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Monday, July 2, 2018

Another Point of View...

I am going to need a bigger pot and a fluffier plant in the middle... This one was just to see how a plant would look here.

I am unimpressed with this one... Needs to be bigger for sure!!!
 It totally disappears when you step off of the porch.

I am not impressed!
I came back in the house to get the camera and this hit my eye.  I am now debating if I want to sacrifice this to the outside world.  I am sure that it will get ruined if I put it out there...

It would make the whole thing much better than it is right now... The question is... Do I want to sacrifice this piece.  I am going to have to think on it for a couple of days...

Maybe I should work on a rug or a pair of socks for a while so that I can debate with myself over the sacrifice...?

Back to find something else to do until I decide.  It sure would look great out there!

Somebody push me in the right direction... I am on the fence!

See you tomorrow.


JCH said...

It's unusual and beautiful. Keep it inside or under a patio roof if you have one .

Isabel Ruiz said...

No se si esa bonita pajarera duraría mucho en el exterior. Con la lluvia y el sol envejecería rápidamente.

Carolina misminicasas said...

Me gusta mucho!!!
Un besin,