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Friday, June 1, 2018

Almost There!

Tessie actually put some of her clothes in the closets... Of course I was standing over her with a whip and a chair the whole time. 

We still have to go through and straighten the shelves. There are still a lot of things missing.  She has no idea where they are and what's more, she doesn't care.

She just wants to lie on the lounge chair and read a book and eat bon bons.....
She did at least pose in front of some of the aprons.  Then she got out of the way to show you how nicely she organized everything.
We won't talk about the fact that I put every one of the aprons on the hangers... She stood back and shouted directions at me.  You know the drill. "No! you can't possibly hang a red apron next to a purple one! They clash!!!!".

That's how the afternoon went. 

She may have enough room to hang the clothes that she has... I doubt that I will be making a lot more. 

She would demand another closet for each different color of aprons... Not going to happen!!!

Anyway, I need to paint some trim that goes across the inside top front.

Then I have to finish the stone work around the front edge and paint it... I also have to find something to hang on the back wall...

Tessie immediately suggested a LARGE color TV.  It should have a way to get NETFLIX and HULU....

I don't think that is going to happen in the near future.  Although it might be a good thing.  Then I could go back to watching the things that I like and she could watch all of the witchy shows, as she calls them.

Back to work.  See you tomorrow.

1 comment:

Véronique said...

I may not comment much but I sure love reading your daily updates. Tessie is very spoiled by you with so many aprons! And with such a lovely dressing room.
As for the large TV and Netflix, I would definitely go for it, it will buy you some quiet time ;-)