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Sunday, July 1, 2018

I Think I Can....

I found Shims... Their cost was under $2.50. One package got me going and got me finished with what I want to do with the old tree stump.
I used the whole package and a couple of nails and I was ready for the table top. 

I love it when things come together!
I wanted to turn this area into bird feeders and birdhouses.  It may take a little time, but I think that it is going to look good when I finish.

Now that I have a foundation for the things that I want to put out here, I am on my way.
I am just using the glass box to see how things are going to look. I also added a plant in a pot behind it and to the left. It is on another piece of the tree trunk.

I will probably make all kinds of changes as I go.

It is a good start.  I do believe that there will be some minis involved before I am done.

I am a bit excited about this.  It could be the start of a whole new backyard.  Wish me luck. I am on my way. See you tomorrow.

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