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Friday, December 22, 2017

Candy and Cookies! Oh My!!!

I finished the outside of Amare's box this afternoon.  The strips on the back are to cover up the area where I put the window.

They still need to be painted.
Kota was playing foreman on the building site.  He does that a lot, but I pay no attention to his directions. 

I would have windows on the roof  if I did...
I put the strips of chair rail around the front edges.

Waiting for them to dry.  That's why there is blue tape everywhere.

The Terrible Two disappeared before I finished.  I suspected where they were headed.  I was right.

I made two kinds of fudge and some cookies. 

They headed straight for the chocolate fudge.  Good!  More of the white chocolate pecan fudge for me!

I took the goodies and put them back in the fridge.

They disappeared. They are still trying to get the room box.  It isn't going to happen.

Let them dream for a couple more days. I think that I am going to have to do a thorough house cleaning in that room before I give it to Amare. 

They are determined to make a mess of it every time I turn my back.

Two more days to go...

See you tomorrow.


elizabeth s said...

I hope that Tessie and Zar won't leave a sticky mess in Amare's bedroom, but I have no doubts that the fudge is finger lick'in good!
Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas Casey and a Very Happy New Year for you and All of your family :D

Marian said...

Feliz Navidad desde España. Que tengáis agradables y bonitos días.
Un abrazo

Caseymini said...

Thank you Elizabeth. Merry Christmas to you and yours too!

Caseymini said...

Marian, Merry Christmas to you too!