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Sunday, July 8, 2018

You Clean It!!!

I am still working in the bedroom... OK. I cleaned the closet. 

No I am not going to bore you with photos of that.

I also have this bookcase pretty well cleaned out now... There are actually a few holes that need filling! That won't take long.

I told Tessie that she needed to clean her cottage... and what did she say?

"If you want it cleaned, YOU clean it!!!"

The nerve of some people!

I have been cleaning in here for the past two days. 

See where she is sitting? That's where she has been the whole time. The only time she moved was when she was trying to claim every mini room in the bedroom.

Needless to say, I worked around her cottage. I am NOT going to do her housekeeping for her.

She can live in squalor if she doesn't want to clean it herself.

Then she had the nerve to ask when I was starting work on her travel trailer? I think not!

I wonder if  Zar would like something new?

Or maybe I will invite somebody new to live in the neighborhood. Where's Mister Rodgers when we need him?  See you tomorrow.

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