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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Ready To Go!

Albert got to go to Wednesday Witches this afternoon...

I took his photo when he started waiting... It was 6:36 AM when I took the photo.  He was there until about 12:15PM, when we left.
As soon as we got back he headed to his favorite spot on the front porch with Tessie.  Tessie is an old hand at Wednesday Witches.  She has gone a number of times.

Her advice? Close your ears and take a nap while the witches chat... It's boring!
When I came in here to write the blog, he followed.  Dragging his chair and capturing one of the animals from the top of the computer screen... It seems that he is a "Peanuts" fan and held the Woodstock bird all of the time I was writing. 

I don't think that he trusts me not to leave him somewhere that he doesn't want to be. 

As soon as I finish this, I will carry him back to his front porch.  Tessie hasn't taught him to zap yet and the time machine doesn't work for inside the house trips...

So, we will now say "Goodnight" and be on our merry way back to the front porch for him, and the bedroom for me.

See you tomorrow.