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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The Last of the Gardening...

For a while...

This morning April and Amare came over to go shopping...

When they got here, Tessie was baby sitting a new dinosaur for Amare. He gladly took the dinosaur off of her hands...

And Tessie took off like a shot, to get away from said dinosaur.
I had something to show April today..

 Last week I read instructions for producing new tomato plants from cuttings. 
It worked!!!

Tomorrow, I will be potting these cuttings up and waiting for them to "take" so that I can plant them in with the other tomatoes in the big horse tank. 
They are looking quite nice and one of them even has a few flowers on it.

I will probably take those off. That way the plant will put all of it's energy into making more roots. 

If that works, I will have four new tomato plants!  For free!!!

Tomorrow it is back to minis! Maybe even a tutorial of some kind. See you then.

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