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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Squeezing Things In....

I no sooner put the first closet in the dressing room and Tessie started hanging things on the rod...
I hate to say it, but I think that she has a problem... And I am the one that is going to have to solve it.

See the pile on top from yesterday or the day before?

All of that and a lot more is going to have to fit in here.

When Tessie got up this morning, I already had one of the shelf units painted.

She looked at me and asked, "Where'd you find the paint..."

I answered honestly.  It was where Zar hid it yesterday... "Under the bed, left side at the foot."
NO more questions asked. 

I am afraid that the next question will be, "Can you remove the two bottom shelves in the other unit and double the depth.  I need more space to hang things."

I wouldn't worry, but then I look up at the pile on top and think that that is going to be the next question.

No question about it.  I may as well go get the hammer and start removing shelves...
Look at this mess!!!

Somebody find me a laundry basket.  Maybe I can talk her into using my method of cleaning and throw about half of the pile in the garbage!

Oh well. We all know that isn't going to work.

Somebody go fetch me the hammer and a closet rod.

Back to work. See you tomorrow!

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