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Monday, May 21, 2018

I Was Right!

I love it when I get to say "I told you so!"

I told you so!!! Tessie had the boards marked and the bottom shelves torn out of the second closet space this morning!

Here we go!

We went to see "Deadpool 2" this morning. Fun movie. When we got back she expected me to start making the unit deeper... Not happening today.

She has the material gathered up for the rest of the room and wants everything done NOW.

Not going to happen! Walter and I watched a couple of episodes of Supernatural and then an interview with Robert Plant of Led Zeplin. Very interesting person.

So.  No minis for the afternoon. 

Zar is lobbying for more things to be done to his Clockwork Cottage.  So I have orders coming at me from both directions. 

He's not getting anything done either.

Tessie hit me with another surprise request... She wants more feets. Her term.  Not mine. 

She found a pair of high button shoes.  Now she needs feets that will fit inside those.  Her big barefoot feet won't fit. This should be interesting.  I wonder how long the new feet are going to last.  I am betting on less than an hour.  Then she is going to go back to bare-feets.

I can't imagine her actually wearing shoes of any kind, let alone high button shoes.  She hates anything on her feets.

I will bet on less than an hour, but I will go ahead and make feet to her orders.

Wish me luck. Back to work. See you tomorrow.

1 comment:

Cléa said...

We could expect the Terrible Two to be ever more demanding when you let them reconquer the front of the stage... It didn't fail! That's always fun to watch.
And you still manage to get the final word (at least sometimes...)