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Friday, May 18, 2018

Everything That Needs Fixin'....

This morning, Tessie hit me with "Some of my clothes need repairs..."

She tells me at this late date that some of the clothes that are to go in her dressing room need repairs?  Yup!

She then got up out of the chair and started dragging things to the roof.
I heard between the second and third trip.  "Zar, you have to help me! Where's the bottle of Antique White paint that Casey just bought?  Quick! Grab it and hide it someplace!"

Then she announced loudly to me.  "When you finish the repairs, you will get your Antique White paint back!".

I don't know what the advantage is in hiding the paint.  I will still have to fix all of her rips and holes before I can hang them up anyway.
Then she ran for another load of clothes to take up to the roof...

She stopped and whispered to Zar on the way back...
She made me stand there while she tried on the aprons and other things one at a time. 

I had to inspect each piece for any kind of damage.  At least four or five need something done to them.

Then she announced loudly.  When you finish the repairs, you will get your Antique White paint back!

Little does she know that I was standing behind the door watching when Zar shoved the paint under the bed. I am not worried about retrieving it.  I can get it any time I want to use it.  Let's see her stop me!!!

Back to assessing damages now.  See you tomorrow.

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