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Sunday, June 10, 2018

The Devil Made Him Do It...

OK... It was the Devil with a little bit of help from Tessie and the mesmerizer...

 Zar is now in the process of filling Tessie's new dressing room closets...

He is under the pile of clothes on the left. I have my doubts that Tessie can keep him mesmerized long enough to get the job done.

I refused to do it, so she had to resort to trickery.

That is just the first load.  She still has this pile in the tray.

I hate to say it, but I do believe that she is going to need more shelving for hats, bags and shoes.

You may be asking why I refused to help...

I was busy.
This bush started out looking like the one to the left. They were all about 7 feet tall.

There are three along this fence and I am going to beat them down to a size that is manageable.

I still have some to take off of the first one.  I am going to get Walter out there with a saw and cut it down another three feet. 

I don't like it hanging over the neighbor's fence. They all need to shrink.  Just hand me a pair of hand pruners and stand back.

One a day is enough.  Back to work.  See you tomorrow.

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