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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Back to the Future...

OK I am right back where I started.  Tessie sat in the new potting shed smelling the daisies, while I went back to work.
I got all of the porch pieces painted... She smelled the flowers...

Now all I have to do is figure out where all of the pieces go.

While I was doing that, Tessie was collecting plants from the houses of all of her friends...

While they were still partying.

Sometimes I wonder how she manages to keep her friends.  She gets away with a lot of "borrowing..."

I talked her into returning everything with a promise to do the same plants for her.... That could take some time.
I did manage to get her mind off of pilfering and on to other things. I found a bunch of fancy findings and other things that can be used for decorations on purses while I was rummaging around a couple of days ago.

I sat her down with that and promised to make her a couple of purses with the findings that she picks out.  It won't take long and it will appease her.

Then I can get back to the potting shed.  I hope that she is satisfied with a couple of purses and doesn't want a whole store full of them again... We did that once before.  She got the shop of her dreams, then she decided that she wanted her cottage back in original form. No more purse/hat/shoe shop.  Oh well at least she has her home back and I can sleep at night without her waking me up and whining at me.

I am going back now and am going to try to figure out where all of those horrible little pieces go.  Wish me luck.  See you tomorrow.

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