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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Little Things Left to Do...

I put a tray along the railing that Amare has in his real room.  It has a microscope on it in his real room... Which probably means that I should make one in mini for it... Here we go again...
This is the edging that came wit the kit.  I am not impressed. It is big, clunky and just plain ugly.
I think that I am going to go with some chair rail.  It is the same thickness as the wood and I think that it will look much more in scale than the clunky stuff.

After I finish the frame and paint it, The room will be done... Maybe a couple of little items here and there, but otherwise it is done.
And where was Tessie all afternoon? I was making two kinds of fudge.  She was not helping.  She was scouting out places to hide in the Christmas tree.

I imagine that we will have to put up with the little people hiding here and there, having their own celebration.  I always think that it isn't going to happen. 

Then I wake up on Christmas morning and there they are... Here and there all over the house. Partying in their own way.

I am just going to ignore them and keep working on making Christmas happen... See you tomorrow.

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