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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

On and On It Goes....

Poor Tessie.  I took her dress last night and she still doesn't have another one.

She is wrapped in a handkerchief. And to make matters worse, Spike is keeping her from going and finding something to wear.

The clothes were so tattered and torn that Tessie didn't object a bit to getting rid of them.

I got a call from the person that was supposed to be having Wednesday Witches today.  She couldn't have it.   So I volunteered to have it. I told everyone to bring a sack lunch and I would provide drinks and dessert. 

That worked out well, but it didn't lend itself to getting anything done.  We did more chatting and eating than doing anything in the way of minis.

 I did demonstrate how to make hangers from paper clips, but no minis were really made otherwise. We were each doing our own thing. We had a wonderful time just chatting and messing around. 

I walked into the workroom to put a few things away after everyone left, but that only showed me a few more piles to put away. 

Somehow the workroom never does get completely straightened before something else happens.

I either have to start cleaning again or dress Tessie... I think that Tessie is the lesser of the two evils.  Back to finding her some new clothing.  See you tomorrow.

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