early eighties.

If I ever finish this one, it will be a miracle. It is the start of a crewel bed spread. If I finish it, that means that I will have to carve and build a bed to go with it.

I am not holding my breath until I finish it... That's for sure!!!
This is the bottom drawer.  It has a lot of blank fabric that is just waiting for something to be started on it.

I am NOT going to start anything until I finish some of the other ones first.

I did find one other thing that I am going to finish.
I started this about twenty years ago.  All it needs is a mat and a frame.  It's not a mini.  I am thinking that I should finish the framing.  If I do that, I will hang it somewhere near the embroidery chest.

Maybe it will warn me not to start any more mini rugs and other things until I finish some of the things in these three piles!

I am now going to waste a little more time looking for the mirrors.  Then I am going to go finish something... Anything will do.  I just need to complete something! See you tomorrow.


elizabeth s said...

Your crewel work bedspread is Very Lovely Casey, I can't imagine how many hours you've already invested in it, so my hope is that will finish it: EVEN if it means carving another bed to go with it.

but perhaps it will work in the weavers or the Tudor cottage?

Isabel Ruiz said...

Espero que consigas tu objetivo.

Kelli said...

The bedspread looks awesome for what you have done so far(as do the rest of the projects able to be seen)! If it is you're still looking for mirrors, I have a bag of various sizes so if you're looking for any one size in particular or would like a group of smaller mirrors to place together for Tessie, I'd be more than glad to send some your way as needed. Good luck on your quest to finish things being wished your way!

Unknown said...

Oh, finish the crewel bedspread !!! that is beautiful and a carved bed would be perfect.

Caseymini said...

There's a thought, Thanks Elizabeth. I might just try that.

Kelli, I need a specific size and I know I have that size. I just don't know where it is.

Gayle! Hush! I can talk to Gayle this way. She is an old friend that used to live just down the street! All I have to do is keep trying to talk her and Mark into moving back to Tucson at least for part of the year!