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Monday, June 25, 2018

Did You Ever Have One of Those Days?

I Did.  Today...

We went to see the new Jurassic Park movie this morning. It was pretty good as a stand alone movie. Considering that nether one of us had seen the first ones, it was fun to watch.

Anyway, after lunch I decided to work some more on the chairs that I showed you yesterday.

I finished the bottom of the first one and then noticed that the braid that I put around the bottom was not the same shade of thread as the rest of the chair.  Not only that.  It was a different weight of thread...

I will be ripping the braided part off as soon as I get finished here.

I never did get to the second one.  The braided thread doesn't match that one either.  Strike two!
I guess I am going to have to hunt up the thread that I braided and use that for the third chair...

As soon as I quit typing, I am going on a thread hunt. If I am lucky, it will be in the wicker drawer.  If I'm not...  That will be another item to put at the bottom of the things to find list.

I am hoping for at least one win today...

Oh well.  One can hope.

See you tomorrow.  Back to the thread hunt!

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