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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Missing Pieces...

OK. I got the second closet rack torn apart and enlarged...

I still need to put in the rod and paint a lot of spots where I took out shelves and put in extra pieces. I will do that part tomorrow before I go to Wednesday Witches.
And what are Tessie and Zar doing to keep busy?

They are sitting where they were yesterday at this time.  Discussing what I have to do. GRRR...

Tessie is now demanding a pink ladder to get to the top of the shelves. To quote her, "It must be pink to match the rug and the chair that you are going to build me for the corner...

I am NOT going to build her a new chair.  She is sitting in a pink chair as we speak! And it matches the rug!

Zar, on the other hand has a legitimate complaint. His house is missing some pieces. 

To be specific, there are a LOT of roof pieces that are nowhere to be found.  I may have to resort to designing a new roof!

I remember, at one point I was planning on having a skylight over the top part of the stairs. I can't even find the door that I was going to make that with.

I have a feeling that I am going to have to take time off and finish cleaning the workroom.  The missing pieces have to be in there somewhere.

Here we go again... Thursday. Workroom here I come! See you tomorrow.

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