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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Running Away From Home!!!!

Need I say More? She was every where I went today. The first thing I saw this morning was Tessie getting out of bed...

I went to Walmart.  When I returned, I did a couple of hours of yard work...

Then I started cleaning out the bead box and she pointed out that that was #89 on the list... Way down in the order of things!
She then pointed out that the potting shed was #8.  Way above the bead box!
She tried to enlist Kota's help. He ignored her completely and just kept eating.
Albert and Daisy couldn't care less. They both have nice homes to live in.  They promptly left in the time machine. They yelled that they were on the way to Tombstone. And then disappeared.
She then tried Eskaiga and his friend.  No help there.  They both have nice places to stay too...
I am sitting here typing and she is reading the list to me.  #one on the list was... Make Tessie happy!!!

Tessie is not happy.  Oh well.  What can I say?

I will read the rest of the list tomorrow. 

See you then!

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