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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

I may as Well Write Early...

Tessie yelled over her shoulder about 7:00 this morning to inform me that she was sleeping in...

So the frog prince will have to sit quietly on the dressing table.  Her kitten will have to stop chasing him around the room.

And I shall be quite and not do stonework above her head...

I found other things to do.  The new dragon has been installed above the work desk and is no longer a toilet paper holder. 

He is now keeper of the tapes. I am not sure that he is happy with that job, but it is going to have to do. 

That way I will have someone to talk to while I work.

I am naming him Victor.  He just looks like that to me.
Since Tessie wouldn't let me apply rocks, I found other things to do.  I am trying to get rid of stuff that I don't use and get the stuff that I do use straight, so that I can find it.

I now have a system to keep all of my wire for jewelry making in order.  They are filed by size and kind of wire now.  I can grab any kind I want at a moment's notice.

But the most important straightening job this morning, was the tool bag!

Just ask me where any tool is and I can walk to the tool bag and hand it to you!

I am so proud.  I haven't cleaned this out for the two years since my surgery.

I am now ready to start seriously working again.  My tool box is ready too!

I am going now to try to convince Tessie to either move to another bed or stand the noise.  I am going back to work whether she likes it or not!!!

See you tomorrow.

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Wendy Luane Barber said...

I love that tool box. Glad to hear you're ready to get creating again. It's been so cold here that I haven't been able to venture into the basement until this morning. It's supposed to be nice here all weekend and I plan on getting back down there. Have a nice weekend.