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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Poor Pitiful Tessie...

Lines from the complaint department...

Tessie is very annoyed.  I cornered her and took away her clothes. She did get to keep the hair that she picked out of the pile.

She wants a new hairdo.  I want her to have a new dress.  The other one was getting tattered and torn.

I got into the silk and doll box and found several as yet to be born people... When I first started doing minis, I bought a few dolls. They never made it to the "live, dressed" stage.  I did get some of them wigged. I started making my own dolls and never looked back. 

The person in the middle of the second row in this photo is a pincushion doll from the 20s. The poor lady next to her, outside the box has no arms or legs.  I would have to make those. What was I thinking???

The doll laying in the middle of this drawer is the only one that actually got wigged and dressed.  I should find a home for her somewhere. Poor girl!
Anyway, this is the box that I keep my silks in.  It is still pretty full.  No. I am not dressing Tessie in silk. She would only wear it about 10 minutes before she had stains all over it.

Here's the other girl again. Not a bad looking lady.  Her hair could use combing. Other than that she is pretty much ready to move in somewhere.

Maybe I should just ignore Tessie for the rest of the day and find this lady a home.

Nope.  Tessie is putting up a terrible ruckus.  Better go see to her needs.

Back to work. See you tomorrow.

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