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Wednesday, February 28, 2018


I did it again! I started cleaning out supply boxes... Guess who showed up to help?

She stood there until I put the floral ribbons around the one unfinished hat and then plopped it on her head.

Tessie is in heaven.  A whole box full of hats and hat stands.
Unfortunately, that reminded her of the hat shop that she demolished to get her cottage back.  Now... Guess who wants a new hat shop?

I am thinking that it would be easier to talk her into an addition on her cottage.  A new hat storage room?

I do have that one room box like Amare's that I got before Christmas. It is all put together and ready to go.

Maybe it would just be easier to make that one into a hat shop.

That way I wouldn't have to attach it to her cottage.  If she had it as a business, she probably wouldn't wear all of the hats.  She would just try to sell them and add to her fortune.
 Spike did abscond with one of the hats.  I think that I made it for Zar a while ago.  Sorry Zar.

He also found a couple of friends in one of the boxes. 

He is pretty good about keeping them separated. After all, Rattlers and bunny rabbits don't usually like each other much. 

Anyway, I am not going to Witches today. Kota woke me up at 2:08 AM to tell me that it was raining outside.  Every time I would just about get back to sleep, he would announce it again. I woke up for the last time about six.  With a runny nose and a little bit of a sore throat.  I don't want to give it to the other witches, so I think that I am going to opt out for today.  I might even get a few more spaces cleaned out in the workroom.

Wish me luck.

See you tomorrow.


Marian said...

Me encantan los sombreros, son sensacionales.
Un abrazo

meemaw said...

Spike's hat is my favorite, though I feel of all your menagerie he is the best behaved! I hope you feel better soon; Spring is almost here, although it is very different where you are, than where I am. We are looking to a snowstorm, even while the Maple trees are going gangbusters!

Isabel Ruiz said...

Tienes una gran variedad. Si que deberías poner una bonita tienda.

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Love Spike's hat. Feel better soon.

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
It does seem a horrible shame not to display those lovely hats in a boutique...
Big hug, and feel better soon.