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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Plans Change...

Usually at 3:00AM.  Tessie woke me up in the middle of the night and pushed the I Pad under my nose.

She immediately started babbling about a dressing room.... Scratch the 60s living room.
I do believe that this is the photo that started it all. She loved the fact that some of the shoes in this photo could make her 6" tall(in her world). 

Of course I will have to talk her out of them.  She would break her neck the first time she put them on and tried to walk...
She says that a room like this would make it so that she could see all of her wearing apparel and
she could change her clothes every day.  Not just once every so often like she does now.

She has gone into great detail about what she wants in the room.

She liked this arrangement, but then I suggested a kidney shaped dressing table and she was off and running... Very fast!!!

She liked the kidney shape, skirted dressing table.

Then she disappeared again...
She started this time with, "I want it in 
Mac Kinzie-Childs style.  Then she stuck the catalog under my nose.

Needless to say, the 60's living room is a thing of the past...

She is drawing up plans as we speak.  She grabbed one of my small notebooks and started making lists. 

Here we go again. It's just a good thing that I didn't really get started on the living room.

I am going back to make some adjustments in her drawings.  Here we go again... Another merry chase.  See you tomorrow.


Marian said...

Tessie tiene que hacer buenos descansos nocturnos para poder desarrollar todas esas ideas que tiene en su cabecita.
Son muy buenas ideas pero le digas que te lo he comentado.
Un abrazo

Isabel Ruiz said...

lo del vestidor es buena idea,pero lo de las 3 de la mañana no tanto!!!

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
You have got to admit, Tessie does have great taste.
Big hug