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Saturday, December 23, 2017

First Cookie Delivery, Tomorrow at 10:00 AM

The room is for all intents and purposes finished. I may put the basketball hoop on the closet door if I have time, but probably not.

I found a cat to go up the ladder of the bed.  April's cat does that sometimes.
I still left him some spaces to fill up and all of the small things are just stuck down with wax.

If he wants to move things, he will be able to rearrange things himself. I am giving him extra wax.
The Terrible Two have found their spot in the Christmas tree. They are sitting there now relaxing and eating pizza.

They told me that I should have cookies and two kinds of fudge ready for them by tomorrow at ten AM.

It doesn't matter that that will be Christmas Eve.  They want to get an early start.
I still need to bake one more batch of cookies and then clean up the workroom.....

Can this be done by Christmas morning at 9:00 AM? I hope so... People usually want to see what is in the workroom.

Right now, it is a bit difficult to set foot in there. I did manage to get in to take the photo, but working there would be impossible.

Oh well. If worse comes to worst, I can always bar the door and tell them that the aliens are living in there.

 Back to business.  See you tomorrow.

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