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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

A New Game For Kota...

For the past couple of weeks, Kota has been playing a new game.

I go to make the bed and he lays on the corner on top of the sheets.

I have to lift the blanket over him and make the bed with him in it.  After I get it all made to his satisfaction, he crawls out of the bed and goes on his merry way for the rest of the day.  I am not sure why this is happening, but we have fun doing it every day.  Weird!

I went to Wednesday Witches this afternoon. 

The workroom is getting worse.  I think that Tessie is sneaking in there when I leave the house.  Every time I return, the room is worse than when I left. 

The desk is a mess again...
The closet is a mess again!!!
It is even creeping into the bedroom.  The work table in there is a mess too! And... Tessie is sitting right in the center of the mess.

Tomorrow, I am going to do something about the whole thing...

I can't burn the house down.  I guess I  am going to have to get serious about cleaning up.

Tomorrow is another day... See you then.

1 comment:

Lynnette in KS said...

Casey, I laughed so hard when I saw Kota, I have a dog who does that to me. So funny!!!