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Monday, February 26, 2018

Building as Fast as I Can!

Tessie decided on a "few" new purses to make up for not getting the potting shed done faster than I am "getting it done". 

I grabbed a couple of toilet tissue rolls and started cutting.  I can get eight purses out of each roll the way that I cut them.

These all came out of two rolls. I cut them different shapes and then bent them in different ways to make different shaped purses.

These will be 16 different purses when I am finished.

No.  Tessie is not getting them all!!!
Here you can see that they get bent several different ways to make different shaped purses.

Tomorrow, I will show you how to cover them, put the inserts on the sides and straps and other decorations.
I made each purse into a kit with the leather that I plan to use for each of them. 

Meanwhile Tessie has started looking through the tub of jewelry findings that I use on the purses.

The one that she has on her head, she named the crown.  Now she wants me to add jewels to it...

If I do that, I am going to be in more trouble. She insists that she is from royalty way back.  She claims to be four hundred years old and how can I dispute that? I have no way of knowing how old she really is, or where her family line comes from.  She's got me on this one.

I am going back and make a few purses for Her Majesty and then I am going to start looking for her name in every country's royalty. I don't expect to find anything.  But I will be able to say that I researched it.

Then I am going to get a good night's sleep and totally ignore her all day tomorrow. 

Wish me luck.  See you tomorrow.


Anna said...

Hi Casey, thank you so much for your daily meanderings. I love them and am totally in awe of your patience with that cheeky friend of yours.

SharonS said...

I hope you haven't forgotten that you were going to show us how to make these purses. I'm already saving toilet paper tubes! I saw that you aren't feeling well, though. Get better soon.