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Saturday, July 7, 2018

One Step Ahead...

That was Tessie today.  I decided to clean some of the room boxes in the bedroom.  I would get to a box to clean it and there was Tessie.

I was oiling some of the furniture and floors and just straightening in general...

In the first room, I expected Tessie.  She claimed this room long ago. It has one of my favorite beds in it... And one of Tessie's too.

She approached me with a new theory.  She says that anywhere she hangs her witches hat is home.
Well I guess that is one way to look at it. 

With hat in hand, she  traipsed along with me.

The first one was OK.  It's her room anyway.

The second one was not bad either.  She goes in here when she wants to make cookies or a pie the "old fashioned way".

So I let her get away with that one...

I also let her get away with the third one.  She sneaks in here to sleep quite a bit.

It's closer to the big TV and she can see and hear better from this one.  Her cottage is further away.

So, she gets away with it...
The last one, I had to put my foot down.

She sidled into the Elizabethan lady's room and asked if she could hang her hat somewhere... I told her NO!

I knew what she was up to.  If she got a place to hang the hat, theoretically the room would be hers.

Not happening!!!!

I kicked her out and she went back to the third room to watch the big TV. 

As I got ready to leave the room... I heard her mumble under her breath..."I didn't want that one anyway. It's too far from the big TV.  Not a great location anyway.

I am now going back to watching the big TV.  It will be my choice what we watch... My TV.  My choice! If she doesn't like what I am watching, she can go in the living room and watch golf with Walter!  Back to the bedroom for more cleaning. See you tomorrow.
ed EnkeH.I.TEE

ed EnkeH.I.TEE
Barney, Steve15.8191716
Barrera, Fil16.0191817
Botkin, Wyatt4.4555
Colton, Chuck8.11098
Contorno, Dan T.14.2171615
Day, Jeff (T)6.7877
Galassi, Steve A.16.6201817
Garcia, David11.2131212
Grover, Ed15.0181716
Hamill, Steve3.7444
Hansen, Greg6.3777
Heintz, Jim8.0998
Hester, Charles17.2201918
Hieb, Tony15.8191716
Hinton, Bradley13.1161414
Kalode, Don2.4333
Krueger, Bob25.2302826
Mac Nish, Bob24.93028
Montano, Richard19.3232120
Navarro, Raul10.6131211
Normoyle, Jim (P)11.3131312
Parsons, Chip30.9373432
Rees, Dwight12.3151413
Repola, Gene15.0181716
Rice, Walter12.9151413
Romero, David6.6877
Swanson, Mark16.5201817
Utter, Rich9.8121110

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