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Sunday, June 3, 2018

North South East and West...

Not necessarily in that order... I have most of the room done, except for the beadwork stuff.... We are not going to talk about that today.

There is now a place for me to actually sit and work if I so desire...
 Next to me there is a place for Kota to take a nap if he so desires...

I moved some of the wood over by the saw.  The rest I managed to cover up.  I am looking for a better cover, but this one will do for now.
I finished that wall and started doing the closet drawers... I still have to finish those.
They don't look all that bad from the outside.  Please excuse the broom. I forgot to put it away after I flew in.

Anyway, for a day and a half, I am not doing too bad.  Of course, I locked Tessie, Zar and the rest of the gang out of the room.

I seem to get more done that way. Back to work.

See you tomorrow.

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