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Sunday, May 20, 2018

My (so called) Day Off...

The Terrible Two kindly told me that I could have Sunday off... If I worked on cleaning the workroom.

Oh! Goodie!!!!

They have been sitting in the unfinished dressing room chatting all day!
 I have been working my fingers to the bone... And what do I get?  Yup. Bony Fingers...

Anyway, I am making some progress.  If they let me have about eight more Sundays off...And I don't do anything but clean in the workroom, I might get it about half done.

I am making progress, but it is two steps forward and a whole bunch of steps back!

I changed the table that was in front of the desk and put the shelves back on it.  Now I have a place for more of the larger beads that went nowhere in the workroom.

At least I am keeping the bead cabinet straight.. Pretty much.  If I don't do any beading until I get the workroom finished, I will be doing OK.  No guarantees on that promise.
I am getting closer to the door... Maybe I will sneak away when nobody is watching and go do something else.

I'm Very Bored!!!

I want to play something else now!

The closet is pretty much staying clean... So far.

Now if I don't start any new projects, it will stay clean for a while...

The Terrible Two are having lots of fun...

Me? Not so much.  I wonder if they might let me off for a couple of weeks to work on this project? I might just make some progress with more time...

Back to work!  See you tomorrow.

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