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Thursday, March 1, 2018

No More Tampex Purses...

These are just a few pages that I pulled off of Pinterest.

I simply put "Purses" in the search and these are some of the pages I came up with.
Some are colored. Some are black and white. All are helpful when trying to do different purses.

The black and white ones clearly show the sections of the purse and where the seams are.
The colored ones are more for color combinations. You can still see the seams, but not as well as in the black and white line drawings...
You look at a few purses, then move the cat.

You look at a few more and do it again.

I think that the heat from the I Pad attracts the cat.

If you are really serious about making purses, please go back to the other entries on the blog. Purses are listed on the sidebar. If you go look there, you will get all kinds of information about how to go about making them.
This is how I cut out the patterns.  The body of the purse is all one piece.

Since they did away with cardboard Tampex tubes, I tried doing it with rolls from toilet paper.  Not nearly as good as the old tubes.

They were thinner than the TP rolls.

I am still looking for other things to take their place.  So far no luck and, unfortunately, TP rolls will have to do for now.  I will let you know if I find a better substitute.

You will see that I have used poster board for some, but the poster board doesn't curve as well. I also did some that didn't open with foam core. That works well for squared off styles.

Anyway, I think that you might want to start with a few of the ones from foam core.  That will get you started. 

Then advance to the other styles to see which work best for you.  Good luck!!!

See you tomorrow.

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