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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Getting Nowhere Fast!

I have done very little today.  I am still working on the lid of the box.  I still need to do another side.

Of course as soon as Tessie got in the box, she decided to spend the night.

So far this morning, she has gazed out the window for a couple of hours.

Every once in a while she tells me to take a photo... I do.
Then she goes to another angle and tells me to do it again... I fear that this is going to be a very boring entry. 

She is mainly trying to decide if she wants to sleep here again tonight. 

Last night the snoring coming from this box was horrendous. I am thinking of moving it to another room for tonight.  I got very little sleep with her in there. The sound is magnified.

Tonight she is sleeping elsewhere.  Box or no box. 

See you tomorrow.


Isabel Ruiz said...

Muy bonito!!!

elizabeth s said...

I can easily understand why Tessie would want to sleep in this Room with A View - it is Beautiful!

Marian said...

Que preciosidad de cama.
Un abrazo