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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Holding Out On Me!

I told Tessie to get to work and find all of the stuff that is going in the dressing room... She dilly dallied around and came up with 18 aprons... The invisible cape, the bog coat and a knitted shrug.

I know that there are at least another couple of aprons somewhere...
 I then told her to go get her hats... She only came up with eleven... I know that there are way more than that. I think that she is afraid to show them all.  She knows that I would have to double the size of the closet.

I will not be held responsible for room size.  She should  have shown me all of the stuff that has to be stuffed inside!
 On the third go-a-round, she was to collect purses and shoes... Somewhere, she is hiding the 12 pair of shoes and LOTS of other purses that she had in the townhouse. 

I am going to give her until high noon tomorrow.  Then I am going to go hunting myself. Anything that doesn't fit is going to have to be stored in the annex that she had built a few years ago.  I am not going to drag it out every time she wants to change aprons.  She is going to have to find a way to get to the annex, wherever I put it. 

I am going now and try to find the rest of the shoes, purses and other paraphernalia that she has hidden around the house.  I am wondering how much stuff she has hidden in the rooms in the walls? The last time I checked she had three pretty good sized rooms off the computer room alone.  I have a terrible feeling that there are more that I don't know about...

Wish me luck.  See you tomorrow...

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Wendy Luane Barber said...

High Noon... love it. And good luck.