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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Kota Knows When to Stay Out of the Way!

He has been sitting quietly in his kitty nest all day.  He hasn't tried to steal any of my  supplies even once.

I don't want to talk about Tessie's behavior. She is into everything.
She dragged all of these findings out of the tub and demanded as many purses as I could make from the supplies that I have on hand... That would be a LOT of purses.
I made three. She had them in hand before the glue even dried.

Now she is clamoring for more. She is not satisfied with the three I made.

I asked where she was going to put them and she said, "Just you make them.  I will find a place to put them!"

After that, I saw her peering into nooks and crannies all over the house.  I have visions of trying to get Kleenex out of the box and pulling out a dozen or so purses and no Kleenex.

The last I saw of her, she was upside down in the findings tub. 

Findings have been flying every which way for the past hour. 

If she keeps it up, I am going to shove her into the tub and slam the lid on her. 

Oops! She heard that!  I am getting off of here and running for cover!

See you tomorrow, if I can get back to the computer!

1 comment:

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
In Tessie's defense, they are amazing purses and I would want many of them too. If anything you are a victim of your own greatness and talent.
Big hug