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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

One More Trip Into Town....

I went into town to go to the Jay's Indian Arts bead shop one more time...

I got all of this for $30.00.  It  doesn't seem like a lot, but the magnetic closures in the upper right of the photo are usually  10 for $24.05. So I got a pretty good deal on them all. I was really surprised that there were any magnetic closures at all.  I think that someone put them in the wrong box.  Everything is at least 50 percent off now.  Some things are 75 percent.

I stopped at the used book store that I got a gift certificate for, for Christmas.  I finally found something that I wanted.

Unfortunately I will have to wait my turn to read them... If Kota gets to them first he has to lay on them for a couple of hours to make sure that they are safe to read.

And Tessie? She has been standing on top of her dressing room box since I got back.  Hands on hips. Notice, she did changed her apron. 

Every once in a while she heaves a heavy sigh. Then she starts stomping her feet and yelling that she wants her dressing room NOW!

I am doing a passable job of ignoring her and doing other things that I want to do. 

It won't last, but I am enjoying it while it does.

Back to ignoring Tessie, watching TV and eating bon bons...

See you tomorrow.

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