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Sunday, April 8, 2018

No More Wire Hangers!!!

Actually, there will be a lot more wire hangers.  They are covered with plastic, so they don't count.

I lost count at about 35 or 40.  I will be making a LOT of wire hangers.

Then I will need a place for hats purses and shoes...

She mentioned storing extra sets of sheets in here too...

Shoe will need special shelves.  Purses not so much.  Just shelves. 

But now she has mentioned that she needs a place to put on her make up and fix her hair.

It looks like this is going to be more than I bargained for...
First the hangers. I made a jig from some wire brads and a large screw. 

I can get them pretty much the same with this thing a ma gig.

After I get them all made, I will go back and pinch the ends with pliers to make the ends smaller and cut off all of the ends of the hooks the same length.
As you can see, with the jig, they all turn out pretty much the same. 

The key is bending up one end to the middle of the other side and then forming the hook around the screw.

It takes a few tries to get the feel for what you are trying for, but after a while they start looking more alike.  Keep at it.  Soon you will have lots of the same hangers. Good luck!

See you tomorrow.


elizabeth s said...

You've made a terrific thing-ama-jig for your hangers Case! Tessie must be ecstatic!

Marian said...

Vea que Tessie esta empeñada en su idea de ayer pues esta organizando su guardarropa.
Un abrazo